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The weather over the last week just made me want to stay in the house and laze around. But at least I could watch more dramas! Here’s a recap of episode 6 of the classic, All About Eve. Finally, Hyung Chul (Jang Dong-geon) is back on the scene. So things will start getting even more interesting now. It’s a shame that the only time we see Jang Dong-geon these days is on adverts on the TV. Too bad!Jang Dong-geon as Hyung Chul in All About Eve, 2000, MBC

Woo Jin and Young Mi spend the night together at a motel. Young Mi has set up the situation perfectly (as we’ll see later) so that his mum will have to accept her now. When Woo Jin gets home his mum is waiting for him and she’s FURIOUS. She’s knows he’s been with Young Mi and that’s why she’s so worried because she doesn’t trust Young Mi. She can guess exactly what Young Mi is up to. Usually, wouldn’t it be the other way around? – the girl’s parents would be angry that she stayed out all night. But of course Young Mi doesn’t have any parents to worry about her. Mrs. Song hits him, berating him for being such a fool. I have to agree. He is a fool. Then to make things worse, Young Mi arrives. She acts all repentant and meek, kneeling in front of Mrs. Song and apologising – but Mrs. Song knows that this is all an act. But the problem is that the more she screams and shouts at Young Mi the more Woo Jin defends her. I feel for his mum right now. But there is nothing she can do and she storms out in tears. Young Mi storms out too, pretending to be shocked and upset at his mother’s reaction – although inside she is probably congratulating herself. She must have known all along that Mrs. Song would react like this. Mrs. Song is not amused. All About Eve, 2000, MBC

Sun Mi knows that the two of them were out all night. Although she must feel very jealous, she is also worried about Woo Jin getting hurt. So she goes to see Young Mi and asks her if she really likes Woo Jin or if she is just using him. Young Mi doesn’t give a straight answer but implies that she is using him to get at Sun Mi.  Sun Mi leaves in tears and Young Mi sits in her flat – but she looks upset. We know she is using Woo Jin, but it seems that there is a part of her that does actually like him. Or perhaps wants to like him, but feels that she doesn’t deserve a decent man. Sun Mi puts on a brave face and goes to Woo Jin’s place and while he is asleep makes him kimchi chige. He feels bad that she is treating him so nicely even though she likes him and he is seeing someone else, but Sun Mi just smiles and tells him to call next time he stays out because everyone was worried about him. But when she leaves his house she starts to cry. Earlier we saw Young Mi in the bath, coolly thinking over her plan after her night with Woo Jin. Now we have another bath scene with Sun Mi, but with very different emotions. I think these bathrooms are a bit too fabulous though! Especially the bath Young Mi is in. (above) Isn’t it far too nice for a basic motel?  We haven’t seen or heard much of Hyun Chul recently. He’s still in the UK. But now Sun Mi writes an email to him telling him about her feelings for Woo Jin. They’ve obviously been keeping in touch and she confides in him. In fact, he is the only one she seems to confide in.

Then suddenly Hyung Chul has to return to Korea because his father is sick. Sun Dal and Joo Hee the news readers from MBS come to meet him at the airport but Hyung Chul’s smile fades when he sees other men from the company there too. He is still reluctant to have anything to do with the company. He goes to the hospital to see his father but he is still cold towards him as he was before.

His step mum (a young Ra Ra’s aunt in New Tales of Gisaeng, by the way…) and her brother Mr. Kim are at the hospital but Hyung Chul excuses himself and refuses to sit and talk to them. Later Sun Dal explains that Mr. Kim moved to the company after Hyun Chul’s father became sick. Although the company was Hyung Chul’s mother’s company, it looks like Mr. Kim is going to try a take-over. Sun Dal urges Hyung Chul to take his place at the head of MBS before this happens.Hyung Chul at the hospital, All About Eve, 2000, MBC, episde 6

Hyung Chul goes to see Sun Mi. She is surprised to see him. He couldn’t have told her he was coming back to Korea. They sit and catch up with what’s been going on and we can see that they have a sincere friendship. Meanwhile, Woo Jin and Young Mi go shopping and Young Mi chooses a top for Woo Jin’s mum, saying she hopes the gift will make his mum like her more. I think it’s going to take more than a few clothes to win his mother over. And since Woo Jin bought the top anyway, it’s not really a gift from her. As expected, Mrs. Song is not impressed and throws the top on the floor in the convenience store. Looking upset, Young Mi storms out and Woo Jin chases after her. His mum tries to stop him but he pulls away from her and rushes out after Young Mi. I’m shouting ‘FOOL’ at the screen again now. And the intense reaction of Mrs. Song reminds us, if we need reminding, that nothing good can come of this relationship between Young Mi and Woo Jin. Hyung Chul and Sun Mi catch up while Young Mi and Woo struggle, All About Eve, MBC

Suddenly we jump to a scene where Young Mi and Sun Mi are together outside the college grounds. Sun Mi looks worried about Young Mi who is acting strange and unwell. Young Mi says she might break up with Woo Jin as that’s what everyone wants. But this is all an act. She is setting Sun Mi up for the next part of her plan and the innocent Sun Mi falls for it.Innocent Sun Mi and the manipulative Young Mi. All About Eve, 2000, MBC, episode 6

Next we find Young Mi at hospital getting some medicine. (I assume it’s the morning after pill.) The pills are strategically placed in her handbag and then she goes to meet Woo Jin. Again she acts weird, and stops to stare longingly in shop windows with baby clothes. Woo Jin guesses what’s going on and takes her home before riffling through her bag to find the strategically placed pills. He’s annoyed that she’s gone behind his back. But he softens immediately when she gives him another sob story about how terrible she felt today and how much she wants to see her real mum who abandoned her. She manages to make him feel guilty for allowing his mum to speak to her like trash. She is SO MANIPULATIVE! And he is far too NAIVE. Woo Jin starts to cry. He feels bad about how he has let his mum treat Young Mi. Oh No. He is far too sensitive and naive to be getting involved with Young Mi. She looks a little taken aback when he starts to cry though. She’s obviously not used to such a kind, sensitive man. Does she really realise how much damage she is going to cause?So now Young Mi adds the final touches to her plan. She calls Mrs. Song and tells her that she will break up with Woo Jin but she can’t tell him herself. She wants his mum to tell him. His mum realises that something is up. Young Mi has set the situation up perfectly and when Woo Jin’s mum arrives to see him, she finds him feeding Young Mi with seaweed soup!  – eaten during pregnancy and after giving birth.

Mrs. Song guesses the situation immediately. Woo Jin turns on his mum and shouts at her while Young Mi looks upset, but she must be loving it. Mrs. Song is shocked. Oh this is hard to watch. Mrs. Song’s screaming and shouting is so understandable but so useless. Young Mi meekly apologises to his mum and then she ‘collapses’. Mrs. Song rushes off and cries. The situation does not improve when Woo Jin says he will get married next year after he graduates. Oh dear. This does not go down well. His mum was expecting him to marry Sun Mi. While I agree Young Mi is terrible for Woo Jin, it is unreasonable to expect him to marry Sun Mi as to him they are more like brother and sister. Woo Jin tries to calm his mother down. Meanwhile, Young Mi throws the seaweed soup down the toilet. I think this is more proof, if we needed more proof, that she is definitely not pregnant!Woo Jin prepares seaweed soup for Young Mi. Mrs. Song is devastated. 

Mrs. Song has had to back down now that she thinks Young Mi is pregnant. So with a heavy heart she invites Young Mi to her home. Young Mi looks smug when she sees the table of food prepared for her. Later Mrs. Song tells Sun Mi that she has made Young Mi seaweed soup. This is all she needs to say for Sun Mi to understand the situation. She learns that Woo Jin and Young Mi are going to get married and with that, any small hope she had of getting together with Woo Jin disappears. She goes up to her room in tears. Poor Sun Mi. Sun Mi meets Hyung Chul for a walk. She teases him saying she has been too busy studying to see him. She wonders when he’s going to get a job, so obviously has no idea that he will soon be her new boss! During the walk Sun Mi gets upset thinking about Woo Jin. At this point, Hyung Chul is just her sonbae, and a shoulder for her to cry on.  And now, finally, Hyung Chul takes his place at the head of MBS. This is going to surprise a few people – especially Sun Mi. Things are going to get interesting from now on….













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