Heo Jun episode 35 The Welfare Hospital

heojun3501Heo Jun and Ye Jin manage to meet secretly. Then he gets demoted to work at the welfare clinic so they will be working together every day. Do Ji still doesn’t know Ye Jin is at the hospital. Da Hee tells herself it must be a coincidence that Ye Jin and Heo Jun are back working together. 

Heo Jun and Ye Jin are shocked to see each other. But they have to ignore each other in public and Heo Jun has to get on with his work and confirm that the criminal is pregnant. That means they can’t execute her and will have to find another punishment for her adultery. 😕 Oh Gun promises to find a way for Heo Jun and Ye Jin to meet. He acts the fool and ‘stumbles’ into the ladies only residence to announce where and when Heo Jun will be alone later! The other nurses simply think he is crazy.

heojun3501 heojun3502 heojun3505 heojun3506

Heo Jun and Oh Gun are shocked to see Ye Jin. Heo Jun checks the criminal. Oh Gun enters the ladies residence to get a message to Ye Jin

But Ye Jin is in trouble for telling Sir Lee directly that the criminal is pregnant. There is a strict hierarchy in the nursing department and she needs to learn to follow the rules. She should have told her superior – not Sir Lee – about this. (For goodness sake, Ladies. Get a life! :( ) On the other hand she is over the moon that the man she ‘respects’ – Heo Jun – is working here and at least she can be near him again. They meet in secret and Heo Jun has to tell Ye Jin about Dr Yoo’s death which brings her to tears.

heojun3507 heojun3508

Heo Jun and Ye Jin finally meet

When Koo Ilsu’s wife hears that Ye Jin is a nurse and working with Heo Jun in the palace, she can’t wait to tell Da Hee. And she makes it sound like they planned this all along. (That woman is such a pain and a troublemaker!) Da Hee looks worried this time but persuades herself that it is just a coincidence.

heojun3509 heojun3510

Koo Ilsu’s troublemaker wife gleefully tells Da Hee that Ye Jin is at the hospital too

Ranks and positions are announced for the new doctors. Heo Jun of course has been demoted to the welfare hospital. The other doctors wonder what’s going on since he was top of the class! The problem is that once a doctor is sent to the welfare hospital, it’s almost impossible to get back to the palace. Another trainee, Dr Jang, is furious with the decision and ‘knows’ why he and Heo Jun have been demoted. He reports to Dr Yang that his superiors are using medicines for their own personal profit (that’s why they are upset with Heo Jun because he refused to follow their orders) At first Lord Yang is angry that the trainee is tattle-tailing on his superiors. But then he decides to look into the matter and goes to inspect the medicines. He realises that it’s true. The officials – Dr Song and Lord Kim are moved to the welfare hospital too and Do Ji is suspended for complying with their orders. But Dr Jang and Heo Jun still have to go to the welfare clinic and now it’s going to be even worse for them – since Dr Jang snitched on his superiors they will like him even less!

heojun3511 heojun3512

Lord Yang has to demote Lord Kim for stealing from the hospital! 

Heo Jun starts work and who should be there but Ye Jin! Lord Kim is now in charge of the welfare hospital and announces that he is going to be strict and inspect everything – but is he just looking for a way to make his own personal profit again? Ye Jin is checking the books and realises that the medicines and the accounts don’t add up. Lord Kim arrives to check the books…

heojun3513 heojun3514

The new bosses at the hospital want an inspection. Ye Jin sees a problem


The relationships between men and women are so strict, aren’t they? Especially in the palace and amongst the aristocracy. It’s so difficult for Heo Jun and Ye Jun to even sit down together and talk, no matter how innocent their relationship might be. 

I’m struggling to work out who really are the bad guys in the hospital. (apart from Do Ji of course who is gradually getting worse. He is only interested in moving up the ladder and beating Heo Jun) Is it the head of the hospital Lord Yang who is not playing fair? Has he removed Heo Jun to the welfare clinic because he feels threatened by his skills and is hoping that life there will be so tough that in the end he will quit? Or are Dr Sung and Lord Kim, his direct subordinates the baddies – wanting to punish Heo Jun for not sucking up to the yangban official as they ordered him too. And now that they have been demoted are they going to start looking for ways to make personal profit at the welfare clinic too? 

I’m feeling sorry for Da Hee again. Her life is miserable enough without spending her days worrying that her husband is in love with another woman and now able to work with her all day long. :( 



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