Horse Doctor Episode 3

This was a gripping episode – every time it looks like it’s all  going to be all right, Myunghwan steps in and messes it all up. Of course deep down we know it can’t be all right yet – because this is only episode 3. The king exonerates Dojun from the murder of the crown prince, so Dojun’s title and reputation are restored. This means his poor son Kwanghyun can now claim his rightful position as an aristocrat, yangban. Right? If only things were that simple…

The kids, Kwanghyun and Yongdal, run away from the river chased by Myunghwan’s men. Trapped, they have to jump in the water to hide but Yongdal loses consciousness and starts drowning. Kwanghyun is a strong swimmer (growing up on an island) and saves her and tries to give her the kiss of life. (this was cute, but I don’t think there was much air getting into her lungs with that technique!) She’s OK and at this point Kwanghyun finally realises that Yongdal is really a girl.

Meanwhile, Myunghwan realises that the kids have seen everything. But he decides not to worry since there’s nothing they can do about it. And he’s right. They try to report the murder at the police station but they are thrown out for telling lies – after all, how could anyone be killed with just one small acupuncture needle? Kwanghyun wants to go back to the police but Yongdal knows her face is on wanted posters and she’s worried that the police will recognise her as a runaway girl slave – that’s why she dresses like a boy.

 Horse Doctor MBC 2012 Myunghwan realises the kids have seen everything

Myunghwan returns to his post at the pharmacy but he’s called to see the official Jung Sung Jo. He’s nervous as talk turns to the murder of the crown price again. But Myunghwan has found an ally. Jung Sung Jo has realised that it is politically beneficial for him if he follows Myunghwan’s plan and tries to restore Dojun’s family’s reputation and have him exonerated of the murder.

Jung Sung Jo agrees to Myunghwan’s plan for his own political gains

But Myunghwan’s men are still searching for the children and they manage to capture Yongdal and then a dark figure in the shadows holding a glistening knife gets ready to pounce on Kwanghyun. But just in time his father, Baek Suk Gu, shows up. Kwanghyun is shocked to see him there and then worried that his father will be angry with him for running away  and disobeying him. But Suk Gu is just relieved that he’s ok and grabs him in an emotional embrace.

Kwanghyun tells his father everything about the mysterious needle murder he just witnessed, but unlike the other adults, Suk Gu doesn’t laugh at him – he has seen with his own eyes that it’s possible to kill a man with an acupuncture needle.

Kwanghyun is reunited with his father

To Myunghwan’s delight, the King officially pardons Dojun’s family. They have discovered that Dojun has a daughter and so his title and assets will be given to her. (This is not looking good for Kwanghyun after all ) They just have to find her. Myunghwan promises to find and protect the child until she grows up, but he has no idea that he knows exactly where she is – captured and tied up by his own men! oh the irony.

The king pardons Dojun and his family restoring their title and assets

Kwanghyun knows he must return to the island so he goes to say good bye to his friend Yongdal and give her a present – a new pair of sandals. But he has no idea that she is tied up in a barn and crying for help. He finally realises there’s a problem when her gang tells him she’s disappeared.

Yongdal is captured by Myunghwan’s men

Seokgu is getting ready to return to the island when he hears the news that Dojun’s title has been restored. He’s overjoyed. This means everything is going to be all right – all he needs to do is find Kwanghyun and take him to the police and tell them everything. He believes that since Dojun has been exonerated, he can tell the police what he saw in the cave – and who really killed the crown prince 12 years ago. And Kwanghyun can claim his title as a yangban. Simple.

Meanwhile, Kwanghyun and the gang sneak over to the den where Yongdal is being held captive. They devise a cunning plan to help her escape and plan to set the hut on fire as a distraction while they make a getaway. The plan works and they congratulate themselves as they run up into the mountains.

But not so fast, while they are busy ‘high fiving’ each other, one of the baddies steps out of nowhere. He moves towards them menacingly and draws his sword. There’s no getting away now, the kids back up slowly. This is it. This is the end.  The baddie raises his sword in the air  ready to strike, when (again out of nowhere) Seokgu appears just in time and hits him over the head with a rock. (Phew that was close!)

Seokgu knocks out the baddie and saves the children

Things aren’t going all that well for Myunghwan either. He hears the dreaded news that Baek Seokgu is back in the capital. This is a major problem for Myunghwan – Seokgu witnessed the doctor murder a man with the heated needle technique – He CANNOT be allowed to get away this time. He must be killed. (Myunghwan how can you live with yourself?)

Seokgu naively asked Kwanghyun’s teacher to go to the police and pass on his message about the murders. After all, once they know the truth, they will arrest the baddies, won’t they?  Of course not. But it doesn’t help that the teacher is not very convincing telling his story (surprise surprise, did Seokgu really expect anyone to take this guy seriously.) Off course the guards don’t believe him.

Seokgu realises things are not so simple after all

Seokgu tells Kwanghyun that everything is going to be all right now. (You poor, innocent fool) They are going to live happily in the capital. As he speaks, lots of guards arrive but Seokgu believes they have arrived to help them. (I feel so bad for him. Even after all these years he believes that justice will prevail. He’s so naive. Bless.)

But the guards have come to arrest him as a traitor … Nooooooo, Not again! Seokgu doesn’t understand what’s going on, why is he a traitor, he wonders? But there’s no time to ask questions so he and the two children run away as fast as they can up into the mountains. But how can they stand a chance against all these guards? The guards begin to gain on them and line up to take aim at the fugitives with their bows and arrows.

Seokgu is helping Yongdal over the rocks (although he doesn’t realise that he is helping his own daughter) when an arrow comes straight for them and goes into his chest. Seriously injured he shouts at the kids to keep running.

Myunghwan begs Lord Jung for help to get rid of Seokgu

The fugitives take refuge in a cave but Seokgu is badly hurt. Kwanghyun runs off to the mountain to find medicinal herbs trying to remember what he learnt about medicine – unfortunately he wasn’t a good student. Yongdal is blaming herself and Seokgu comforts her. He seems to recognise her and asks her again if she ran away from the government office. He wants to know if she could be his daughter but she doesn’t want to answer worried he will realise she is a runaway slave.

In the end the kids have to go and find a doctor but they have to leave Seokgu in the cave alone. He’s sure that he’s going to die and lies in the darkness thinking about his pathetic life. But at least he has seen his daughter and this gives him a little comfort. He writes his final words with his blood-soaked finger on a rock.

Meanwhile, the kids arrive at the doctor’s. (I have no idea how they can find their way around the mountains especially in the dark.) They beg him to help them. He seems kind and agrees disappearing to get ready. But he’s gone a long time – oh no. Can they ever get a break? They realise that he’s betrayed them and the police are on their way. So Kwanghyun hastily grabs a bunch of medicine before they escape. Yongdal gives herself up as bait for the guards so that at least Kwanghyun can escape and help his dying father. Kwanghyun promises to come and find her as soon as he can.

Kwanghyun hunts for medicinal herbs on the mountain

It seems that the game is up and Yongdal is finally in the hands of the enemy Myunghwan. But her luck is about to change. One of the guards recognises her from the wanted posters. They realise that she is the girl they have all been looking for. They believe she is Dojun’s daughter and so now an aristocrat.

Myunghwan is genuinely delighted that they have found his friend’s child – Kang Jinyung. But wait a minute, this is the child who just witnessed him kill someone. Doesn’t this put him in a difficult position? He wants to kill all the witnesses to his crime. But he can’t kill her – he promised to protect her. And even Myunghwan has a conscience when it comes to his friend Dojun. So what is he going to do about this? 

Meanwhile, Kwanghyun runs back to the cave. (How on earth did he find his way back?) But his father is lying lifeless on the ground…

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