All About Eve Episode 19

 Well this is tough. We start with a death and end with an attempted suicide. Young Mi as always covers up her feelings and carries on as if nothing has happened. This horrifies her colleagues but she seems to want to be punished and so wallows in the nasty comments and dirty looks that she gets from them. But then she only has herself to blame. This kind of feels like the final episode to me as towards the end Young Mi finally reaches out to the people she’s wronged. But what’s done is done and she can never make things better.  

Woo Jin is rushed to hospital after getting hit by the truck. But as Young Mi stands by and his mum makes her way to the way to the hospital, he flatlines. Young Mi is by his side – it’s reminiscent of the first episode when she sat by her father. And she looks more like she did back then too somehow. Maybe it’s the lack of makeup. The guard that she always has up is down for a moment as she stares at him. 

Young Mi seems numb as Mrs. Song arrives and in disbelief quietly takes the cover off Woo Jin’s face. She doesn’t even see Young Mi standing there at first. When Woo Jin’s body is about to be taken away she breaks down and becomes hysterical clinging onto him. She finally notices Young Mi and turns on her screaming and accusing her of killing her son. And Young Mi just stands there and takes it as if she knows that it’s true. Sun Mi, her dad, and Hyung Chul arrive and try to calm Mrs Song down before she collapses in shock.

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Everyone gathers around Woo Jin’s bed

Young Mi stands fully dressed in a (I’m guessing cold) shower. She thinks back to the good times she and Woo Jin had together. But she doesn’t go to the funeral. After all that’s happened it’s probably best that she doesn’t. She goes to work instead and acts like nothing has happened. Her colleagues give her strange looks as they can’t believe that she can act so normal, especially when – as Kyung Hui says – it was her fault that Woo Jin died.

But Young Mi is not willing to take responsibility in front of everyone and merely states that it was an accident. She gets through their morning show laughing and smiling to everyone’s dismay. Meanwhile, Mrs. Song sits quietly on the hill and Sun Mi gets comforted by Hyung Chul. But later, when Young Mi is alone, she breaks down too. She’s putting on her usual tough exterior and seems to be inviting the others to despise her.


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi goes to work rather than attending the funeral

Meanwhile, Cho Jeh is over the moon to be asked for an interview by a newspaper reporter. But the reporter seems dodgy –  like he’s fishing for info. And Cho Jeh is so easily flattered and eager to please that when he asks about her relationship with Jin Soo (off the record) she ends up telling him about ALL the romances at the company – including Sun Mi and Hyung Chul.  Oh she’s so naive and the last person anyone should trust their secrets with!

Afterwards she’s mortified that she’s let this happen, but it’s too late now. Then Jin Soo turns up and promises to make the situation better. But based on his past performances I think we can guess he’s only going to make things worse! And sure enough he calls his ‘friend’ at the newspaper and tells him not to publish the story about Hyung Chul and Sun Mi. But he also admits to his ‘friend’ that Sun Mi IS dating Hyung Chul – what an idiot. His ‘friend’ thanks him for this new information as the reporter who interviewed Cho Jeh was from a different newspaper. So now they all know! Good job as always Jin Soo and Cho Jeh!

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Cho Jeh gives a reporter too much information!

Young Mi continues to act normal at work – too normal – and it’s freaking everyone out. Cameramen don’t want to work with her on assignments and rumours spread about her. She even finds graffiti on her car – murderer. But she doesn’t wash it off – she just drives home with the word still scrawled across the bonnet of her car. She doesn’t seem to care anymore what anyone thinks. 

Mrs. Song asks Sun Mi to give Young Mi all of Woo Jin’s belongings that are related to her – photos and other bits and pieces. But Young Mi doesn’t want the stuff and tells Sun Mi to take it away. Sun Mi can’t believe how cold Young Mi is and slaps her face, but again – no reaction. She really isn’t making herself popular right now. She can’t show her emotions and it’s only after Sun Mi leave that she breaks down and cries.


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi refuses to show her emotions

Young Mi and Sun Mi are both announced as candidates to take over from Joo Hee on the 9 pm news. But then the article appears in the newspaper about Sun Mi’s relationship with Hyung Chul – very bad timing indeed. Their romance is all over the front page. Is this really front page news though? After this, the office is full of gossip about how Hyung Chul must have helped Sun Mi get where she is. But I expected to see Sun Mi MORE upset over Woo Jin’s death. She’s back at work and pleased about being up for promotion. And now concerned over the gossip in the papers. Surely she wouldn’t care so much about all this until she gets over Woo Jin? 

Sun Mi assumes it must have been Young Mi who informed the papers. And when Sun Dal announces that Young Mi has got the 9 pm slot, there’s muttering around the office. Because Sun Mi is not the only one who suspects Young Mi. (It’s the perfect case of the boy who cried wolf. No one trusts Young Mi now)

But later Sun Mi bumps into Jin Soo and Cho Jeh in the corridor and they LOOK SO GUILTY and admit that they were the ones who told the reporters. Sun Mi rushes off to find Young Mi to find out why she’s letting everyone think she did it. But who’s going to believe her now anyway? She seems to be wallowing in the hatred that everyone feels for her..


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Hyung Chul and Sun Mi’s romance appears in the paper

Hyung Chul meets with the reporters who think he’ll be angry over the rumours they’ve started. But to their surprise he just confirms that he plans to marry Sun Mi and asks that they don’t hassle her – he will let them know of any new developments.

In Soo apologises to Young Mi for his behaviour and hugs her saying he never intended to kill her (!) Can a relationship get any more dysfunctional? Just like Woo Jin he’s been trying to hang on to her all this time too! But she just demands the photos back and agrees to give him money for them. They arrange to meet the next day. But after he leaves, she stops acting tough and fondles a bottle of (sleeping?) tablets whilst gently talking to Woo Jin’s picture telling him that she will get revenge for his murderer, In Soo. Looks like she’s planning to join Woo Jin in the afterlife too.

Sadly she puts the tape that Woo Jin gave her in the video player. And she watches the clip again of her in the car park. She’s about to switch the tape off  when Woo Jin appears on the screen. He’s made a tape of some of the good times they had together – birthday parties etc. And at the end even asks her to marry him and forgives her for everything she’s done. And tells her to stop hating herself too. She breaks down as she watches the video. And it must be even worse knowing that she did all this. Woo Jin understood that it was self-hatred that was making her do all this things. And the video just shows what they could have had. 


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi sees a final message from Woo Jin

Young Mi gets her revenge on In Soo by having him arrested AGAIN. Then she goes to Woo Jin’s grave and cries. She talks to him blaming herself for his death and wishing he had never met her. Meanwhile, Hyung Chul gets hold of the photos of In Soo and Young Mi.  And Sun Dal wonders if this means she is off the 9 pm news slot now. Why? Because she had a boyfriend in the past? The pictures are hardly pornographic. But I suppose they do show that she knows In Soo (who is also a pimp) and so they may connect her to the dodgy club)

But Young Mi is busy tidying up loose ends. And her next stop is Mrs. Song. Young Mi kneels on the ground and apologises for what she did. But they both cry and Mrs. Song blames herself too for treating Young Mi badly when Woo Jin loved her so much.

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi apologises to Mrs Song

Heavy rain pours again, sympathetic background to the heavy mood. Young Mi wants to see Sun Mi. And finally the two of them patch up their differences. At Sun Mi’s house, Sun Mi tries to towel dry Young Mi’s hair. But Young Mi stops her – she can’t bear it that she’s still being nice to her after everything that’s happened.

Now Sun Mi has got the 9 pm news job after all. But she’s not happy about it and says she doesn’t even want it. Young Mi admits that’s why she hates her – because Sun Mi doesn’t realise the value of what she’s got. Young Mi wanted that job so desperately.

On the other hand Sun Mi doesn’t understand why Young Mi wants more and more and doesn’t value what she has either. They both admit that they envy each other. And finally they shake hands.

Hyung Chul finds a letter of resignation on his desk the next morning. He must sense something so he rushes with Sun Mi to Young Mi’s place to find the clothes that Young Mi borrowed from Sun Mi neatly folded along with the necklace she gave her. Sun Mi looks carefully at the necklace and realises that something is very very wrong.

Meanwhile, Young Mi stands by a lake somewhere. In her mind she hears Woo Jin saying he forgives her. But can she forgive herself and be free now, she wonders? And then she starts to walk fully-clothed into the (I’m guessing freezing) water…







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