All About Eve Episode 18

Finally, thanks partly to Woo Jin, Sun Mi and Hyung Chul manage to work out their differences and gets back together. But things are going very badly indeed for Young Mi. Her ex, In Soo, gets out of prison and comes looking for revenge. Woo Jin is still in denial and thinks Young Mi will want to go away and start a new life with him. But of course Young Mi wants nothing to do with this idea. However, when In Soo turns up, Woo Jin has to step in and save Young Mi’s life…

Young Mi arrives to see Woo Jin. But he must know deep down that she’s only after the tape. That’s why he’s pretending to take a shower to see if she starts looking for it. And sure enough, he comes out and finds her riffling through his drawers. Caught in the act, she quickly pretends that she’s looking for a photo of them which he has kept in a drawer since they broke up. But come on Young Mi, even Woo Jin isn’t that stupid. He calmly finds the tape and offers it to her. But she refuses to take it saying he should keep a hold of it.. Make your mind up!

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi wants the tape

Hyung Chul and Sun Mi meet in a cafe. She blames herself for their situation – making him wait while she spent time with someone else. He asks her is she still needs to be with Woo Jin and wants to break up with him. She confirms that she does. But even so he still says that whatever happens, he doesn’t want her to pass up the good opportunity of working on the show with Director Kim. He’s such a decent, mature man!

But Sun Mi is confused about Hyung Chul and wonders why he has been telling people that they broke up. (Why is she listening to Young Mi though?) They both misunderstand each other and they don’t know how the other really feels. Anyway, Sun Mi leaves and that night Hyung Chul calls Sun Dal wanting a shoulder to cry on. He looks good with his hair down.


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Sun Mi and Hyung Chul break up

At home the next morning, Sun Mi hears from her dad that Hyung Chul stayed at the hospital all night when she was sick. So her dad wants to invite him over to thank him. She feels bad that she hasn’t thanked him herself. Meanwhile, Young Mi arrives at Hyung Chul’s place with the excuse that she has some ideas for the show. He’s genuinely pleased with her hard work (in contrast to Sun Mi who has been focused on Woo Jin!) and invites her out to lunch.

She asks him directly if he broke up with Sun Mi. She’s SO inappropriate. He doesn’t want to answer – but his silence answers her question anyway. And then, just as they are going off for lunch, Sun Mi arrives (to thank him for staying at the hospital?) and she sees the two of them leaving his house together and getting into his car. This does look pretty bad.


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Sun Mi’s jealousy

Sun Mi scuttles away before they see her and then bumps into Woo Jin. They go off to the park to talk. Woo Jin has something he wants to tell her that he hasn’t told anyone else yet. (Yes, we can guess what that is) but Sun Mi has something to say too, so she goes first – She tells him that she and Hyung Chul broke up and she feels bad because he’s spending time with ‘someone else’. And he can guess who – Young Mi! Oh. Woo Jin closes his eyes in disappointment as he hears how Young Mi was at Hyung Chul’s house. He shouldn’t be surprised though.

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Woo Jin and Sun Mi comfort each other

When Young Mi comes home she finds Woo Jin waiting for her. He questions her about where she’s been and she snaps at him for questioning her so much. Then she catches herself and politely thinks up an excuse. She’s obviously on best behaviour because she wants the tape back. She doesn’t want to tell him where she’s been and merely wants to take a rest! So she does. And Woo Jin sits by her bed in despair telling her how much he loves her while she sleeps. Then he goes to the editing room and erases the footage on the CCTV tape. It’s sad and I think Woo Jin has now lost all his self-respect. Is there anything he wouldn’t do for her?

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Woo Jin erases the tape

At the broadcasting station there are two posters up – one featuring Young Mi and one featuring Sun Mi. And as they are rivals on different shows now (Art Club and Eve’s Morning), the two women are invited on ‘Rival Talk Show’ so that the viewers can learn more about them.

‘Your ideal man’ is one of the first questions on the talk show (!) and Hyung Chul is standing in the wings when Sun Mi has to answer the question (awkward). She says she has no specific criteria for her ideal man and doesn’t have a boyfriend at the moment. Hyung Chul raises he eyebrows at that! But Young Mi has a more concrete answer. She wants a man who is confident and understands her and appreciates her talents. And she says she has someone in mind. I wonder who that could be? But at least she does say what she wants. Sun Mi could do with being more direct sometimes. And saying what she feels. But she doesn’t seem able to do that yet. 


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Rival Talk Show

They are asked if they would ever give up the man they loved. Young Mi says no way but Sun Mi says she would rather he were happy even if that meant him being with someone else. Hyung Chul seems to like her answer.  Finally the presenter tells them they have questioned their coworkers to find out who is more popular and the results show that Sun Mi got 90% of the votes and Young Mi 10% of the votes. It’s a landslide victory for Sun Mi and Young Mi looks embarrassed and uncomfortable. Mind you, she’s lucky to have got 10% really…


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Hyung Chul watches the show from the wings

After the show Hyung Chul invites Sun Mi out for dinner, but it’s still uncomfortable between them and when she sees Young Mi come in behind him, she turns down his offer. Sun Mi leaves and Young Mi then suggests to Hyung Chul that they go off to eat! She is still after him. He agrees but on their way out, she spots Woo Jin waiting for her – hanging around the corner looking pathetic. So she makes her excuses to Hyung Chul and goes home with Woo Jin. She must really want that tape back. She would never have done that before. 

To Woo Jin she tries to make out that it’s Hyung Chul who keeps inviting her out and she can’t refuse him because he’s her boss!!! Oh Young Mi. But Woo Jin tells her that he can put up with anything from her – except lies. Does he really think she will stop lying? She tries to sound offended that he thinks she has ever lied to him!! And suggests that he thinks he can accuse her of anything just because he has The Tape. But he admits that he has erased the tape (because he loves her) and to her surprise he calmly gives it back to her.

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Sun Mi and Hyung Chul keep their distance

Sun Mi arrives home to find a single red rose on her gate. Again. And Young Mi rushes home to watch the tape and sure enough the car park incident has been erased. (He could have made a copy though) Then her phone goes and she happily switches the video off just as we get a glimpse of Woo Jin on the screen. Looks like he’s recorded something to say to her but she hasn’t noticed. And if this is not a pathetic sight then I don’t know what is.

Meanwhile, Woo Jin stands in front of his mother and tells her that he plans to marry Young Mi. She reacts as expected. She throws things at him and breaks down in tears and tells him to leave her house. Oh his poor mum. This really is too much.

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Woo Jin can’t let Young Mi go

And now we cut to this episode’s comedy interlude with the odd couple: There’s some filming going on in the lobby at work when Jin Soo and Cho Jeh arrive ‘to talk’. This is not a good idea. Why do they always insist on talking about private matters in the LOBBY? They want to talk about the wedding but they have totally different ideas and both want their own way. Of course their voices get louder and louder and they end up getting told off by the people filming. But although they’ve just been yelling at each other, quick as a flash they make up and happily go off arm in arm!

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Comedy with Jin Soo and Cho Jeh

Hyung Chul gets home to find Woo Jin waiting for him. They go to a cheap street tent together (as usual) and drink soju. Woo Jin wants to let Hyung Chul know that he is seeing Young Mi again and that there is nothing going on between him and Sun Mi. He also wants Hyung Chul to know that Sun Mi loves him.  It’s sweet that he’s telling him this and trying to get them back together.

Hyung Chul is grateful. And later he goes to see Sun Mi (Does he drive there? Hasn’t he been drinking soju?) He grabs her arm and drags her off to the park(!) and tells her that he will never talk about breaking up again. This makes her cry. Ah.


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Hyung Chul and Sun Mi make up

In Soo gets out of prison. His boys are waiting for him with a packet of fresh tofu. I wrote about why people get tofu when they get out of prison here. And after he takes a bite they all leave together. But Young Mi had better watch out…


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, In Soo gets out of prison

The 9 pm news anchor job is now up for grabs and Young Mi wants to compete with Sun Mi for it. But Sun Mi isn’t bothered about the job. She tells Young Mi that she can have the job but just asks that she be good to Woo Jin in return. Young Mi nearly explodes with rage when she realises that Sun Mi knows she is ‘back’ with Woo Jin. She runs off to find Woo Jin but to her horror discovers that he has also told Hyung Chul about their relationship. She demands to know why he is trying to block her future. What does she mean? SHE was the one who wanted to get back with him, wasn’t she? 

Sun Dal has to tell Young Mi that they have received information that she has been working in a ‘room salon’ (we can guess who gave them this information) She looks tearful and pathetic and strongly denies doing any such thing. Sun Dal is sympathetic and assumes the informer is just someone who envies Young Mi being on TV.

But as soon as Sun Dal walks away, Young Mi’s sorrowful face turns angry as she grabs her phone and calls In Soo. I sympathise with Young Mi over this issue though. And I can’t help thinking it’s hypercritical that Young Mi could get sacked for having worked in a dodgy bar in the past, when Sun Dal and his colleagues all happily go there for drinking and entertainment whenever they feel like it …


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi’s past comes back to haunt her

Hyung Chul gets a call from Sun Mi while he’s speaking to some foreign business associates ( Why does EVERY drama insist on having at least one scene with some foreign extras. I wish they wouldn’t do this) It must be an important business meeting, but when she tells him that it’s the anniversary of the day they met in England (the day he crashed into her!) he rushes off to see her. It’s nearly midnight so he has to hurry to get to her place in time. In the end he leaves his car when he gets to some road works and runs to her house! With five minutes to spare he arrives and grabs her for a long hug. I think we should really see a kiss at this point surely? But no…

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Sun Mi and Hyung Chul’s anniversary

They are relaxed and happy while Young Mi is having nightmares. She wakes up in the middle of the night to hear from In Soo who threatens to spread the photos he has of her. So what does she do? She goes running to Woo Jin. Unbelievable. She has just shouted at him for telling people they are dating and now she wants his help.

She wants Woo Jin to get rid of In Soo! Really? How can this nice boy possibly do that? She is trying to drag him down to her level now. Woo Jin wants her to give up worrying about the photos. So what if people see them? Oh Woo Jin you just don’t get it do you? He is prepared to give everything up and start somewhere new with her. He doesn’t care about her past. And he will leave his mum and everyone just for her. I feel sick!

But she just turns on him. She doesn’t want to give up her dream of getting the prestigious news anchor job. And she admits that she only wanted him to do her dirty work for her. But now that he won’t help her, he’s useless. She storms out leaving him tearful. But  I don’t even feel sorry for Woo Jin now. He’s a mug.


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi wants rid of In Soo

Young Mi and Woo Jin go ahead with their two very different plans. Young Mi needs to deal with In Soo and has taped a conversation with him where he threatens her: Marry me or else… Meanwhile Woo Jin has got 2 plane tickets. (grrrr) He prepares to start his new life with Young Mi by saying goodbye to the people he loves. (He really lives in his own little world) First he goes to see Sun Mi. But she doesn’t realise he has come to say goodbye. Then he goes to see his mum at work. But she ignores him. And again she refuses to accept Young Mi.

Young Mi has arranged to meet In Soo and he is is waiting for her. But the police turn up instead and he has to run off! Again! In some ways In Soo is just as bad as Woo Jin. I mean how many times has she called the police on him now? And he still wants her back. But In Soo and Young Mi are as bad as each other.  

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Woo Jin says goodbye

Meanwhile, Woo Jin and Young Mi are going off-site for a news report. She is cold and ignores him. But In Soo, still out of breath from running away from the police, finds out where Young Mi is doing the report and prepares his flick knife. Woo Jin hands Young Mi the plane tickets – their chance at a new life. But she just rips them up in front of him and throws the pieces on the ground.

She begins the news report but In Soo is in the crowd. And she sees him out of the corner of her eye and fluffs her lines. She gets more nervous when she sees the knife. Then he comes out of the crowd towards her. She looks at him in horror. Woo Jin immediately jumps on him and they wrestle over the knife.

But Young Mi seems to be in shock and unwittingly steps back into the road in front of a huge truck. (It’s always a huge truck not just a car.) She sees the truck and screams and Woo Jin rushes towards her pushing her out of the way (is that really Young Mi – it looks like a stuntman with a wig) and Woo Jin gets hit by the truck instead. And it’s not looking good…








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