A Master Calligrapher is like a Supermodel?


This month we started our new term at the calligraphy school. After a two month winter break I was keen to get back but felt a tad guilty that I hadn’t got my paper and brush out once (no, not even ONCE) during the break. :( The new year’s resolution to practise every day at home was all forgotten. Continue reading “A Master Calligrapher is like a Supermodel?” »

A year at the Calligraphy Academy


One of my New Year’s resolutions this year is to practise calligraphy more! At the end of last month I completed my first year at the calligraphy school and we are now on winter break, so Wednesday afternoons are free until March when the new term starts. But we ended the year, rather excitingly, with an exhibition of all the students’ work! Continue reading “A year at the Calligraphy Academy” »

Calligraphy and Anime at the Seoul Art Centre


Despite the rain (we are in FULL RAINY SEASON right now) I was DETERMINED to get over to the Art Centre and see the Sin Saimdang – Lee Yulgok calligraphy exhibition. It can be tempting to remain draped over the sofa with barely enough strength to flutter a fan in this level of humidity, so I was pleased with myself as we set off. Continue reading “Calligraphy and Anime at the Seoul Art Centre” »

Review of term 1 calligraphy class


I’ve reached the end of the first term of my calligraphy class. (March 6 to June 19 2013) 100% attendance too, so gold star for me! 😉 

Before I started the class I wondered if it would be worth traipsing ‘all the way’ over to the Art Centre each week, since there are probably plenty of calligraphy classes much nearer my house. But it definitely IS worth it and here are 4 reasons why:  Continue reading “Review of term 1 calligraphy class” »