Octopus Soup yeonpotang


This weekend I tried a Korean dish that I haven’t had before: 연포탕 yeonpotang (octopus soup). Although it’s summer and around 30 degrees during the day, it was still surprisingly good to munch my way through a hot pot of seafood!  Mr. Kim thought it was very 시원해 ‘shi-won-he‘ (refreshing).

The soup is cooked at the table and is made with a whole octopus caught in the East Sea, abalone, mussels, scallops, and clams. Another version comes with chicken too but we went for the regular shellfish dish this time. Continue reading “Octopus Soup yeonpotang” »

The best kimbap in Seoul? Robot Kimbap

robot kimbap

On my quest to find the best kimbap in Seoul, this week I tried the intriguingly named Robot Kimbap chain to see if it can beat my favourite kimbap shop so far – Kim Seon Saeng. With so many premium kimbap shops around, the unique selling point of Robot Kimbap has to be that they use brown rice rather than white. And they use low salt and fat and so can market themselves to be the healthy option. Continue reading “The best kimbap in Seoul? Robot Kimbap” »

Haewoori sashimi restaurant in Seoul

Since T-shirt weather is approaching I am facing up to the sad fact that I should lose some weight. So of course now all I can think about is FOOD and all my favourite restaurants …especially the ones that I shouldn’t go to since I’m supposed to be on a diet. :(


But it’s still ok to eat sashimi, isn’t it? (not sure about all the soju and beer that goes with it though ….) One of my favourite sashimi restaurants in Seoul is 해우리 Haewoori. It’s different to other sashimi restaurants because their sashimi sets are served with a range of seaweed and kimchi as well as the usual lettuce and sesame leaves to wrap the sashimi.

It’s a very Korean way to eat sashimi. You can eat the sashimi just with a soy sauce or chilli sauce dip or wrap it with kelp seaweed with mustard leaf kimchi on the side. I think this is great diet food. Tasty and healthy. Love it. Continue reading “Haewoori sashimi restaurant in Seoul” »

Sweet adzuki bean patjuk and rice cakes

rice cakes

I never knew that red adzuki beans were so versatile. I used to think that they could only be used in the occasional savoury dish – a vegetarian lasagne perhaps. I’d buy a bag of them, put them in the cupboard, and then wonder what on earth to do with them. It’s a pity I didn’t know back then that you can put red beans into a whole range of dishes ranging from boiled savoury rice, to noodle soup, sweet rice cakes (above), bread, waffles, and ice cream. In summer the signature red bean dish here is bingsu, but in winter it’s bean porridge – patjuk. (below)

adzuki beans Continue reading “Sweet adzuki bean patjuk and rice cakes” »

The best kimbap shop in Seoul? Lee’s Roll 리김밥

Lee's Roll

This week, on my quest to find my favourite kimbap in Seoul, I tried 3 different kimbap from Lee’s Roll (리김밥 ri-kimbap) in Apgujeong, Gangnam. Like Kim Seon Saeng this shop sells ‘premium kimbap’ so the prices are more expensive than your regular kimbap. Prices start at a fairly modest  2,500 won for a classic roll and go up to a whopping 5,500 won for a red paprika with Gouda cheese roll.

When I arrived at the shop it was already 2pm and I wanted to sit in a restaurant and eat but all I could see was a takeout section – they have a small shop on the ground floor selling readymade kimbap. There is a small counter with stools against the window for customers wanting to eat inside, but it felt a bit too cramped for me. So I bought the kimbap and took it home on the train with my tummy rumbling. :( But now as I look at the photograph more closely, there appears to be a restaurant upstairs on the second floor which I completely missed. :? Continue reading “The best kimbap shop in Seoul? Lee’s Roll 리김밥” »

The Best Kimbap Shop in Seoul? School Food

School Food

Happy New Year! I hope you had a good one. We sat in front of the telly watching the SBS drama awards with a bottle of wine, eating prawns cooked in wine (I like wine). Then I went to bed at 12:05 am! I think this makes me officially OLD! :o

One of my New Year Resolutions for 2015 is to research as many kimbap shops as I can in Seoul to find my favourite kimbap! (That resolution shouldn’t be hard to keep. It’s best to keep things simple and achievable, isn’t it? ;) The place to beat so far is Teacher Kim with their fresh vegetable kimbaps.

This week my quest led me to the chain School Food. I’ve wanted to try this place for a while since one of my mature students told me that it was the best kimbap in town. And she recommended the squid ink kimbap (the rice becomes almost black from the squid ink). So with expectations high, and feeling fairly hungry despite having just polished off a bag of real cheese popcorn at the CGV cinema next door, we went to the IFC mall Yeouido branch of School Food. But unfortunately their food is not for me :( Continue reading “The Best Kimbap Shop in Seoul? School Food” »

The best kimbap shop in Seoul? Teacher Kim (Kim Seon Saeng 김선생)

I’ve mentioned before how I like the kimbap shop Kim Ga Ne (I recommend the spicy anchovy and chilli kimbap). But recently I tried Teacher Kim’s kimbap (김선생) and oh, this kimbap is so good….

It was 5pm and I wasn’t really hungry as I had had a late lunch. But I was walking past the Kim Seon Saeng shop, and it looked very inviting so I though I might as well get a couple of kimbap and SAVE THEM FOR LATER. But when I got home, I opened the box JUST TO TRY ONE SLICE and ended up eating EVERY BIT OF KIMBAP IN THE BOX. I usually go for something spicy, but this time I tried the basic vegetable kimbap. (2,900 won)  It has less rice and more  crunchy vegetables than usual, so the texture is light and fresh. The vegetables are finely sliced rather than chunky which I really liked too. Divine. 김선생 Kim seon saeng are here on Facebook.


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