Autumn in the Korean Countryside


There’s a trend these days for office workers living in Seoul to get out of the city and into the countryside for a weekend getaway where they can get in tune with nature and perhaps do some work on a farm. (good experience for people who are contemplating a change of career) I think farming would be pretty hard work as a full time job but it is relaxing to get out of the city for a few days. Since we spent the Chuseok weekend with my parents-in-law in the countryside, we did a TINY bit of work on the vegetable farm. And I mean TINY.  My only task was to pick beautiful beans out of their pods. And that was a fun job. :)  Continue reading “Autumn in the Korean Countryside” »

Chuseok 2015


This year 추석 Chuseok – Thanksgiving – was last Sunday, 27th September. It’s the time that many daughters-in-law around the country take a deep sigh (not me of course 😉 ) as they get ready to spend their time in the kitchen of the in-laws’ home cooking and washing up for all the visitors that turn up throughout the day :(

But every year it seems that more and more people are giving up the whole business of cooking and just going away on holiday instead. Or at least cutting down on the work. This year we celebrated Chuseok with my parents-in-law in the countryside in Kangwon Province where they grow their own veg on a small farm.  Continue reading “Chuseok 2015” »

What’s kimbap like from the Korean supermarket Emart?

emart kimbap

The trend for premium kimbap is still full on and high quality kimbap shops continue to pop up around Seoul. I’ve tried several premium kimbap stores but sometimes I just grab something from the kimbap counter at my local Emart supermarket and take it home. Everything is already made and there’s a choice of not only kimbap and Japanese style sushi but also ready to eat Korean Chinese dishes like yangjangpi Continue reading “What’s kimbap like from the Korean supermarket Emart?” »

The best kimbap in Seoul? Robot Kimbap

robot kimbap

On my quest to find the best kimbap in Seoul, this week I tried the intriguingly named Robot Kimbap chain to see if it can beat my favourite kimbap shop so far – Kim Seon Saeng. With so many premium kimbap shops around, the unique selling point of Robot Kimbap has to be that they use brown rice rather than white. And they use low salt and fat and so can market themselves to be the healthy option. Continue reading “The best kimbap in Seoul? Robot Kimbap” »

Haewoori sashimi restaurant in Seoul


Since T-shirt weather is approaching I am facing up to the sad fact that I should lose some weight. So of course now all I can think about is FOOD and all my favourite restaurants …especially the ones that I shouldn’t go to since I’m supposed to be on a diet. :( But it’s still ok to eat sashimi, isn’t it? (not sure about all the soju and beer that goes with it though ….) One of my favourite sashimi restaurants in Seoul is 해우리 HaewooriIt’s different to other sashimi restaurants because… Continue reading “Haewoori sashimi restaurant in Seoul” »