Heo Jun Episode 59 The Death of Prince Sinseong

heojun5906Things take a very bad turn for the worse for Do Ji when the prince gets seriously ill on the way to Weeju. The king must really be regretting his petty behaviour not bringing Heo Jun with him. His son doesn’t recover and Do Ji is thrown into prison. Heo Jun is sent for to take over but after all that Do Ji has done to him, Heo Jun is still willing to try to help him… Continue reading “Heo Jun Episode 59 The Death of Prince Sinseong” »

Heo Jun Episode 57 Fleeing from the Capital

heojun5713The Japanese are coming. But Heo Jun is desperate to save the medical records before joining the king’s party and fleeing from the capital. However, an angry mob of peasants sets fire to the palace and the hospital. So Heo Jun and Ye Jin risk their lives trying to save what they can. Meanwhile his family have heard nothing from him so believing he has left without them, they set off on foot. But when they reach the Imjin River the king’s men have burnt all the boats leaving the people on the other side to face the Japanese soldiers …

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Heo Jun episode 56 The Japanese Invasion 1592

heojun5616Just 9 more episodes to go now so things are hotting up towards the end of the drama. Do Ji is gobsmacked when Heo Jun is promoted to Royal Doctor when he cures the prince. But there are more important things to worry about when the Japanese suddenly invade! The court is slow to respond because at first they don’t believe it’s really happening. But when they realise that this is serious, the king has to flee the country!  Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 56 The Japanese Invasion 1592” »

A Master Calligrapher is like a Supermodel?


Our new teacher encourages everyone to practise on newspaper. This is the teacher’s sample. 

This month we started our new term at the calligraphy school. After a two month winter break I was keen to get back but felt a tad guilty that I hadn’t got my paper and brush out once (no, not even ONCE) during the break. :( The new year’s resolution to practise every day at home was all forgotten.

I recognised some old faces from my class last year, but the number of students has dropped from more than 10 to 4! Maybe the thought of another exhibition at the end of the year scared the others away, or maybe they have moved to another class. I don’t know, but anyway, we have some new students and a new teacher too so the mood has changed – this teacher is a lot more chatty and so the class is more relaxed. But it’s harder this year. Last year we started with the easiest calligraphy stroke called 예서 (ye-seo) which has rounded ends and jerky strokes that look like bamboo. Here’s the teacher’s sample:


But this year we have started on a more tricky style called 초서 cheo-seo) where the width of the stroke changes getting gradually thicker at the ends before gently tapering away. So you need to have more control of the brush. Here’s the teacher sample again:


I think we all worry about getting the strokes perfect and that means making them look exactly as they do in the teacher’s sample or the textbook. But the teacher says that EVERYBODY’S calligraphy is different. Our strokes are as unique to us as our silhouette and walk!

I imagined us all standing in a row. And yes, we would all have a unique silhouette. But of course ‘unique’ doesn’t necessary mean good! I’d be the relatively tall, chubby one at the end with posture issues – I slouch! :(

I always thought that walking was pretty straight forward (!) until I watched America’s Next Top Model and discovered that it’s not so easy after all. ‘Look at the state of her walk‘, I found myself saying out loud at the TV as the nervous wannabe model stumbled ungainly down the catwalk. Miss J clearly wasn’t impressed either because as everyone knows who has watched the show - a key to becoming a successful model is to develop a cool signature walk.

My brush stumbles and staggers across the page like a new model’s walk. But even a novice model can get from one end of the catwalk to the other, the question is will she ever be able to get there in style?



Dadam Korean Restaurant


This week we went to Dadam 다담 a Korean restaurant with a more swanky, sophisticated  menu and atmosphere than the average sikdangs we usually go to! The interior had a simple design in rustic materials and colours.  But there was an air of luxury too – napkins had the restaurant’s name embroidered on them in Chinese characters. And I liked the decadent touch in the bathrooms where individual towels were provided instead of standard paper towels or those embarrassingly noisy air driers.

The menu was in Korean but they obviously have a lot of foreign customers as I was promptly brought an English menu (on an ipad!) They had a huge range of soju from all around Korea so first we ordered a soju from Jeonju called 이간주  - the ingredients include rice, pear, and ginger. (there’s wine too)

I really enjoyed the whole experience here but I did have an issue with some of the food… Continue reading “Dadam Korean Restaurant” »