food diary from Sapporo Japan

sapporo food diary

I just took a few days break in Japan and as always food was on my mind. 😉 Of course I enjoy the strong flavours of Korean food – vegetables, fish, and meats all so often seasoned with pungent garlic, explosive chilli, nutty sesame oil, and spicy chilli paste. But I also love the subtlety of Japanese food which is so different to Korean cuisine.

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The best kimbap in Seoul? Robot Kimbap

robot kimbap

On my quest to find the best kimbap in Seoul, this week I tried the intriguingly named Robot Kimbap chain to see if it can beat my favourite kimbap shop so far – Kim Seon Saeng. With so many premium kimbap shops around, the unique selling point of Robot Kimbap has to be that they use brown rice rather than white. And they use low salt and fat and so can market themselves to be the healthy option. Continue reading “The best kimbap in Seoul? Robot Kimbap” »

Buddha’s Birthday in Seoul

Buddha birthday

Walking from Jongno Tower to Jogye Temple, the streets are lined with shops selling all things Buddhist – grey monks robes and headwear, statues, 목탁 moktak wooden percussion instruments used for chanting, pictures, candles, Buddhist music CDs, sutras in notebooks sewn together with thread, beads, protection charms and bracelets, to name just some of what’s on sale! The Buddhist shops look busier than usual as crowds come to  visit Jogye Temple on Buddha’s Birthday. Continue reading “Buddha’s Birthday in Seoul” »