I came to Korea in 2006 and worked for the British Council for a while. Now in between freelance teaching I continue my quest to learn about Korea,  find good food (spicy+seafood=heaven) and visit interesting places – preferably where I can be alone…(well, OK, Mr Kim can come sometimes too).

So what do we usually do of an evening? Well, here we are in our flat… yes, watching TV.

watching TV

Korean TV these days is saturated with reality shows often involving celebrities living together, travelling together, or eating together. Mr Kim liked ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’ about the group of famous ‘senior’ male actors who travel around the world on a budget. Now he’s watching ‘Let’s Eat Dinner Together where two presenters (Kang Ho Dong and Lee Kyung Gyu) have to wander around the streets of Seoul knocking on people’s doors at dinner time and trying to get invited in for dinner!

I prefer ‘Hello Counsellor’ where members of the public share their worries with a panel of celebrities and studio audience. This show is fascinating. (I’d be an Agony Aunt in another life.) I’m putting up some of the problems from that show here on my blog.

very happy

I’m into historical drama and recently watched The Flower in Prison the most recent drama directed by Lee Byoung HoonWinter Sonata was the first romantic Korean drama I ever watched back in 2004. But I’ve gone off romantic drama for the time being at least…

I really want to persevere with daily soap operas (for studying Korean) but the baddie female character are so very terrible to the kind heroines who don’t deserve to be betrayed by their husbands, scammed out of their fortunes, and framed for murder. Yes, I know it’s only pretend but it’s exhausting. And there are over 100 episodes to endure too before the naughty baddies get their comeuppance. Now I know why middle-aged ladies here are so aggressive – they watch morning dramas and then go out boiling with rage at the unfairness of it all and vent their frustration on hapless passersby. This is what I look like after watching a morning soap opera:



When planning a trip away somewhere in Korea, I consider two things – Firstly, what can we eat when we get there? And secondly, what are we going to do apart from eat? We’re into walking in the mountains – or just walking in general. For some unfathomable reason Mr Kim seems to actually enjoy mingling with other people. In the summer he has suggested going to horrifically crowded places like water parks. NO. That’s not happening…

But it is good to get out of Seoul for a break and my favourite city to visit is Jeonju in Jeolla province. Its relaxing to be there, the food is GREAT – (it’s famous for bibimbap), and there are mountains nearby for hiking off all the calories. On my blog there are several posts on Jeonju and lots on our other weekend trips around Korea too.

very happy


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