4 places to see the autumn leaves in Korea

Where can we go to see the leaves? Well, National parks around the country and the gardens in the royal palaces in Seoul are popular choices.  For anyone into hiking, Seoraksan is probably on the top of many people’s list.

In Seoul Namsan mountain is a convenient choice for a taste of autumn since it’s in the centre of the city. But my favourite place to see the leaves in Seoul (while getting my quota of culture) is the Seoul Art Centre. Nami Island is just a couple of hours away and great for a day trip. And Andong the ‘most Korean place in Korea’ is picturesque with its traditional hanok village.

autumn in korea

Nami Island looks gorgeous in autumn. But it’s close to Seoul and a popular place to come and see the leaves so I URGE you to arrive early. And I mean EARLY, like on the first boat. Then you can wander around in peace and harmony with nature. When we were in Nami Island the morning was all misty and atmospheric.

By late morning there will be queues for the boat. And there’ll be people everywhere getting in your way and ruining your photo opportunities. And you won’t be able to wander around in peace and harmony. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Get over there asap and then get off the island and go to the ddakgalbi chicken restaurants nearby and have lunch early too, before the restaurants fill up.

nami island, Korea

The Hanok Village in Andong is a great place for photography any time of year. And THE place to go if you are interested in staying in a hanok house.

It’s a tourist village these days but the area was were many of the influential yangban noble families lived in the Joseon period. We were here just after the peak foliage viewing season so it wasn’t too busy. And we still caught the last of the autumn leaves.

andong korea

In Seoul, the Seoul Art Centre is beautiful in every season. And I love the architecture too. How about a stroll around followed by some culture at an exhibition and then a sit down with a jolly big glass of wine? Sound good?

seoul art centre

And finally, for the lazy ones amongst us who can’t be bothered to go anywhere, we can see some leaves just by walking around the streets of Seoul going about our daily business. The streets are covered with tiny yellow fans of ginkgo trees and sometimes maple leaves too.

autumn in seoul


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