What is a ka-ul namja, Autumn Man?

burberry manA businessman, who is single and in his early 30s, told me that these days he is a ka-ul namja – an autumn man.

I thought this sounded quite cool. I imagine the autumn man is the outdoorsy type who as soon as the heat of summer has passed is striding up mountains, and is able to start camp fires just by rubbing two sticks together – not in the mountain though obviously, because mountain fires are very dangerous…

But an autumn man, I am told, is a lonely man. And when the leaves start to fall from the trees, the single autumn man starts looking for love.

I’ve only ever thought of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) being an issue during winter – certainly that’s the case in Britain where you get miserable dull white skies for so long you forget what sunshine is. Not to mention it’s dark by 4pm. But autumn is beautiful, isn’t it?

So I Navered ‘autumn man’ to find out more.

And I was pleased to find that my question had already been asked by someone else. The enquirer wonders if autumn is considered the season for men because of Burberry coats? Hmmm. Well, autumn certainly has the right temperature for a trench coat.

The answer that was suggested on Naver was that men and women react differently to the weather – apparently statistics have shown that men feel the blues more in autumn and women feel down in spring! The dwindling sunlight of autumn brings on a depression in men whilst the warm sunlight in the spring brings women down.

Well that’s the theory, anyway. Hence the image of the lonely man putting on his Burberry coat and strolling around alone under the falling leaves. The autumn man may not necessarily be looking for love, but he will have the blues. :(


My Naver search also came up with some autumn fashion to express the autumn man’s mood. I’m not sure if wearing this top would have the desired effect of attracting the ladies though..



When I first read the question about the autumn man on Naver in Korean, I misread ‘Burberry coat’ for ‘burberry man’. And a ‘burberry man’ has a very different meaning…

Although Burberry (바바리 pronounced ba-ba-ri) is a brand name, in Korean it’s used as the generic term for trench coats. So a ‘babari coat‘ is a trench coat.

But a ‘burberry man’ (ba-ba-ri-men) is a FLASHER!

Although when I was flashed at as a teenager, the flasher was not wearing any sort of trench coat, never mind a Burberry trench coat. That was very disappointing indeed.

So now, if I ever get flashed at again, I will know what to say …









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