What’s on at the Handmade in Korea Fair?

handmade in korea

The Handmade in Korea fair was on at the COEX in Gangnam this weekend. There were 600 booths with artists presenting and selling their work.

coex fairBy noon the entrance to the exhibition was pretty hectic with lots of visitors wanting to have their picture taken in front of the huge ‘hand’. handmade in koreaI liked the Bohemian mood around parts of the exhibition where artists were absorbed in their own painting and paying no attention to the visitors wandering by. handmade in korea coex handmade koreaMost of the artists were from Korea but the exhibition was open to all countries and there was a ceramics stall from Poland, a wooden craft stall from Africa, and several unmistakably Japanese art stalls. Like this one….made in korea  Japanese art at the coexThis embroidery art stall from Japan was my favourite of all though. The strong colours really popped out amongst all the other booths. The artist herself fits in perfectly too!

handmade in Korea In some areas of the exhibition hall, coloured pencils hung down from the ceiling for budding artists to draw on the walls…handmade in koreaI like the black and white theme happening here – particularly as the stall holder herself is modelling the polkadot-esque theme :)handmade in koreaMany of the stalls had animal themes – dolls or paintings with animals – some were selling outfits for pets. Here’s another stall from Japan…handmade koreaThe exhibition started at 10am. We arrived around lunchtime so some stall holders had settled down for lunch in their booths by then …handmade in Korea

The busiest stalls in the whole exhibition hall were the ones selling craft materials for craft enthusiasts. This area was too much for me. For anyone interested in this I would recommend arriving by 10am …handmade korea

By this point there was also a long line waiting at the drinks stall. :( I decided it was time to go. But on my way out I stumbled over this quite unusual stall selling catholic nuns, priests, and angels all looking calmly out at the jostling crowds pushing by…handmade in korea





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  • July 30, 2015 at 3:09 am

    Just found your blog while searching for Joseon History (Love the old dramas!)
    Thank you sooooo much for writing this ,it’s so fun to read and useful specially the chart of the Kings that related to the drama !Love it !

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