see Autumn Gingko Trees in Seoul



The streets of Yeouido in Seoul are lined with gingko trees and cherry trees. So in spring there’s a cherry blossom festival, but in autumn it’s the gingko tree’s turn to shine. I try to avoid stepping on the smelly gingko seeds though – It took me a while to realise that the strong smell of (what I thought was) sick was not caused by drunk salarymen, unable to hold their beer, but rather by these innocent looking gingko seeds. Oh the aromas of autumn. 😕



The ground is still covered in gingkoes even after the local adjummas have been around with a plastic bag collecting the fallen seeds off the pavement to take home for dinner.


It was a glorious autumn day today so I strolled around Yeouido wanting to enjoy the last of the warm weather for this year. (that was partly the reason –  and partly because the water in our apartment was off all day while the management sorted out the pipes – or something – so I couldn’t even flush the loo!)

Autumn in Seoul

The gingko fans are turning yellow now ready to flutter to the ground.  I like this juxtaposition of old and new: Yeouido, the finance district of Seoul with its super-duper modern architecture, nestling in amongst avenues of gingko trees, the oldest trees on Earth. :)


I’ll call this the zig-zag building.








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