Heo Jun Recaps episodes 1-64

The thing with Heojun is that right from the word go, it’s intense. (No wonder it reached record-breaking viewing figures of over 60%!!) By the end of the first episode my stomach was in knots over the injustice of it all. Heojun, I feel your pain. Straight away we know that this is going to be all about overcoming the injustices of the class system and the social rules of Joseon society.

Heojun episode 1

heojun01It’s 1568 the first year of King Seonjo’s reign. Heojun is the son of a magistrate which should make him a yangban aristocrat, but his mother is a gisaeng, entertainer. And that puts him in a very difficult situation. He is not an aristocrat but not really a commoner. And he’s got a chip on his shoulder about that. (I KNEW I was going to get really into this again. But this time I am going to try to ration myself to one episode a day! ) 

Heo Jun episode 2

heojun0207In episode 1 Heo Jun was a streetwise, cocky smuggler always ready for a fight. By the end of episode 2,  he’s a desperate fugitive, soppily in love with a yangban lady well out of his league (even if she is a fugitive too). He’s still ready for a fight though and does manage to get himself thrown into prison not once but TWICE!  

All our man wants to do is save his sweetheart and run away with her (and his mum of course. –  romance is acceptable up to a point but filial piety is more important. We are in Confucian Joseon after all 😉  ). But when it looks like his lady is going to get her title back, Heo Jun is sure she won’t be interested in an illegitimate lowly boy like him anymore. :( Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 2” »

Heo Jun episode 3

heojun0306Finally Heo Jun comes face to face with Dr Yoo, his future mentor. The meeting changes his life forever as in a flash he goes from a lost soul to a man with a mission – to become a talented doctor just like Dr Yoo. Dr Yoo is fab but freakishly direct and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. And he’s not interested in taking on any students. So from now on Heo Jun is really going to have to prove he’s worthy. The problem is nobody wants to help him succeed especially Dr. Yoo’s long suffering workers who have been at his clinic for years but seem to have learnt very little.

BTW Lee Soon-jae (80), the actor who plays Heo Jun’s mentor, has recently been in a popular reality show called ‘Halbe over Flowers‘ (halbe means grandfather) which follows a group of four veteran actors travelling around other countries.  Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 3” »

Heo Jun episode 4

heojun0401Heo Jun starts his new job working for Dr Yoo. And the bullying begins as he has to start at the bottom and do all the dirty jobs at first. One of the jobs includes drawing water which sounds simple, but the others refuse to explain to him that there is more than one kind of water, and water is different depending on where and when you get it! But there is some good news when the intelligent Lady Ye Jin arrives at the clinic. She’s also skilled in medicine and thankfully in the midst of all these enemies it looks like Heo Jun may have found an ally in her.  Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 4” »

Heo Jun episode 5


Heo Jun is chosen to go to Hanyang with Do Ji, Dr Yoo’s son who is taking the state medical exam. (Because someone has to carry the bags etc!) Heo Jun gets his hopes up that he may be able to find his sweetheart Da Hee in the capital, (as they have been separated) but first he will have to get hold of a fake ID somehow otherwise he won’t  be able to go at all. Do Ji seems to struggle with preparations for the test and so, impressed with Heo Jun’s intelligence and scholarly knowledge of literature, he allows him to help him study for the exam. In fact it’s becoming clear that Heo Jun is the more intelligent of the two men. They are getting on well for now but how long will it last? Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 5” »

Heo Jun episode 6: The Duel of 9 Needles

heojun0605Do Ji gets some VERY bad news about his medical exam and that sends him straight to drink and the gisaeng house. But at the same time we get to know more about his father Dr Yoo and why he is the way he is.  Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 6: The Duel of 9 Needles” »

Heo Jun episode 7 Digging Herbs with Tigers

heojun0705Ooooh things are getting nasty! Heo Jun’s petty workmates resent even more when he’s promoted to herb digger. They are not happy about taking him with them. But the Joseon mountains are a dangerous place full of tigers and bears, so can Heo Jun trust his more experienced workmates to keep him safe in the mountains? Absolutely NOT. He sets off still unaware that his sweetheart Da Hee is in the village looking for him. His mum finds out though but she doesn’t want them to be together and asks Da Hee to leave before he sees her  Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 7 Digging Herbs with Tigers” »

Heo Jun episode 8 The Wedding

heojin0804 Heo Jun and Da Hee finally meet up again and get married. But is it a mistake for them to get married? Da Hee has trouble adjusting to life as a poor man’s wife. Ye Jin helped Heo Jun find Da Hee again, but she may regret this later! Do Ji finally manages to get back to work after throwing a wobbler over failing the state medical exam.  Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 8 The Wedding” »

Heo Jun episode 9 The Mountain Doctor

heojun0912Do Ji begins to get more and more jealous of Heo Jun who is obviously intelligent and more importantly has managed to get Ye Jin’s attention. Do Ji is looking for any opportunity to scold or demote him. But what seems like a step back  always ends up being a plus for Heo Jun. Getting demoted to water carrier again gives Heo Jun the opportunity to meet a doctor in the mountain who could teach him a lot about medicine…  Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 9 The Mountain Doctor” »

Heo Jun episode 10 The Grave Digger

heojun1004We’re getting into a bit more technical medical stuff now as Heo Jun starts to study with his new teacher. Heo Jun is becoming more and more focused on his work to the point that even his mum and friends are worried about him! It seems he will do ANYTHING to please his teacher even if it means digging up dead bodies. But I LOVE your intensity, Heo Jun :)  Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 10 The Grave Digger” »

Heo Jun episode 11 Dr Heo Jun?

heojun1111Heo Jun’s reputation as a skilled doctor spreads and patients start lining up to see him. Unfortunately, Do Ji and Do Ji’s mum hear about this too and are not pleased. Heo Jun is summoned to the hospital and interrogated over what he’s been doing. But what starts off badly ends up in promotion as once again Heo Jun shows that he really does have some skills! :)    Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 11 Dr Heo Jun?” »

Heo Jun episode 12 The Secret Medical Book

heojun1212Heo Jun’s workmates are fuming that he has been promoted ahead of them and their jealousy even leads one of them to attack Dr Yoo! They think they can walk all over Heo Jun but he is turning out to be a tough cookie. :)  But even though he is starting to get recognised for his medical skills, his family is still going hungry …Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 12 The Secret Medical Book” »

Heo Jun episode 13 The VIP patient

 heojun13It’s getting so exciting, frustrating, inspiring, annoying, and IMPOSSIBLE to watch only ONE episode. I think the key is to stop watching in the middle of the episode when there is a lull and continue the next day. If you watch till the end you get caught up in a cliff-hanger and have to keep going … In this episode Heo Jun tries to save a Yangban lady.  Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 13 The VIP patient” »

Heo Jun episode 14 A Miraculous Recovery

heojun1403At the beginning of the episode Heo Jun is in prison and things are looking bleak when another doctor tells the family there is nothing he can do for the patient. Looks like Heo Jun is going to be severely punished. But he won’t give up and begs the family to let him treat the noble lady. Finally they agree and by the time Do Ji arrives to ‘take over’, the patient is recovering. :)  Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 14 A Miraculous Recovery” »

Heo Jun episode 15 The Dismissal

 heojun1515Oh Heo Jun, we’ve gone from hero to zero again and blimey, this episode is hard to watch. Heo Jun gets angry with his wife for daring to suggest that he shouldn’t use the letter of recommendation (that he received from the yangban as a thank you for helping his wife) and instead should try to pass the medical exam with his own skills. But by the next day he must be wishing he had listened to her because he gets KICKED OUT of the clinic by Dr Yoo for accepting the letter….  Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 15 The Dismissal” »

Heo Jun episode 16 The Drunk

heojun1615Heo Jun is really getting on my nerves in this episode. He’s sitting around drinking and feeling sorry for himself while his wife and mother go hungry and have to beg for work. Duh! …Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 16 The Drunk” »

Heo Jun episode 17 Sex Change

heojun1712Heo Jun realises that he should have followed his instincts and NEVER got involved with a dodgy ex-coworker. He ends up getting arrested and beaten for ‘pretending to be a doctor’. Dr Yoo gets dragged into the mess too and has to beg the officials to pardon Heo Jun. After a hard stint in an iron mine Heo June sees the error of his ways and is ready to beg Dr Yoo for forgiveness … Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 17 Sex Change” »

Heo Jun episode 18 The Lepers Temple

 heojun1811It’s time for another mentor to come into Heo Jun’s life as Dr Yoo is still not ready to forgive him for accepting the letter. Heo Jun decides to go with the Monk, Min Se, to look after lepers in the mountain. This brings new challenges for him and he learns about the hardships of the lepers’ lives. There’s a nice surprise for him though when he is happily reunited with his old mentor Dr Ahn who tells him about Min Se’s troubled past.  Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 18 The Lepers Temple” »

Heo Jun episode 19 Min Se’s Story

heojun1907In this episode we hear the rest of the story about Min Se’s troubled past. And it’s pretty grizzly. He has gone from being one of the top royal doctors in the country to a lowly monk determined to cure leprosy and repent of his sins. Meanwhile Do Ji’s mum manages to push Ye Jin out of their home which leaves Do Ji furious.  Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 19 Min Se’s Story” »

Heo Jun episode 20 Poisonous Berries

 heojun2007Do Ji is furious to find Ye Jin working with Heo Jun at the temple and vows to forget about her. But now the rivalry will begin as both men decide to take the upcoming medical state exam. Min Se and his adopted son finally make peace when Min Se nearly dies trying to find a cure for leprosy. Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 20 Poisonous Berries” »

Heo Jun episode 21 The Way To Hanyang

heojun2105Heo Jun finally meets his family again after years away studying at the temple. But he soon sets off for Hanyang where he will take the state medical exam. On the way he bumps into the snooty Do Ji and some other doctors at an inn. But when it’s time to leave in the morning, a line of sick people are waiting to see the doctors and beg them to stay…Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 21 The Way To Hanyang” »

Heo Jun episode 22 A Short Cut to Hanyang?

 heojun2218 Heo Jun gets bamboozled into staying even longer at the village to help the sick locals. It looks like he is not going to make it to Hanyang after all … Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 22 A Short Cut to Hanyang?” »

Heo Jun episode 23 Medical Exam Day

 heojun2310Do Ji’s goal is to pass the state medical exam and join the royal hospital – he wants the prestigious status and will do whatever it takes to get it. So when he passes the exam he finally feels that this proves he is a better doctor than his rival, Heo Jun. And he is happy to rub Heo Jun’s nose in it. He then returns home triumphant while Heo Jun is still missing.Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 23 Medical Exam Day” »

Heo Jun episode 24 Do Ji is Disowned

 heojun2408Do Ji is praised and congratulated by everyone, including his father, after passing the state medical exam. But the atmosphere in his home changes when his father discovers that he refused to treat the poor patients on the way to Hanyang because he was afraid of being late for the exam. Oh Do Ji :(   Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 24 Do Ji is Disowned” »

Heo Jun episode 25 The Apprentice

heojun2519FINALLY we get a glimpse into the palace as Do Ji starts his training as a royal doctor. He is determined to work hard and when he stays behind to study, he is rewarded by getting an opportunity to treat the King’s son who suddenly gets sick. Meanwhile Heo Jun starts his apprenticeship under Dr Yoo, but an unsatisfied customer from the past comes looking for him all guns blazing …  Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 25 The Apprentice” »

Heo Jun episode 26 Curing The Blind Lady

heojun2609Dolswe, the son of the blind lady, terrorises everyone in the clinic refusing to let any more patients in until Heo Jun has cured his mother. He is so annoying! Heo Jun’s reputation is on the line as word spreads that he is going around prescribing strong medicine willy-nilly which is making patients go blind! So he has to cure her. On the other hand, Do Ji is doing well at the palace as he successfully treats the prince. Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 26 Curing The Blind Lady” »

Heo Jun episode 27 An Untreatable Disease

heojun2702 Dr Yoo reveals he is terminally ill with stomach cancer but wants this kept secret from Heo Jun. A plague breaks out in a nearby village and it’s all hands on deck.  Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 27 An Untreatable Disease” »

Heo Jun episode 28 Dr Yoo’s Dying Wish

heojun2809Oh this is emotional. First Heo Jun realises that his teacher is ill but vows to find a cure. And then Dr Yoo tells Ye Jin to go and marry Do Ji so that he doesn’t have to worry about her being alone after he’s gone. Ye Jin agrees to accept his dying wish but can’t face saying goodbye to Heo Jun face to face.  Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 28 Dr Yoo’s Dying Wish” »

Heo Jun 29 episode 29 Do Ji Gets Married

heojun2911Ye Jin finally makes it to Hanyang to find Do Ji. But it’s his wedding day – his ambitious mother has found him a ‘more appropriate’ partner even though Do Ji is still in love with Ye Jin. Meanwhile, Dr Yoo says goodbye to his clinic before heading up to the mountain. Everyone wonders why he’s acting so strange.  Continue reading “Heo Jun 29 episode 29 Do Ji Gets Married” »

Heo Jun episode 30 It’s THAT Episode

heojun3011Who could forget this, the iconic scene from the whole drama – the autopsy. Dr Yoo dies. Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 30 It’s THAT Episode” »


Heo Jun episode 31 The State Medical Exam Take 2

heojun3112A new greedy doctor takes over Dr Yoo’s hospital and will only treat patients who have the money to pay. When he hears this Heo Jun furiously sets up his own clinic. But then  the state medical exam dates are announced and Heo Jun heads off for Hanyang.  Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 31 The State Medical Exam Take 2” »

Heo Jun episode 32 The Royal Hospital

heojun3202This time Heo Jun passes the State Medical Exam and he moves his family to Hanyang. Do Ji is not happy about this of course. But life in Hanyang is going to be even tougher than in the countryside –  Heo Jun’s salary is still low and people in the capital are not so kind and it’s harder for his wife and mother to find work. Da Hee overdoes it trying to get work and just as Heo Jun is about to go to the palace for his first day, she collapses.  Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 32 The Royal Hospital” »

Heo Jun episode 33 Royal Poo

 heojun3307Heo Jun has a difficult start to his life at court and gets punished for being late. It seems that everyone he knew from Sanum is heading to Hanyang now too! Ye Jin also gets a job as a nurse thanks to Sir Lee. But neither Do Ji or Heo Jun know this yet … Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 33 Royal Poo” »

Heo Jun episode 34 Adultery

heojun3409Ye Jin is working in the welfare clinic and discovers her job also involves some distasteful police work! Heo Jun arrives to check a female criminal and finally Ye Jin and Heo Jun’s eyes meet.  Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 34 Adultery” 

Heo Jun episode 35 The Welfare Hospital

heojun3501Heo Jun and Ye Jin manage to meet secretly. Then he gets demoted to work at the welfare clinic so they will be working together every day. Do Ji still doesn’t know Ye Jin is at the hospital. Da Hee tells herself it must be a coincidence that Ye Jin and Heo Jun are back working together.  Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 35 The Welfare Hospital” »

Heo Jun episode 36 Ye Jin is Arrested

heojun3609Do Ji finally discovers that Ye Jin is working in the hospital. He wants her to go and live with him and his family. She refuses. (What is he thinking anyway? You are married, Do Ji!) Meanwhile, Heo Jun realises that there is a lot of funny business going on at the welfare clinic. He tries to sort things out but makes enemies who now want to get him in big trouble. Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 36 Ye Jin is Arrested” »

Heo Jun episode 37 The Punishment

heojun3717 Heo Jun is punished for setting up his own clinic at home (which is against the law). The punishment is very severe – too severe for his crime really. Dr Yang clearly wants to get rid of him. But Heo Jun does not give up so easily and is determined to finish the punishment even if it means crawling to the finishing line.  Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 37 The Punishment” »

Heo Jun episode 38 Medical Gisaeng

heojun3708Heo Jun and Do Ji both have serious cases to deal with but solve them very differently. Heo Jun has to treat a patient for a serious infectious skin disease. He gets infected himself but manages to find a cure. Meanwhile the King’s consort Gong Bin goes into labour a month early and there is a big problem with her pregnancy. Do Ji has no idea what to do but his neck is on the line so he rushes off to ask a nurse who knows all about midwifery. She tells him what to do and the birth is a success. But is he going to give her any credit? I doubt it. Meanwhile Ye Jin has her own problems as she discovers that there is another job for the nurses: Not only are they nurses and police ladies. But sometimes they are gisaeng entertainers too. :(   Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 38 Medical Gisaeng” »

Heo Jun episode 39 Suspicious Deaths at the Palace

heojun3916There are two deaths in this episode: a suicide and a sudden death brought on by diabetes. But Heo Jun’s investigations suggest that something fishy is going on especially when he discovers that banmyo poison has some connection to the deaths. Meanwhile the nurses have their exam to see who will be transferred to the palace to look after the royal family – Ye Jin comes top of the class, but the female doctor at the palace doesn’t seem to want excellent nurses! Yang Tae goes back to smuggling like he did in the old days with Heo Jun, but things don’t go according to plan … Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 39 Suspicious Deaths at the Palace” »

Heo Jun episode 40 The Banmyo Poison Smugglers

 heojun4008Heo Jun goes back to his old life as a smuggler just for one night and teams up with Sir Lee to find out who bought banmyo, the poisonous herb. Sir Lee arrests the criminal but it’s not going to be easy to prosecute him when when it seems he has high level officials behind him.  Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 40 The Banmyo Poison Smugglers” »

Heo Jun episode 41 Treason

heuojun4109I hate this episode. We’ve only just been introduced to Sir Lee – the possible new love interest for Ye Jin – but now suddenly with very little warning he is arrested and tortured and given the death penalty for treason! I didn’t enjoy watching this at all. It just made me angry.  Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 41 Treason” »

Heo Jun episode 42 A Royal Pain

heojun42Another annoying episode as Heo Jun has to deal with a very difficult and arrogant patient in the royal family. I still haven’t recovered from the last episode yet and there is no relief here. Do Ji is very put out when he is taken off the patient’s case and replaced by Heo Jun! He decides to drink his sorrows away but this gets him in more trouble. 

Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 42 A Royal Pain” »

Heo Jun episode 43 The Deadline

 heojun4301Heo Jun perseveres with his VERY ANNOYING patient who remains uncooperative although Gong Bin tells him to do as Heo Jun says! Eventually the king comes to see how things are going. Everyone is shocked to hear that the patient is sicker than was first thought. Now the king wants to know how long EXACTLY it will take to cure the patient. Heo Jun ends up committing to cure the patient in 5 days – so if the patient has not completely recovered by then Heo Jun will be in for it. Oh no. What did you say that for, Heo Jun?   Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 43 The Deadline” »

Heo Jun episode 44 The Guillotine

 heojun4409Heo Jun does his best to cure the cancer patient but it seems that he can’t cure him by the deadline. Gong Bin loses patience with Heo Jun who must now be punished -he is to have his hand cut off by guillotine. 😕  But at the last minute the eunuchs rush in – looks like the patient has recovered after all… Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 44 The Guillotine” »

Heo Jun episode 45 Rumours

 heojun4515At last we get a moment to breathe as Heo Jun is given time to celebrate and enjoy time with his family after his patient recovers. He is given a house as a gift and a promotion, and everything suddenly looks rosy. On the other hand, Do Ji’s life takes a turn for the worse – he loses his top job as doctor to the princes, and an unsavoury rumour almost gets him thrown out of the palace altogether … Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 45 Rumours” »

Heo Jun episode 47 Humble Pie

heojun4710Do Ji’s mum is critically ill but at first refuses to be treated by Heo Jun until he BEGS her to let him help her. :roll:  We also find out more about the role of a court nurse and the reality is pretty grim … Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 47 Humble Pie” »

Heo Jun episode 48 Heo Jun the Criminal and the Police Chief

heojun4808In this episode Ye Jin manages to get herself out of a dodgy situation with the ambassador from Ming. Heo Jun starts his day off well when he successfully treats the king who falls off his horse on a hunting trip. But then things go pear-shaped when the police captain recognises Heo Jun, the smuggler he arrested years ago … Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 48 Heo Jun the Criminal and the Police Chief” »

Heo Jun episode 49 Saved by the Plague

heojun4901The police chief investigates Heo Jun and his family and discovers that he IS the criminal who broke the law 10 years ago. But when the police chief goes to arrest him he hears that Heo Jun has already been dispatched to deal with a deadly plague that has broken out near Hanyang.  Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 49 Saved by the Plague” »

Heo Jun episode 50 Finding a Cure and Getting Arrested

heojun5004Very quickly Heo Jun seems to find a cure for the plague. The police chief is waiting to arrest him as soon as the situation is under control. But then the plague is back and Heo Jun seems flummoxed. Nobody else knows what to do either. Meanwhile Do Ji arrives back at the palace and asks to be dispatched to the plague-infested area too! But before he can go, Heo Jun manages to find a cure …Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 50 Finding a Cure and Getting Arrested” »

Heo Jun episode 51 Heo Jun and Da Hee Are Arrested

heojun5107This time Heo Jun’s fortune takes a turn for the worse as Do Ji’s fortune takes a turn for the better. Do Ji impressed his superior on their mission to Ming and so lands a job with another of the King’s consorts, In Bin. On the other hand, rumours spread about Heo Jun’s past until the police chief has no choice but to arrest him.  Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 51 Heo Jun and Da Hee Are Arrested” »


Heo Jun episode 52 The Trial

heojun5206Heo Jun and Da Hee are in prison and if Heo Jun is found guilty of his past crimes he could face capital punishment. It’s not looking good and (gleefully) Do Ji goes to check Heo Jun’s health for what he believes is the final time. But when Royal Consort Gong Bin suddenly becomes seriously ill, there is a glimmer of hope as, in desperation, the King calls for Dr Heo … Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 52 The Trial” »

Heo Jun episode 53 Consorts Gong Bin and In Bin

 heojun5309Heo Jun is able to cure Gong Bin even though the head doctor thought there was nothing they could do for her. Of course the King is overjoyed and against the officials’ wishes he forgives Heo Jun and this time refuses to back down. Phew! There’s good news for Do Ji too as In Bin gets pregnant and he is put in charge of looking after her. But Heo Jun also gets promoted to Gong Bin’s personal doctor. So the rivalry is going to heat up …  

Heo Jun episode 54 A Wedding and a Funeral

  heojun5414Oh Gun finally marries Hong Choon. Gong Bin is getting worse and so Heo Jun goes off to the mountain to find her fresh herbs since all the good herbs are being given to In Bin. :(  But while he’s away Gong Bin becomes critically ill. And when Heo Jun gets back, it’s too late … Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 54 A Wedding and a Funeral” »

Heo Jun episode 55 Leeches

heojun5503We jump to 14 years later to March 1591, the 24th year of King Seonjo’s reign. It’s the memorial of Gong Bin’s death, and her now adult son, Prince Gwang Hae, holds a ceremony for her. But he is sad and feels that his father, the king, has forgotten about him too – just as he forgot about his mother. :( 

Heo Jun is back at the palace but working hard on writing medical books. He is not in charge of any royal patients. On the other hand, the ambitious Do Ji has moved up in rank and is set to take over from Dr Yang as the Royal Doctor. And when he does this, he will finally achieve his dream. NOTHING must be allowed to get in the way of his promotion, so when In Bin’s son gets seriously ill, Do Ji is not sure if he can cure him. So what does he do? He passes the buck to Heo Jun!  Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 55 Leeches” »

Heo Jun episode 56 The Japanese Invasion 1592

heojun5616Just 9 more episodes to go now so things are hotting up towards the end of the drama. Do Ji is gobsmacked when Heo Jun is promoted to Royal Doctor when he cures the prince. But there are more important things to worry about when the Japanese suddenly invade! The court is slow to respond because at first they don’t believe it’s really happening. But when they realise that this is serious, the king has to flee the country!  Continue reading “Heo Jun episode 56 The Japanese Invasion 1592” »

Heo Jun Episode 57 Fleeing from the Capital

heojun5713The Japanese are coming. But Heo Jun is desperate to save the medical records before joining the king’s party and fleeing from the capital. However, an angry mob of peasants sets fire to the palace and the hospital. So Heo Jun and Ye Jin risk their lives trying to save what they can. Meanwhile his family have heard nothing from him so believing he has left without them, they set off on foot. But when they reach the Imjin River the king’s men have burnt all the boats leaving the people on the other side to face the Japanese soldiers …Continue reading “Heo Jun Episode 57 Fleeing from the Capital” »

Heo Jun Episode 58 War

heojun5802We see the reality of war when Sanghwa gets shot and killed by the Japanese in front of Heo Jun and his crew. Heo Jun finally catches up with the king. But the king is miffed that Heo Jun chose to save the books before protecting the king himself and so Heo Jun is demoted :(   Continue reading “Heo Jun Episode 58 War” »

Heo Jun Episode 59 The Death of Prince Sinseong

heojun5906Things take a very bad turn for the worse for Do Ji when the prince gets seriously ill on the way to Weeju. The king must really be regretting his petty behaviour not bringing Heo Jun with him. His son doesn’t recover and Do Ji is thrown into prison. Heo Jun is sent for to take over but after all that Do Ji has done to him, Heo Jun is still willing to try to help him…Continue reading “Heo Jun Episode 59 The Death of Prince Sinseong” »

Heo Jun Episode 60 Promotion and Exile

heojun6011 Joseon defeat the invaders with the help of Ming. And things get back to normal, which unfortunately means political scheming. Heo Jun is promoted for his good work. But due to scandals, Ye Jin leaves the palace.  Continue reading “Heo Jun Episode 60 Promotion and Exile” »

Heo Jun Episode 61 Internal Conflict at the Palace

heojun6113Now that the external enemy has been beaten (for now) the Joseon government begin to fight amongst themselves! The birth of another prince causes all kinds of tension between the opposing political factions as they argue over who should become the next king. Heo Jun is in the middle and doesn’t want to be dragged into their political scheming. But when Prince Gwang Hae becomes seriously ill, his enemies want Heo Jun to finish him off … Continue reading “Heo Jun Episode 61 Internal Conflict at the Palace” »

Heo Jun Episode 62 Arsenic

heojun6213Heo Jun uses arsenic to cure Prince Gwang Hae of malaria! Then the king gets sick too.  But all the opposing factions can do is panic over who will become king after him…  Continue reading “Heo Jun Episode 62 Arsenic” »



Heo Jun Episode 63 The King’s Death and Heo Jun’s Punishment

heojun6310With the king now on his deathbed the government officials argue over who should be his successor. The king’s written order mysteriously vanishes and Heo Jun is told that if he keeps quiet about it then his life will be saved …. Continue reading “Heo Jun Episode 63 The King’s Death and Heo Jun’s Punishment” »


Heo Jun Final


So here we are at last. Episode 64, the final episode. Heo Jun has been exiled but that doesn’t stop him finishing his life’s work: The Donguibogam – The Book of Eastern Medicine. When he is finally pardoned by the king he returns to his teacher’s hospital to end his life there helping the poor … Continue reading “Heo Jun Final” »

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