Heo Jun Episode 62 Arsenic

heojun6213Heo Jun uses arsenic to cure Prince Gwang Hae of malaria! Then the king gets sick too.  But all the opposing factions can do is panic over who will become king after him… 

In the thunderstorm at night Heo Jun instructs his assistants to collect rainwater. He seems tense and deep in thought. Suddenly he reaches up to a box of medicine and gets some arsenic out! Oh Gun is shocked! Heo Jun tells him to boil up 4g arsenic, 8g salt, and 600g rain water. Oh Gun doesn’t understand. He has never heard of this prescription before! Heo Jun explains it’s called Shin Seok Soo Mo 신석수모 and will cure the prince’s malaria. Then Heo Jun sits alone in his room as the thunder storm rages outside while Oh Gun jumps in fright with each clap of thunder as he prepares the medicine.


Heo Jun instructs the men to collect rain water as he prepares to serve the prince arsenic!

Do Ji is also horrified when he hears about the arsenic. He rushes to find Heo Jun but Heo Jun merely says he will take responsibility so not to worry. (This time there is no smirk from Do Ji hoping that Heo Jun will fail. How things have changed! 😉 )  Before Heo Jun serves the medicine to the prince, a silver spoon is put into it to check for poison. Of course the SILVER spoon changes to BLACK and everyone is horrified. But the prince trusts Heo Jun and even when he knows he will be drinking arsenic, the prince agrees to take it!


Horror spreads when the officials hear that Heo Jun wants to prince to drink poison! 

The opposing factions have opposing feelings towards the prince’s illness. His enemies are pleased at first when they hear Heo Jun is serving the prince arsenic! They think Heo Jun is on their side. But when he vehemently denies this, they decide to take matters into their own hands and add some extra arsenic into his medicine …


The baddies plan to sabotage Heo Jun’s treatment and murder the prince

The deed is done and the dodgy concoction is taken to the prince at 6am by an unwitting Do Ji who has no idea that the medicine has been tampered with. Heo Jun has been with the prince all night and is dozing when suddenly the prince’s hand moves slightly, his face twitches, he opens his eyes. Yes, he is awake. He’s better. Hurray. :)

Do Ji arrives with the medicine but the prince has fallen asleep again and Heo Jun debates whether to wake him or not. (Everyone is screaming “Don’t do it!” at the screen right now! :) ) Sure enough he decides to let the prince sleep and have regular medicine when he wakes up! phew! The prince makes a full recovery.


Heo Jun stays up with the prince all night until he recovers

But now the king is not well. Heo Jun isn’t looking great either but continues to work as hard as he can on completing the medical books.  Then suddenly he has to rush to the palace in the middle of the night to see the king.

The king is very ill and it looks as though he won’t recover. If anything happens to the king, Heo Jun will be held responsible. But the officials are still stressing over who will become king after he dies. Lord Jung insists on seeing the king – he wants him to change the crown prince before he dies. He barges past Heo Jun and knocks the king’s medicine on the ground!

heojun6213 heojun6214 heojun6216heojun6215


The poor old king – he’s on his deathbed and all his government can do is squabble over who will be his successor. Depressing. It’s nice to see Do Ji fully rehabilitated though and supporting Do Ji :) On the other hand Heo Jun’s days are numbered now that the king is on his deathbed. :(



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