Heo Jun Episode 59 The Death of Prince Sinseong

heojun5906Things take a very bad turn for the worse for Do Ji when the prince gets seriously ill on the way to Weeju. The king must really be regretting his petty behaviour not bringing Heo Jun with him. His son doesn’t recover and Do Ji is thrown into prison. Heo Jun is sent for to take over but after all that Do Ji has done to him, Heo Jun is still willing to try to help him…

Pyeongyang Castle is under attack. The Joseon army do their best to defend themselves and the women help by stacking up rocks to be used as ammunition. Their strategy works and the Japanese soldiers retreat – for now. Heo Jun is very busy dealing with the wounded when another patient is brought to him. It’s SANGHWA! He’s in a bad way. But he’s alive. He didn’t get killed after all. Hurray! :)

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In the midst of the war there is good news: Sanghwa is ALIVE! 

Meanwhile the King’s party arrives at their destination. But the prince is now very ill. And this time Do Ji is sweating with stress. He doesn’t seem to know what’s wrong with him. But he can’t hand the responsibility over to Heo Jun this time as Heo Jun isn’t there! Ha ha. Do Ji wants to check the medical books, but oh no, wait a minute, they don’t have any medical books because he didn’t want to carry them. Duh! So all the books are back at Pyeongyang Castle with Heo Jun. Do Ji’s hands shake as he applies acupuncture to the prince. 😕 Suddenly the prince starts convulsing. And then he is lifeless. Oh NO!


Prince Sinseong collapses after the long journey

The king is meeting with the government officials. They have sent a messenger to Ming asking for back up but the officials want to go directly to Ming and take cover there. Their discussion is put on hold when the king hears the news about his son and rushes over to see him. But his son is already dead.


The prince dies of a mystery illness. Back in Pyeongyang Heo Jun’s son gets shot

The action starts again at Pyeongyang Castle as the Japanese are back and mean business. Heo Jun’s son is shot and Heo Jun is treating him when he gets called away to see the crown prince. They have received news of the death of Prince Sinseong and the king has taken it badly and is now ill himself. So Heo Jun must go and look after him. Again it’s such terrible timing for Heo Jun who feels bad leaving his son again especially now that he is wounded. But his son has changed his attitude and is not angry with his father anymore. Anyway Heo Jun  has no choice and he leaves for Weeju with Oh Gun and Ye Jin. It’s a dangerous journey and they get shot at on the way. But they make it there in one piece.


Heo Jun’s family have to understand that he must leave them again 

The king is ill. And Do Ji is in prison. He will either be put to death or exiled. But either way, it seems that his life as a doctor is over. But Heo Jun takes no pleasure in seeing him like this. Anyway, he has to concentrate on looking after the king. Heo Jun and Oh Gun go up to the mountain looking for fresh herbs. But they can’t find the ones they need. Heo Jun checks through medical books too – yes, he brought them with him. 😉 But he can’t do anything if they have no herbs. And there are none to be found. But then Ye Jin has an idea and makes wood vinegar from charcoal. This is supposed to lift a person’s spirits apparently.


Heo Jun has to leave his family to go and look after the king

Sure enough the king improves but now needs an acupuncture treatment. Heo Jun was shot in his arm on the way to Weeju but it was only a minor cut. Still, he uses this as an excuse to get Do Ji out of prison to do the treatment in his place. Of course everyone is against this at first but if Heo Jun can’t do it, then Do Ji is the only one left. So Do Ji gets another chance…


 Do Ji is released from prison to do the acupuncture treatment on the king


I’m not sure exactly why Heo Jun would help Do Ji like this. Perhaps it’s because Do Ji is his mentor’s son and so Heo Jun can’t stand by and do nothing. But the king is Heo Jun’s responsibility now. And he is putting his own life in danger because Do Ji might mess this up too! It’s generous of him to help Do Ji but after all these years he still hasn’t changed, and I don’t think he should get another chance. 

It’s a shock that Prince Sinseong dies so suddenly. Anyway, now there will be no argument about who should become the next king: it will be Prince Gwang Hae. 

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