Heo Jun Episode 58 War

heojun5802We see the reality of war when Sanghwa gets shot and killed by the Japanese in front of Heo Jun and his crew. Heo Jun finally catches up with the king. But the king is miffed that Heo Jun chose to save the books before protecting the king himself and so Heo Jun is demoted :(

Its very exciting now. Heo Jun and his crew are hiding from the Japanese soldiers but the baby cries and gives them away. Sanghwa – who was brought up at the temple with the lepers – looks worriedly around at the baby as the soldiers get closer. Then suddenly he makes a run for it. The Japanese soldiers see him and chase after him. He clearly wanted to cause a diversion to save the others. It works and the soldiers chase after him firing their rifles. Heo Jun is distraught but at least he and the others are now able to get to the river where there is a boat.

Heo Jun waits as long as he can but Sanghwa doesn’t arrive. So they have to leave without him. But as they sail away Sanghwa appears on the river bank. Heo Jun fights with the boatman to turn the boat around even though there’s no way they can safely go back for him now.  Sanghwa is shot and killed and all that they can do in the boat is watch in horror. Oh dear.

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Sanghwa gets shot by the Japanese and there is nothing anyone can do

Heo Jun’s family and co arrive at a village but food is scarce and the locals are not very friendly since they’ve seen lots of refugees passing through. And then Yang Tae’s wife goes into labour. (Good timing!)  They are all hungry but finally Koo Ilsu’s daughter manages to get some rice by trading silk with a local girl. The mood lightens at the sight of food. And then more good news: cue crying baby tape. Yang Tae is told that he has a ‘gochu!’ (literally means chilli pepper – in other words: it’s a boy!) Finally a happy moment in a terrible time.

There is stark contrast over in Heo Jun’s camp, where everyone is quiet with the image of Sanghwa’s death haunting them. They have a baby with them too – but he’s now an orphan. Oh Gun takes the baby and announces that he wants to adopt him, especially since Sanghwa died to save the baby. (oh, so sad. I cried. :( )

heojun5806 heojun5805

Heo Jun’s family finally cross the river but need food, while Heo Jun mourns the death of Sanghwa

The king’s camp is getting more worried and they plan to remove the king from the country and flee to Ming. Prince Gwang Hae is absolutely against the king leaving the country – without a king they have no country.

Heo Jun’s family turn up looking for Heo Jun. Do Ji tells them he is not there. But just after they leave Heo Jun and his weary crew arrive looking pretty grim! Many are pleased to see him – but not Do Ji! Dr Yang recognises that Heo Jun needed to save the medical books, but he also knows that others will not understand this. Dr Yang immediately puts Heo Jun back in charge of the king much to Do Ji’s annoyance!

Prince Gwang Hae understands the longterm importance of protecting the medical books, but the king is frosty towards Heo Jun clearly hurt that he put the books before the king’s safety. (what a baby!) As Heo Jun leaves, Do Ji is smugly waiting with the king’s medicine. He can’t wait to take over. And what is worse, he hasn’t even told Heo Jun that his family came looking for him so Heo Jun has no idea that they are safe. That’s the first thing Do Ji should have done.

heojun5811 heojun5808

Heo Jun is finally reunited with his family. But the king is not pleased with him.  

When Heo Jun finally finds his family they are exhausted and hungry. His son is angry with him ( and I think he has a right to be. How could he leave his family like that?) Heo Jun knows his son is right. And he admits that he has not been a good father/husband/son: 내가  잘 못했다.

The king hears more bad news: the Japanese are getting closer. Prince Gwang Hae again tries to persuade the king not to leave the country. But it’s no use. So the prince asks to remain behind in Pyeongyang castle. He doesn’t want to leave the people fighting for themselves. The king agrees and leaves for Weeju leaving the prince behind.


Do Ji STILL wants to compete with Heo Jun even in war. Sigh. 

Heo Jun wants to remain behind but Dr Yang tells him to go with the king because the king is not well. Dr Yang himself doesn’t want to go as he is worried about his own health and doesn’t want to cause trouble to others. Do Ji has to stay behind and look after the prince. And he’s not happy about that. But the king is still sulking about Heo Jun putting books before him and finally decides that Heo Jun will stay behind and Do ji will go with him instead! Not only is he being silly, he is putting the life of Heo Jun in danger even though he is the best doctor in Joseon! (How petty the king is being right now.) 

hoejun5807 heojun5813

The prince gets sick when they leave the Pyeongyang and the Japanese are getting closer

I bet the king regrets his juvenile behaviour though when his son gets sick on the journey. Do Ji checks the prince and says it will be OK to continue their journey. Back in Pyeongyang, the Japanese are coming!


King Seonjo is not coming across well at all. He seems weak and helpless, simply going along with whatever the government officials decide to do. His son, Prince Gwang Hae is the only one with any guts and shows a genuine concern for the people by choosing to stay and fight, when he could easily have run away with the king. 

And the king looks even more pathetic when he treats Heo Jun so badly. The king is sulking because Heo Jun looks at the big picture and the future of medicine. The king is only thinking of himself and Do Ji is only able to think about himself too. So now Do Ji has left with the king and I think they deserve each other. I just hope he can cure whatever is wrong with the prince …




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