Heo Jun episode 54 A Wedding and a Funeral

 heojun5414Oh Gun finally marries Hong Choon. Gong Bin is getting worse and so Heo Jun goes off to the mountain to find her fresh herbs since all the good herbs are being given to In Bin. :(  But while he’s away Gong Bin becomes critically ill. And when Heo Jun gets back, it’s too late …

Heo Jun leaves the welfare hospital to go to the palace to work as Gong Bin’s personal doctor. But he glances around before he leaves as though looking for someone. Could he be looking for Ye Jin? But Ye Jin hides from him not wanting to say goodbye. :(


Ye Jin sadly watches as Heo Jun leaves for the palace

He starts to work with Gong Bin who is feeling depressed at the news of In Bin’s pregnancy. Although Gong Bin has two sons she is not the Queen so it’s possible that In Bin’s child (if she has a boy) will become the next king – since the Queen herself doesn’t have any children. Heo Jun’s first job is to try to cheer Gong Bin up. Meanwhile over in camp In Bin, Do Ji is given the challenge of ‘MAKING SURE’ that In Bin gives birth to a BOY. (Good luck with that!)


While Gong Bin is ill and depressed her rival In Bin’s brother orders Do Ji to help In Bin give birth to a son

Oh Gun proposes to Hong Choon now that she is recovering from her ‘loneliness sickness!’ But she seems hesitant to say yes – or is she just being coy? The feisty Hong Choon has disappeared and only this demure young woman is left. Maybe she’s hesitating because she knows things will change if she gets married: she won’t be able to stay working as a nurse for starters. Meanwhile in the market, Do Ji and Heo Jun’s mums bump into each other. Of course Do Ji’s mum can’t resist gloating at the fact that In Bin is now the King’s favourite. She purposely worries Heo Jun’s family by suggesting that Gong Bin is sick and of course the doctor in charge will have to take responsibility when something happens to her …


Oh Gun proposes to Hong Choon :) Do Ji’s mum can’t help sticking the boot in when she bumps into Heo Jun’s family :(


Oh Gun marries Hong Choon

Do Ji makes sure that he gets all the best herbs for In Bin so nothing is left for Gong Bin.  It’s already clear that Gong Bin has lost her power now that In Bin is pregnant. And when Gong Bin drags herself over to pay her respects to In Bin, she is turned away as In Bin has ‘morning sickness.’ Grrrr! On the way back to her residence she collapses again. She decides to go to the hot spring in the mountain with her sons for a break. But when it’s time to leave, the King doesn’t even come to see her off (because he’s with In Bin. Grrr.) Gong Bin seems to have given up on life now that she has lost the King’s love. She asks Heo Jun to look after her sons…

heojun5409 heojun5410

Gong Bin asks Heo Jun to look after her sons as she knows she is dying

Heo Jun realises that something different needs to be done for Gong Bin as the medicine is not working and she is getting worse – probably because she is getting old herbs from the storage! And she is depressed. But while Heo Jun is away Do Ji’s ex right hand man, Dr Jang, is put in charge of Gong Bin. But suddenly she gets worse while he is looking after her and worried for his own safety he asks Do Ji for help – if she dies on his watch he will also have to take responsibility along with Heo Jun. Do Ji recognises that she needs an emergency acupuncture treatment, but he tells Dr Jang that he can’t help him. (He must be hoping that Gong Bin will die while Heo Jun is away. This is the worst thing he has done so far. Unforgivable. :() Sure enough by the time Heo Jun gets back, it’s too late and Gong Bin dies.

heojun5411 heojun5412

While Heo Jun is away collecting herbs Do Ji refuses to help Gong Bin 

heojun5413 heojun5414

Gong Bin dies

The King is devastated but decides not to hold Heo Jun responsible.

Heo Jun is very upset over Gong Bin’s death too. And he reflects over his time at the palace and decides that he wants to travel around the country for a few years studying herbs and medicines since there is still so much he doesn’t know. Dr Yang agrees to let him go.

On his travels he stops off at Dr Yoo’s old hospital and remembers the important lessons his teacher taught him. Then at his teacher’s grave he promises to become a better doctor…


Heo Jun is pleased to see Dr Yoo’s hospital doing well. He visits Dr Yoo’s grave. 


Poor Gong Bin. The palace is a harsh place and the life of a concubine is pretty miserable once the King moves on to someone else. In this episode we see what has to be Do Ji’s worst crime as a doctor so far. He knows what needs to be done to save Gong Bin and he has the chance to help her while Heo Jun is away but he leaves her to die. His ambition has taken away his humanity and any sympathy I had for him is gone. Boo, Do Ji. :(

On a lighter note, Hong Choon is a transformed character now that she is getting married. The feisty, hard side of her has gone – at least for the time being. Does this mean that any tough woman is only acting tough because she needs a man? 😕 I don’t know if that is the message but I think I preferred you before, Hong Chooneeeee!

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