Four Seasons at the Seoul Art Centre

korea 4 seasons

My first year at the Calligraphy Academy has now come to an end. And after a year of visiting the centre every week, I have to say that to me, Seoul Art Centre is the most beautiful place to visit in Seoul.

This month we have dramatic winter days where silhouettes of persimmon fruit cling to the bare branches of the trees. It’s as though they want to reflect the organic black inked lines of the calligraphy paintings on display inside the museum.


It always looks different every time I go and it’s gorgeous all year around. The architecture is modern yet with a nod to the past with the traditional bamboo hat roof of the opera house. (below, with the green roof) And it all nestles in the mountain surrounded by nature.Seoul

In May the road leading past the Art Centre is decorated by lanterns as part of the celebration of Buddha’s birthday at the local temple. seoul_art_centre6

And with the arrival of warm weather come outdoor sculpture exhibitions to jazz up the mood in the wide open spaces.seoul1


In the rainy season the concrete becomes shiny mirrors.


A yellow umbrella provides a pop of colour


When temperatures soar in August the fountain comes to life dancing its routine tirelessly and cooling the visitors every hour. operahouse

Then the rusty maple bring energy and passion in autumn before falling to leave mosaic art on stone. Seoulartcentre1 



By the time the snow comes in December the leaves are gone and only the persimmon are still clinging to the bare branches. They become coated with snow like icing on orange Christmas puddings. SONY DSC


Seoul Art Centre
And soon the spring will come and it will be time to start all over again!
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