Heo Jun episode 51 Heo Jun and Da Hee Are Arrested

heojun5107This time Heo Jun’s fortune takes a turn for the worse as Do Ji’s fortune takes a turn for the better. Do Ji impressed his superior on their mission to Ming and so lands a job with another of the King’s consorts, In Bin. On the other hand, rumours spread about Heo Jun’s past until the police chief has no choice but to arrest him. 

Heo Jun is about to be arrested for his past crimes when a message arrives from the king – he wants to meet Heo Jun and his team who cured the plague. (phew, that was close! For now he is safe.)

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Heo Jun is almost arrested!

Do Ji is back. But his relationship with his wife is just as cold as before. :( She tells him about his mother’s illness and how Heo Jun saved her. Of course Do Ji is not pleased about this at all! His mum also hates the fact that she had to rely on Heo Jun’s help.  So Do Ji finds Heo Jun at court and tells him that 1) their competition is not over and he has had time to think about why Heo Jun keeps beating him at everything (!) and 2) he will PAY Heo Jun BACK for treating his mother as he doesn’t want to owe him anything. But he doesn’t thank him. (Oh Do Ji. You are starting to get even more pathetic. :( )

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Do Ji returns from his trip and meets his nemesis Heo Jun again

It looks like Do Ji didn’t waste his time on his mission to Ming – he has made good connections with officials in high places and manages to get a job treating the Consort In Bin who is desperate to get pregnant (the king’s other consort Gong Bin has two sons so she is considered higher than In Bin right now )

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Do Ji gets a job treating Consort In Bin 

Heo Jun and the other doctors and nurses who worked on the plague meet the king who announces that this has been the worst plague since Joseon was established.  Heo Jun is given tiger fur as a reward and all the doctors involved are promoted up one grade. Heo Jun becomes Jubu level. But he can’t celebrate as he is too worried about what is going to happen with the police.


King Seonjo praises the medical team for their good work in curing the plague 

Heo Jun goes to the head of police and begs him to allow him to continue to be a doctor and to find another way to punish him instead of sending him to prison. But rumours spread about Heo Jun and his ‘crimes’ and Do Ji is pleased that it looks like he will finally be rid of him. Heo Jun’s enemies tattletale to their superiors at the welfare hospital and so the head of police has no choice but to arrest Heo Jun. But at least he doesn’t seem pleased about it anymore. The police come and arrest Da Hee too and the couple meet in prison. :(

heojun5107 heojun5108

Heo Jun and Da Hee meet in prison

Gong Bin’s son gets sick and she wants Heo Jun to come and treat him but they can’t call Heo Jun because he’s been arrested!


So for now it looks like the baddies at court are going to get their wish and see the back of Heo Jun. Do Ji doesn’t get involved in spreading the rumours but he is clearly rubbing his hands together with glee that Heo Jun has fallen from his pedestal! I just keep wishing that Do Ji would become a better man! 


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