Heo Jun episode 50 Finding a Cure and Getting Arrested

heojun5004Very quickly Heo Jun seems to find a cure for the plague. The police chief is waiting to arrest him as soon as the situation is under control. But then the plague is back and Heo Jun seems flummoxed. Nobody else knows what to do either. Meanwhile Do Ji arrives back at the palace and asks to be dispatched to the plague-infested area too! But before he can go, Heo Jun manages to find a cure …


Heo Jun soon seems to find a cure for the plague

Heo Jun has been sent to the plague-infested area but the police chief is still hot on his tail. He decides to give him time to cure the plague and then arrest him. Everyone is told to keep the news of the plague quiet to avoid a panic. But Koo Ilsu and his wife hear about it and see an opportunity to make money selling charms. But since no one knows about this, they have to start the rumour themselves. They start spreading the bad news and selling their charms and making money. Everything is going great until soldiers arrive and arrest them all. They get beaten for spreading rumours and deceiving the public!


Yang Tae et al see a way to make some money from the plague selling charms

Meanwhile Heo Jun and his team have already found a cure and the patients are already getting better. The doctors celebrate but it’s too early for that as suddenly they hear that the plague is BACK. And Chae Sun the nurse collapses with a fever too.


To everyone’s horror Chae Sun collapses with a fever too

Do Ji returns to the palace having completed his mission to Ming. He has heard about the plague and asks to be dispatched there too! (That’s a surprise. What’s he up to?) 

Much to everyone’s horror, Chae Sun has caught the plague. :(  Heo Jun and the other doctors try desperately to find a cure but Chae Sun dies before they can help her. :(

Then one of the patients suggests they make medicine from Japanese apricot as this worked last time there was a plague! Heo Jun divides the patients up into three groups and tries different herb medicines on each group to see which works. The apricot works to lower the fever. A message is sent to the palace that the plague has been cured. Do Ji is there to hear the news but he doesn’t look pleased.

heojun5005 heojun5006

The doctors meet to decide what to do as more patients die

The police chief is still NOT prepared to overlook Heo Jun’s past and so Heo Jun prepares to be arrested. Just in time the magistrate arrives with a message that the king wants to meet Heo Jun and those that helped cure the plague.

heojun5008 heojun5007

The police chief still intends to arrest Heo Jun 


Even after all of Heo Jun’s good work finding a cure for the plague it doesn’t make any difference to the stubborn police chief – I suppose he’s only doing his job. But once again at the last minute it looks like Heo Jun will be saved! 

It’s quite a shock when Chae Sun dies. Of course it would be the nurse who is very sweet (if annoying too) that is the one who has to die. Oh. :(  But realistically surely more nurses and doctors would get sick too during a plague?

I was wondering why Do Ji volunteered to go to the plague zone. This is not like him at all. But judging by his disappointed expression when it was announced that a cure had been found, he had probably seen this as an opportunity to redeem himself and find a cure before Heo Jun could. He was beaten to it though. Oh, Do Ji. :(

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    Happy holidays from California! I discovered your wonderful blog during Horse Doctor days (that aired (with delay) in L.A. on local Asian TV station 18, fortunately.) I am dying to hear updates on everything, how did calligraphy classes go, what about weekend trips to various sites, please more cultural observations that help us so much in understanding K-drama…. we are out here reading… you write cliffhangers too!

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