Heo Jun episode 49 Saved by the Plague

heojun4901The police chief investigates Heo Jun and his family and discovers that he IS the criminal who broke the law 10 years ago. But when the police chief goes to arrest him he hears that Heo Jun has already been dispatched to deal with a deadly plague that has broken out near Hanyang. 

Bae Chunsoo, the police chief is sure that Heo Jun is the smuggler who also broke the law by marrying a noble lady. Heo Jun denies this at first but the police chief sends his men to investigate his family. Heo Jun is worried and tells his family that someone knows about his past. He now prepares to pay the price for his crimes and decides to hand himself in. But his colleague at the hospital goes to his friend the police chief and begs him not to do anything about this because Heo Jun is such a great doctor and they need him. But the stubborn police chief refuses  – Heo Jun has broken the law and deceived the court and must be punished. The police chief also believes that Heo Jun is tricking everyone  pretending to be a kind doctor. And even if he is a good man the law is the law.

heojun4901 heojun4902

The police chief investigates into Heo Jun’s background

And now for a break from all the tension …

We have a bit of fun when Chae Sun is picked to go to court as she is good at massage. She may even be able to massage the king. But she is worried because she has never massaged a man before, so she asks Oh Gun if she can practise on him! He is MORE than HAPPY to oblige but Nurse Hong Choon walks in and ‘catches’ them in the massage. Chae Sun is sent out and Oh Gun wants to leave too, but Hong Choon orders him to lie down – and she gives him a massage instead! :) Of course he is DELIGHTED and can’t contain himself and tries to hug her wanting to declare his love! 😳

heojun4903 heojun4904

Chae Sun practises her massage techniques on Oh Gun before Hong Choon arrives

Suddenly a plague breaks out not far from Hanyang. Meanwhile, the police chief takes a team to the welfare hospital to arrest Heo Jun but Heo Jun is not there – he’s already been sent to deal with the plague. phew! That was close. 😉 


The police chief turns up to arrest Heo Jun who has already been sent to deal with the plague

The plague is the worst the local magistrate has ever seen and they must hurry to find a cure. Ye Jin is one of the nurses chosen to go to help too. Chae Sun who was so happy earlier when she was chosen to go to court has now been chosen to go to the plague-infested village and she cries and cries thinking she is going to die there. :(

Heo Jun gets on with his work but then to his horror discovers that the police chief has even followed him here …


Chae Sun cries at the idea of going to the village with the plague


So now that Do Ji is out of the picture for a while Heo Jun needs another enemy. And his new enemy is the police chief who is determined to arrest Heo Jun no matter what. He even follows him to the plague-infested village. (That seems a bit much – he’s putting his own life at risk too!) But maybe Heo Jun’s work helping to cure the plague will save him from the death penalty. 


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