Heo Jun episode 44 The Guillotine

heojun4409Heo Jun does his best to cure the cancer patient but it seems that he can’t cure him by the deadline. Gong Bin loses patience with Heo Jun who must now be punished -he is to have his hand cut off by guillotine. 😕 But at the last minute the eunuchs rush in – looks like the patient has recovered after all…

Heo Jun’s neck is on the chopping block (or at least his hands are – they’ll get chopped off if he fails). Because Heo Jun promised to cure Consort Gong Bin’s brother’s cancer in 5 days or else! Do Ji and Lord Yang discuss what to do about this as they don’t believe it’s possible to cure cancer so quickly. Lord Yang decides it’s best just to wait for Heo Jun to fail. Nice.


Team Do Ji refuse to believe that Heo Jun can really cure the cancer patient

The patient can’t wait for Heo Jun to fail either – the patient isn’t happy because he is covered in burn marks from moxibustion on his stomach, his face is still paralysed, and he can’t even eat what he likes because Heo Jun is restricting his diet. Heo Jun is having a tough time but his wife sends him an embroidery of a poem of love and this makes him smile – Ye Ji sees Heo Jun’s happy face. :(

heojun4403 heojun4404

Heo Jun struggles with his difficult patient but his wife’s gift gives him support

The 5th day is approaching and the nurse So Hyun encourages Heo Jun to at least try to cure the facial paralysis – that will buy him more time to cure the cancer later. But Heo Jun doesn’t want to cheat. But then it seems as though the patient gets worse and starts spitting up blood. Heo Jun’s enemies are pleased to see the deterioration and the patient says he’s also looking forward to seeing Heo Jun suffer. (This is SO annoying and hard to watch!) But Heo Jun is sure the patient is getting better…


Gong Bin is not pleased when her brother’s health does not improve

However, on the fifth day the patient has not recovered and when time is up Gong Bin is VERY displeased and loses faith in Heo Jun. Lord Yang turns up (probably trying to hide his delight) and he expresses his OUTRAGE at Heo Jun’s lack of skills! Heo Jun is dragged away to be punished. The patient also wants the nurses – So Hyun and Ye Jin – to be punished too since they have supported Heo Jun all the way. Do Ji looks upset as Ye Jin is dragged off but says nothing.

heojun4407 heojun4409

Heo Jun prepares for his punishment

Heo Jun is resigned to his fate as he has done all that he can. He is to have his right hand chopped off by guillotine in front of everyone. 😕 (This is ridiculous. How can they do this?) Ye Jin rushes forward to beg Lord Yang to stop this but of course he won’t – he must be secretly enjoying this. He admits that he is particularly displeased because Heo Jun’s techniques are different to those that he himself has been teaching. (so he feels insulted) Ye Ji is so distraught she has to be dragged away before she faints. Then Heo Jun admits to Lord Yang that he has seen his own teacher’s stomach (in the autopsy) and that’s how he knows so much about the disease. Nobody can believe it!

heojun4410 heojun4411

To Do Ji’s dismay Heo Jun is saved at the last minute when his patient recovers

Lord Yang orders the punishment to go ahead but just as the guillotine is about to come crashing down on Heo Jun’s wrist, eunuchs rush in shouting STOP! Why? Because the patient is cured. (Phew. That was close. 😉 )Heo Jun is elated that the patient is better. But Lord Yang storms off. Heo Jun is taken to see Gong Bin and her now smiling brother. But if I were Heo Jun I would want to punch him in the face for being so obnoxious. Grrr! (But anyway Team Heo Jun Manzai! :) )  The king orders a feast for Heo Jun’s family and all those who helped him.


OK well this has got to be the most unrealistic episode so far. First Heo Jun has to cure the patient of CANCER in five days! Why did they decide on such a short time limit? Surely that really is IMPOSSIBLE. Secondly, why is his patient so uncooperative? If he knows he has cancer – which could easily kill him – why doesn’t he do as the doctor tells him? It’s just for five days anyway. And then just because the patient’s face goes back to normal and the lump has disappeared they stop the punishment and believe the patient is cured. This is all a bit much. 😕 

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