Heo Jun episode 43 The Deadline

heojun4301Heo Jun perseveres with his VERY ANNOYING patient who remains uncooperative although Gong Bin tells him to do as Heo Jun says! Eventually the king comes to see how things are going. Everyone is shocked to hear that the patient is sicker than was first thought. Now the king wants to know how long EXACTLY it will take to cure the patient. Heo Jun ends up committing to cure the patient in 5 days – so if the patient has not completely recovered by then Heo Jun will be in for it. Oh no. What did you say that for, Heo Jun?  

The commotion caused when Gong Bin’s brother throws the tray of medicine at Heo Jun wakes Gong Bin who comes in to see what’s going on. Luckily she sides with Heo Jun and scolds her brother – he’s not even in the direct royal family and shouldn’t be getting treatment from the royal doctors anyway so he should be more grateful. She demands that he do as Heo Jun tells him. :) So Heo Jun continues to treat the patient but again Heo Jun has to threaten to call his sister if he doesn’t do as he is told!


Gong Jin has words with her brother and Heo Jun continues to treat him

The nurse Se Hee is now getting over confident after ‘sleeping’ with Do Ji. She gets into an argument with So Hyun and Ye Jin in the medicine storeroom and Do Ji appears. Se Hee assumes he is going to side with her after what ‘happened’, but he is just as cold as before and simply shouts at her to get back to work. How embarrassing. 😳


The nurses argue over rank

Meanwhile Do Ji realises that there is something strange going on with the way Heo Jun is treating the patient and he confronts him about this. Heo Jun calmly informs Do Ji that he has to treat the patient for stomach cancer before he can treat him for the relatively minor illness of facial paralysis. Do Ji is gobsmacked. When he diagnosed the patient he missed this more serious and life-threatening illness. And this could get him in big trouble. He goes straight into damage control mode – he decides that the royal family MUST NOT KNOW that the patient has cancer. Not yet anyway. He tells Heo Jun to STOP treating the stomach cancer and just focus on the paralysis – they can deal with the cancer later. (This just shows how Do Ji still doesn’t understand Heo Jun at all. Which is ironic since Heo Jun learnt everything from Do Ji’s own father :roll: ) Of course Heo Jun refuses to stop the treatment as this is a life threatening disease and every second counts. Do Ji on the other hand is only concerned about saving his own neck.

heojun4305 heojun4306

Do Ji sees the patient’s prescription and confronts Heo Jun 

The treatment is getting very hard and the king turns up to see how things are going. Heo Jun has to reveal that the patient actually has stomach cancer which needs to be treated first. (The patient is shocked too as he didn’t know either) They are all shocked as this is very serious and possibly incurable. That’s what Heo Jun’s teacher, Dr Yoo, died of after all.

The king wants Heo Jun to say how long exactly this cancer will take to cure. ( What? This is so unfair!)  In the end for some reason Heo Jun agrees to commit to a timeline and says he can cure the young man in 5 days! The king points out that there are not jokes in the palace – this means that if Heo Jun doesn’t do as he promised and cure the patient, Heo Jun will be severely punished.

heojun4307 heojun4308

Heo Jun promises to cure the cancer in five days


The king seems such a reasonable man so why is he demanding that Heo Jun tell him EXACTLY how long it will take to cure the cancer? How can anyone predict this? And why did Heo Jun agree to fix a deadline? They all know it might be incurable so what’s all this about? Seems unnecessarily strict, not to mention unfair on our Heo Jun. 😡  

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