Heo Jun episode 42 A Royal Pain

heojun42Another annoying episode as Heo Jun has to deal with a very difficult and arrogant patient in the royal family. I still haven’t recovered from the last episode yet and there is no relief here. Do Ji is very put out when he is taken off the patient’s case and replaced by Heo Jun! He decides to drink his sorrows away but this gets him in more trouble. 

In the welfare clinic Heo Jun is treating his patient who has a facial paralysis. But the cheeky patient is complaining because Heo Jun said he would be better after three days but this is the third day and he is NOT better. Heo Jun calmly points out that it’s the patient’s own fault that he hasn’t improved – because he didn’t do as Heo Jun told him. (He’s been secretly eating when he wasn’t supposed to – Heo Jun can tell this by taking his pulse!) So now it’s going to take another day for the patient to recover. Heo Jun doesn’t take any nonsense from his patients! Sure enough the next day the patient recovers completely.


Heo Jun has realised that his patient is not doing as he’s been told

Meanwhile Gong Bin’s brother (who has the same sickness) has been cured by Do Ji. Or has he? Because when he meets the king, his face suddenly goes back to how it was before – so he has facial paralysis again. Oops! The new Deputy Minister of Court Medicine decides that Heo Jun should take over the treatment as he was able to cure a patient with the same sickness much faster. Do Ji’s plan to over estimate how long the illness would take to be cured has backfired!

heojun4203 heojun4205

Team Do Ji is miffed when Heo Jun is told to take over the treatment

Do Ji goes off to deal with the situation as he usually does – he drinks. Se Hee, the nurse with a crush on him, sees an opportunity and in the morning not only does Do Ji wake up with a very bad hangover but he finds himself lying in BED next to Se Hee. (OMG) Of course he doesn’t remember anything. She acts demure but is grinning to herself when she leaves him probably thinking that she now has him where she wants him.

heojun4206 heojun4207

It’s the morning after the night before but Do Ji can’t remember anything

But when Heo Jun takes over treating the royal patient, he uses different techniques to Do Ji which include massaging the patient’s chest and stomach. The patient does not take kindly to the horrible medicine he has to keep drinking and he does not respond well to Heo Jun’s severe bedside manner. He starts to rebel like a naughty child – wanting to play board games with his friend in the evening when he has been told to rest, and not wanting to drink his medicine. What an arrogant pain. Then one evening he totally refuses to take Heo Jun’s medicine and even throws it at him. The tray lands on Heo Jun’s foot and cuts him badly. Heo Jun falls to the floor in agony. (Ooh that was unforgivable :( )

heojun4209 heojun4208

 The arrogant patient REFUSES to do as he is told


Oh this arrogant patient is annoying. And now he’s even injured poor Heo Jun. Grrrr. I was hoping for a lighter episode after the horrific death of Sir Lee in the last episode. I still haven’t recovered from that yet. But no, there is no relief. This episode was hard going and so many of the characters are really getting on my nerves now – the patient (I could punch him) Do Ji ( he’s so pathetic), and the naughty nurse (she thinks she can manipulate men by flirting with them. She has no shame. But good luck trying that technique with Do Ji though! 😉 ) 


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