Heo Jun episode 36 Ye Jin is Arrested

heojun3609Do Ji finally discovers that Ye Jin is working in the hospital. He wants her to go and live with him and his family. She refuses. (What is he thinking anyway? You are married, Do Ji!) Meanwhile, Heo Jun realises that there is a lot of funny business going on at the welfare clinic. He tries to sort things out but makes enemies who now want to get him in big trouble. 

Ye Jin and Chae Sun are arrested for ‘stealing’ herbs from the warehouse. But they are just scapegoats – Lord Kim wants to tighten up the running of the hospital (or so he says) but just assumes that the record keepers are the thieves. (duh!) But everyone wonders why so much of a cheap medicine has ‘disappeared’. Ye Jin tries to get word to Sir Lee to help them get out of prison. But the guards don’t believe that a low class nurse really knows a nobleman. :(

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Ye Jin and Chae Sun are thrown in prison for stealing medicines

Heo Jun hears that the kind of herb that disappeared from the warehouse is in demand by gisaengs who are using the herb to get wrinkle-free skin. With Oh Gun’s help Heo Jun discovers that it’s one of the other doctors who has been taking the herb from the hospital and giving/selling it to the gisaengs. Heo Jun confronts him and makes him admit the crime so that the nurses can be released. But at first the doctor doesn’t want to admit anything. He doesn’t see the point of getting himself in trouble for mere nurses! :(

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Oh Gun takes Heo Jun to the gisaeng house to investigate. They find out who the thief is. 

Ye Jin returns to work by Heo Jun’s side. They seem happy to be working together again. But then Do Ji turns up to pay his old bosses a visit (to keep on their good side) and of course he sees Ye Jin with Heo Jun. 😮 Shocked he rushes over to speak to her. And then makes up his mind to tell his mum that he will bring Ye Jin to live with them. (What?) His wife, who is now pregnant, overhears him talking about Ye Jin and she is not happy about it.


Do Ji finally sees Ye Jin but she’s happily working with Heo Jun. Heo Jun begs his mother to let Ye Jin live with them while his wife listens in

Do Ji goes to the nurses residence to tell Ye Jin that she is to live with him from now on and that he has got her a place working in the palace. She refuses to go. Do Ji asks, ‘Is it because of Heo Jun?‘ Then he pours out his feelings. Again. But one of the other nurses listens in. (Oh dear. This is going to be bad for Ye Jin. The other girls are going to get jealous of her getting so much attention from men in high places!)


Do Ji begs Ye Jin to come and live with him while another nurse listens in

Heo Jun is getting to know how the welfare clinic works and it’s not pretty. Patients without money are left waiting for days if they can’t afford to bribe their way in. An old man dies on the steps of the hospital having waited 3 days to see a doctor. Heo Jun goes mad and tells the hospital staff to stop taking bribes. But they simply laugh in his face sure that he can’t do anything to stop them. (Others have tried before.) But they stop laughing when Heo Jun says that from now on the doctors will oversee EVERYTHING to make sure there is no funny business. But now he has enemies in the ranks and soon enough he is called before Lord Yang. All the doctors are there in a kind of formal tribunal setting. And Heo Jun is told to get on his knees. 😮

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Heo Jun wants to stop the bribery at the hospital but makes enemies


Here we see again how the female nurses or low class women in general are not treated well or respected – this issue often appears in Director Lee Byung Hun’s dramas including Horse Doctor, Dae Jang Geum, Dong Yi, and of course Heo Jun. It makes me mad too to see how the women are treated in this patriarchal society. :( 

Now the drama is starting to get really addictive. It’s impossible to just watch one episode. And I’m remembering WHY I love this drama so much. A big part of why I like it is because of Jeon Kwang Reol’s portrayal of Heo Jun. He has so many sides to his character. He’s warm and charismatic yet tough and focused. It’s definitely the most captivating performance I’ve seen of a leading character in a sageuk drama. He shows a man with a strong sense of fairness treating everyone with respect no matter their gender or status. He also portrays a very complicated man who comes from a background of half nobleman and half low class gisaeng. Maybe that’s why Heo Jun doesn’t like to pander to the rich. But he’s not perfect. Far from it – especially when it comes to how he treats his family. And he gets worse I seem to remember. But that’s another reason why the drama is so addictive. Because I still support him, flaws and all. Perhaps because of his flaws. Compared to the perfect Horse Doctor, Heo Jun is a much more endearing character. Although sometimes I’m shouting at the screen at him. And then there are the women in his life – Da Hee and Ye Jin. Although his relationships with them becomes complicated, he remains honourable and respectful. Oh Heo Jun. Sigh :) 

And now on to Do Ji. (sigh again – but it’s a different kind of sigh this time 😉 ) I think Do Ji is not thinking about Ye Jin’s situation at all when he storms over to see her at the hospital. His emotional display is clearly going to get tongues wagging but he is unable to control himself. Sure enough their conversation is overheard by another nurse and Ye Jin is probably going to get a bad (even worse?) reputation: Because first she arrives with Sir Lee. Then Do Ji comes to announce his love for her. But he also mentions Heo Jun. So there are three men in her life while the other nurses have nobody in their lives and can only dream of being noticed by a nobleman! 😉 Having said that, I do feel a bit of sympathy for Do Ji. He is weak and selfish and gets worse because of his jealousy towards Heo Jun, but he does genuinely seem to love Ye Jin. And he keeps on telling her this over and over and doesn’t care that he is humiliating himself as she keeps refusing him. Poor thing. 





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