Heo Jun episode 34 Adultery

heojun3409Ye Jin is working in the welfare clinic and discovers her job also involves some distasteful police work! Heo Jun arrives to check a female criminal and finally Ye Jin and Heo Jun’s eyes meet. 

Heo Jun watches as the doctor from the welfare clinic, Dr Kim, picks a fight with Do Ji for giving him old herbs. But he loses the argument as the best herbs must be kept for the royal hospital. But Heo Jun seems interested in Dr Kim – none of the doctors want to work there (they all want to serve the royal family) but this doctor actually chooses to work at the welfare clinic. (Is Heo Jun looking for another mentor?) The clinic is busy so Dr Kim makes Heo Jun help – there’s a patient with a big cyst on his back. Heo Jun sucks the pus out with his mouth! Yikes. Dr Kim is impressed and invites Heo Jun to drink soju. (drinking on the job! :o) Heo Jun refuses at first but Dr Kim says this is the only way to survive life at the welfare clinic :(


Heo Jun meets Dr Kim at the welfare clinic

Koo Ilsu and his family turn up at Heo Jun’s place in Hanyang. Now it’s Heo Jun’s family’s turn to help them as they are new in town – even though the stingy wife has secretly saved lots of money, she is happy to sponge off them. Heo Jun’s family have nothing and worry about having more mouths to feed. Koo Ilsu’s wife visits Do Ji’s house – probably hoping for a job – but she gets a cold reception and no job.

heojun3403 heojun3404

Heo Jun’s family have to look after Koo Ilsu and his family when they turn up in Hanyang

Finally Do Ji gets one up on Heo Jun. In the hospital he diagnoses a patient better than Heo Jun who realises that he has become lazy assuming that he is better than Do Ji even without studying. (Looks like Do Ji is studying like mad to keep ahead! And for the first time we hear Heo Jun actually admit that he is competing against Do Ji. I just thought he wanted to be a good doctor!)

heojun3405 heojun3506

Heo Jun realies that he needs to study if he wants to keep up with Do Ji

Ye Jin is dragged out in the middle of the night to ‘arrest a female criminal’ – apparently another job of the nurses is to act as female police. Sir Lee is now in charge of the police and comes to interrogate the ‘criminal’. Her crime is adultery with a servant – she is a yangban widow and so is expected to honour her dead husband by remaining faithful and not disgracing her class. The servant has been tortured. And she is flogged. Ye Jin is shocked. The lady confesses her crime and is to be beheaded the next day. But Ye Jin checks her and tells Sir Lee that the criminal is pregnant. They can’t kill her now.

heojun3407 heojun3408

The yangban criminal is arrested for adultery

Heo Jun and the trainee doctors are sent to check the health of the local influential yangbans. Heo Jun is given a tonic to give to his patient but since the patient is not sick Heo Jun brings it back! He doesn’t realise that he was supposed to give him the medicine and suck up to the yangban on his boss’ behalf! (Duh! :roll: )  When his superiors tell him to go back with the medicine, he refuses – he doesn’t want to waste it. This gets his superiors in a bad mood and they argue that he should NOT be sent to work in the royal hospital as he is too arrogant. :(  (Looks like he might be demoted to the welfare clinic.)

Heo Jun is sent to confirm that the criminal is the pregnant. But as he arrives, he finally sees Ye Jin!

heojun3409 heojun3410

Ye Jin and Heo Jun finally see each other


BTW Adultery is still illegal in Korea and if people are caught committing adultery – they won’t be beheaded but – they can be put in prison. This happens sometimes in modern dramas. 

Things are going to start hotting up now I think. Heo Jun is feeing more competitive towards Do Ji – Heo Jun needs to be promoted to get his family out of poverty and out of their low class. And it’s getting interesting with the arrival of Ye Jin – who Heo Jun clearly has feelings for. But it’s such a complicated situation since he has a good wife at home too. And I’m sure it’s no coincidence that they meet again under these circumstances – the female criminal reminds us of the penalty of adultery. And divorce is out of the question. 

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