Heo Jun episode 33 Royal Poo

 heojun3307Heo Jun has a difficult start to his life at court and gets punished for being late. It seems that everyone he knew from Sanum is heading to Hanyang now too! Ye Jin also gets a job as a nurse thanks to Sir Lee. But neither Do Ji or Heo Jun know this yet …

After Da Hee’s miscarriage, Heo Jun is late on his first day at the palace and and gets told off in front of everyone. Then he receives his punishment from Do Ji – he has to do 10 night shifts in a row starting tonight! Heo Jun and the others are shown around the court and are told about the ranking of the doctors: The highest royal doctor’s position is Samjeong. Then under him are the ranks of Chumjung, Pangwan, Joobu, Jikjang, Bongsa, and Chambong. Heo Jun seems distracted and finally asks Do Ji if he can start the night duty from the next night – because someone in his family is ill. Do Ji refuses. (What a git.) But overhearing this one of the other doctors offers to help Heo Jun and check on Da Hee. Heo Jun gratefully accepts his offer.

heojun3301 heojun3302

Heo Jun is punished and unable to see his sick wife. Another doctor offers to go instead 

Do Ji tries as hard as he can to find fault with Heo Jun. On his first nightshift Heo Jun stays up all night diligently to finish the transcripts he has been given to do. His coworker sleeps. In the morning Do Ji’s righthand man tries to find fault with Heo Jun’s work, but he can’t. After the 10 days are up Heo Jun rushes home to see his wife who blames herself for losing the baby. Heo Jun blames himself too for making her work so hard since he can’t earn enough money to support his family. :(

heojun3303 heojun3304

Heo Jun works the nightshift while his mother looks after Da Hee

Koo Ilsu has been left behind in Sanum and he’s lonely. He wants to join his friends in Hanyang but his wife is not keen. So he organises a gang of gamblers to threaten his wife for the money her husband ‘owes them’. He’s hoping to frighten her into leaving the area! The gang terrifies her by threatening to kill or at least cripple her husband. So when her husband suggests they run away, she readily agrees! (His plan worked! :) )

heojun3305 heojun3306

Koo Ilsu hatches a plan to make his wife move to Hanyang!

Ye Jin arrives at the court hospital too – she will work at the welfare hospital treating commoners. She has been staying with Sir Lee who has now managed to get her into the hospital as a nurse. But the other nurses are sceptical – she hasn’t completed the training required. So they gossip about her relationship with Sir Lee suggesting there must be something going on between them. Sir Lee doesn’t want her to work here either – it’s going to be tough – but she is insistent. She shares a room with another nurse called Chae Sun who gets punished for ‘smiling at people around the palace!’ Ye Jin has trouble settling in as the others want to punish her for being a ‘gisaeng’!

heojun3307 heojun3308

Ye Jin gets a place as a nurse but other nurses are not pleased

Do Ji teaches the new doctors that they must learn to diagnose royal patients without checking the pulse. They also learn that there are special words too used when referring to the king and his family. Words such as mae woo teul. None of the doctors are familiar with this term – what could it possibly mean? Well, mae woo is the special word (euphemism) used to describe the ‘Royal Poo’. Do Ji has a chamber pot brought in to show the doctors. The chamber pot is called a mae woo teul. The doctors have to look inside at the mae woo and smell it and dissect it – even taste it – to diagnose the king’s health. 😮 Heo Jun remembers back to Dr Yoo’s teaching when he picked up a handful of his patient’s poo and explained that the colour of it depends on the condition of the body – if the body is too hot or cold etc. Heo Jun is the only doctor in the group who can identify what is wrong with the king. Do Ji, the ‘teacher’ is shocked that he knows this. Dr Yang has come in to watch too and is impressed.


Heo Jun is the only doctor who can diagnose the king’s problem from his poo

Do Ji is promoted to level 7 official and is now in charge of the medicine warehouse. Oh Gun has managed to get a job there but Do Ji just ignores him. He tells him off for sending good medicines to the welfare clinic and orders old herbs be sent instead. Heo Jun is sent to the welfare clinic with Oh Gun to deliver the medicine. (And guess who is working there!)  The head doctor at the welfare clinic (also the doctor in charge of the herb garden in Horse Doctor – he is always an outcast doctor!) goes mad when he sees the old herbs he’s been given and rushes off to find Do Ji! Oh Gun and Heo Jun are right behind him and don’t see Ye Jin …

heojun3313 heojun3314

The doctor at the welfare clinic is not pleased with the old herbs that Oh Gun brings


Oh Ye Jin. She could have a much easier life if she just married Sir Lee who is clearly interested in her. Her life as a nurse is going to be a nightmare – (we saw this in Horse Doctor and Dae Jang Geum – women medical practitioners are NOT respected.) Turning up with Sir Lee at the hospital was a very bad idea. All the tongues are wagging now. Like Heo Jun, she’s had a bad start to life in the hospital.  

The Royal Poo scene was most amusing. How can these guys be doctors if they turn their noses up at some poo? Mind you they probably didn’t imagine that wading through Royal Poo would be part of their daily job description! 😉 





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