Heo Jun episode 32 The Royal Hospital

heojun3202This time Heo Jun passes the State Medical Exam and he moves his family to Hanyang. Do Ji is not happy about this of course. But life in Hanyang is going to be even tougher than in the countryside –  Heo Jun’s salary is still low and people in the capital are not so kind and it’s harder for his wife and mother to find work. Da Hee overdoes it trying to get work and just as Heo Jun is about to go to the palace for his first day, she collapses. 

The results of the first test come out and both Oh Gun and Heo Jun have passed. But Heo Jun is not excited yet – he knows that this is only the first test and there are still more to go. For the next test they have had to memorise medical books. Do Ji is worried as Heo Jun is doing so well!


Oh Gun and Heo Jun both pass the first test

The second part of the exam is tough and Oh Gun can’t pass – it was clearly a fluke that he passed the first part of the test! But Heo Jun comes top of all the candidates. In a panic Do Ji corners him to tell him not to mention that his teacher is Dr Yoo – Do Ji doesn’t want to remind the royal hospital teachers of the whole 9 needles incident involving his father. But when Dr Yang asks him, Heo Jun immediately names Dr Yoo as his teacher, much to Do Ji’s annoyance. :) (That was amusing) Heo Jun tells Do Ji later that if there are any negative side effects to having Dr Yoo as his teacher, he will gladly accept them. (It’s ironic that it’s Heo Jun that remains loyal to Dr Yoo and not Dr Yoo’s own son!)


After Heo Jun passes the test, Do Ji warns him not to mention his father’s name

Do Ji is still being very cold to his new wife. (It seems they haven’t even consummated their marriage yet :(  Do Ji has no right to behave like this – he AGREED to marry her after all.) But suddenly he asks his mother to let his new bride go and visit her own family for a holiday. (He asks this as though he is thinking of his new bride’s feelings. His bride is grateful to him too. But what is he up to? He must have an ulterior motive since he has no feelings for her.) When they arrive at his father-in-law’s house, Do Ji immediately wants to talk to his father-in-law privately about his job at the palace. (Aha! His father-in-law has influence there and he clearly wants him to pull some strings.) As if by magic, when Do Ji goes back to work at the palace, he is moved out of the medicine room and back to looking after the king’s consort. ( a much more prestigious position. And more importantly – higher than Heo Jun! Sad Do Ji. Very sad. )


Do Ji pretends to be thinking about his wife’s feelings

Heo Jun’s family moves to Hanyang with Yang Tae. But the family is a bit disappointed when they see their new humble house – their faces suggest they expected something more grand :( Heo Jun has to explain that even with this new job at the palace, he can still only just feed the family. In fact their lives may be even worse than in Sanum since his payment will only include about 2 or 3 bags of rice, some barley, beans and meat.  They can only move up the social ladder if Heo Jun becomes the king’s doctor and he can’t guarantee that this will happen – and even if it does, it will take time. But Da Hee says she didn’t want him to pass the medical exam just so that they could wear fine clothes and she’s not afraid of a hard life in Hanyang. (She’s such a good woman. That’s the problem for Heo Jun. Da Hee and Ye Jin are both very noble ladies.)


Life is still going to be hard for Heo Jun’s family

But since moving to Hanyang Da Hee is overdoing it getting ready for Heo Jun’s first day at the royal hospital. She wants to make money to at least get them a nice meal before he starts, but she pushes herself too hard and collapses just as he is on his way to work. She has a miscarriage. (Did we know she was even pregnant?) Heo Jun stays a while to look after her but then has to hurry to the palace. He rushes off since it’s his first day and he’s already late…


While Heo Jun looks after his wife, the doctors at the palace are waiting.


Do Ji is SO weak. He is even prepared to disown his own father at the palace if it means he can have an easy life. And the way he is treating his new wife is despicable. If he had been forced into the wedding, then I could understand his behaviour. But he agreed to the wedding, knowing that his new father-in-law could be helpful in his career. He probably also thought that there was no chance of seeing Ye Jin again. He has made his bed but is now unwilling to lie in it. What a complete Duh! No wonder Ye Yin didn’t want to marry him! 

Heo Jun is not such a great family man either, in fairness. He has failed to realise that his wife is overdoing it. And even when she has a miscarriage, he still has to rush off to work. Oh dear. 

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