Heo Jun episode 31 The State Medical Exam Take 2

heojun3112A new greedy doctor takes over Dr Yoo’s hospital and will only treat patients who have the money to pay. When he hears this Heo Jun furiously sets up his own clinic. But then  the state medical exam dates are announced and Heo Jun heads off for Hanyang. 

The hospital is quickly sold and the new owner arrives. Dr Yoo’s medical books have been thrown out as ‘Do Ji can read whatever he likes at the royal hospital’. The new doctor is clearly not as good as Dr Yoo as he scoffs at the pots laid out for different kinds of water. But he’s not stupid and having heard of Heo Jun’s reputation he tries to get the famous Heo Jun to join him – he doesn’t want to go into competition with him! But Heo Jun has other plans. He has decided to study for the state medical exam and in the meantime grow herbs to sell so that his family can live off that.


A new doctor takes over Dr Yoo’s hospital. But he refuses to treat the poor

Heo Jun hears that his son is the brightest in his class at school but Heo Jun remembers back to his own childhood when he was bullied for being too clever and having ideas above his station. He worries about allowing his son to be educated. Maybe it’s better not to send him to school rather than giving him false hope?


Heo Jun decides to grow and sell herbs. The news that his son is the brightest child in his class brings mixed emotions

At the palace there is good and bad news for Do Ji. The good news is that the king’s consort is pregnant (if Do Ji is successful looking after her, he will be promoted later) The bad news is he gives her a dodgy prescription – boiled carp with asparagus: he wants to treat the pregnancy and her cough symptoms. But he doesn’t realise that these two ingredients should not be mixed together. He is demoted to making herbs so that he can ‘study more’! And he’s not happy!


Do Ji is demoted after making a dodgy prescription for the king’s consort

Heo Jun hears that the new doctor is charging a lot for treatment and even has bouncers on the door who refuse to let poor people in to the hospital! They have to pay up front or they can’t come in. Heo Jun is furious and sets up his own clinic. All the patients now come to him so the new doctor begs him to send him some patients too! Heo Jun is not impressed.


Heo Jun hears that the new doctor refuses to treat the poor

Heo Jun hears that the date has been set for the state medical exam. There’s only a month left so Heo Jun and Oh Gun quickly set off for Hanyang. Oh Gun sneaks off to see Do Ji and ask for help with the questions as he is going to take the exam too – but Do Ji unceremoniously throws him out telling him that he has NO CHANCE of passing the exam. Do Ji, so tactful as always. :(

Heo Jun is very calm this time as they arrive in time and have time to study before the exam. The exam starts and he looks confident and focused. And he’s the first one to leave. No one can believe it. Dr Yang asks to see his paper. And when he sees it, he looks shocked.


Heo Jun finally sits the state medical exam


When Heo Jun decides to study for the state medical exam, his mum says she would rather he set up his own clinic – then he could make money to support his family. But Da Hee agrees with her husband saying that she will make his dream her dream. That way she can endure the hardships that are to come. I think she is presented as the ideal Joseon woman: intelligent, demure, and supporting her husband no matter what without complain and without having any desires of her own. She wants what he wants. 

And what a difference the state medical exam is for Heo Jun this time. He is calm and collected, not the frazzled mess he was last time when he arrived late and exhausted. Looks like his time has come. He HAS to pass this time. The dramatic music tells me so. Love it. And watch out Do Ji. Heo Jun is coming. :) 

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