Heo Jun episode 28 Dr Yoo’s Dying Wish

heojun2809Oh this is emotional. First Heo Jun realises that his teacher is ill but vows to find a cure. And then Dr Yoo tells Ye Jin to go and marry Do Ji so that he doesn’t have to worry about her being alone after he’s gone. Ye Jin agrees to accept his dying wish but can’t face saying goodbye to Heo Jun face to face. 

Dr Yoo shouts at Heo Jun for coming to the plague-infested village. It’s dangerous and he could die – Dr Yoo thinks there is more important work for Heo Jun to do in the future and he shouldn’t die here. But Heo Jun insists on staying. Dr Yoo is getting weaker and finally collapses under the strain of work in the village. Heo Jun wonders if there is something else wrong with him apart from just tiredness?


Heo Jun wonders if Dr Yoo is ill

At the palace the ranks for the new recruits are about to be anounced. Depending on performance and exam results, new doctors will work in different places – some will go to work with the royal family, others will go to the welfare hospital – but no one wants to go and help the plebs and Do Ji prepares to quit if he is placed there. Luckily for him he gets a prime job treating the prince and he is ranked 2 places higher than the other recruits. This is great news but his private life is a mess as the messenger returns with the bad news that he couldn’t get his message to Sanum. Do Ji accepts that this is fate. It seems he will have an arranged marriage instead of marrying the woman he loves – Ye Jin.


Do Ji gets promoted and accepts that it’s his fate not to marry Ye Jin

And now for a couple of best scenes. First an emotional scene in Sanum as Heo Jun realises that Dr Yoo is really sick. He breaks down and cries realising that his teacher is terminally ill. :( Dr Yoo sends him out and shows little emotion until later when he’s alone in bed and a tear runs discretely down his face.


Heo Jun is finally told that Dr Yoo is terminally ill

In another emotional scene Dr Yoo tells Ye Jin to go and marry Do Ji – because Do Ji loves her and will look after her – even though he’s a bit of ‘an idiot!’ Dr Yoo has heard she is in love with Heo Jun and would arrange a marriage with him if he weren’t already married. :( Ye Jin thinks about what Dr Yoo has said. She surreptitiously watches Heo Jun as he concentrates on trying to find a cure for Dr Yoo. But she knows that he is married and has to let him go. She decides to do as Dr Yoo says. But she wants to stay until Dr Yoo passes away. However, Dr Yoo wants her to leave asap so he can die without worrying about her – he has been a father to her since her own father passed away. They both cry as they know that this is goodbye.


Ye Jin agrees to go to Hanyang and marry Do Ji 

Ye Jin writes Heo Jun a letter of farewell in tears before she leaves telling him her time with him was the happiest time in her life …


Oh no, don’t tell me, Ye Jin will hike all the way to Hanyang to tell Do Ji that she wants to marry him, but it will be too later because he will already have had his arranged marriage by then. Her life is so sad. (She doesn’t want to marry him anyway, mind. But that fact makes it even worse :(

The scenes with the dying Dr Yoo are SO emotional. This drama is such a tear jerker. (one of the reasons why I love it) And the acting’s great. (another reason to love) 

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