Heo Jun episode 26 Curing The Blind Lady

heojun2609Dolswe, the son of the blind lady, terrorises everyone in the clinic refusing to let any more patients in until Heo Jun has cured his mother. He is so annoying! Heo Jun’s reputation is on the line as word spreads that he is going around prescribing strong medicine willy-nilly which is making patients go blind! So he has to cure her. On the other hand, Do Ji is doing well at the palace as he successfully treats the prince. 

Dolswe, the annoying man whose mother is now blind, screams and shouts demanding that Heo Jun cure his mother – but it was HIS own fault this happened because he didn’t follow Heo Jun’s instructions and gave her too much medicine so it became toxic. But now he is blaming the doctor since he was the one who prescribed the medicine. (Oh he’s SO irritating) Heo Jun blames himself for the overdose – he left Dolswe to look after his mother and assumed that since he was poor, he wouldn’t be able to buy more medicine (but he managed to get some money).


Dolswe demands that Heo Jun cure his blind mother

At the palace Do Ji is sweating profusely whilst treating the prince with acupuncture to rid the child’s body of toxins. It’s a delicate procedure. His bosses come back from their evening out drinking to hear that, horror of horrors, the prince took ill while they were out! They really start stressing out when they hear Do Ji, a rookie, has been sent to sort out the situation. What if something goes wrong? But the next day the king sends compliments to them for doing a good job. Do Ji is told to keep his mouth shut about the fact that he was the one who treated the prince – he promises to do this saying he has no ambition and simply wants to keep a low profile and study hard. (Really, Do Ji? You’re not ambitious? :roll: I think he’s up to something!)


Do Ji treats the prince at the palace

Back in Sanum, Crazy Dolswe is causing a commotion outside the clinic. He’s wielding a sickle and refusing to let any other patients into the clinic until Heo Jun has cured his mother. Word spreads that Heo Jun is giving his patients medicine which is too strong and  patients start refusing to take their medicine. (How quickly a reputation can be made or ruined! Yesterday Heo Jun was a genius doctor today he’s a quack!) Ye Jin refuses to take any nonsense though and tells the patients to drink up or get out. This works and they quickly drink up. 😉 All the patients are acting like kids today.


Dolswe guards the clinic refusing to anyone in! 

Dr Yoo returns. He joins Heo Jun to treat the old lady. The toxins have been removed from her body but she still can’t see. Now Heo Jun starts relying on Dr Yoo to tell him what to do. So Dr Yoo orders him to use acupuncture AND moxibustion to ease the patient’s pain. But Heo Jun notes that using both acupuncture and moxibustion in the same treatment is a NO-NO. Is Dr Yoo testing Heo Jun? What will he do?


Dr Yoo takes a look at the patient

Heo Jun thinks long and hard about what to do, but his patient is in agony and he has to make up his mind. Ye Jin and Oh Gun both encourage him to do as Dr Yoo ordered. But Heo Jun hesitates. Finally he decides to go against his teacher and treat her with acupuncture. And it works. Ye Jin takes off the bandages and, voila, she can see. :) Everyone is overjoyed and all is well. Ye Jin goes to tell Dr Yoo the good news but finds him in his bed coughing up blood! 😕


Heo Jun goes against his teacher’s orders and administers acupuncture instead


This episode is so irritating at the beginning – with the unreasonable Dolswe and his grating voice – and so sad at the end with signs that Dr Yoo is seriously ill. Dr Yoo obviously already knows that he is sick and is looking for someone who can take over from him. But it seems his own son is not that person. 

I like Ye Jin’s strong character and no-nonsense approach when it comes to treating patients: She sternly tells Heo Jun that he has to make his mind up when he dithers over how to treat the blind lady. And she tells the other patients off for not taking their medicine when they start acting like children. But Ye Jin doesn’t seem to be doing that much actual nursing – not when the doctors are around anyway. When Heo Jun treats the old lady, Ye Jin is in the room the whole time but the only thing she does is remove the lady’s eye bandage! Heo Jun does everything else – including feeding the patient medicine. I don’t know, I suppose this is to demonstrate how sincerely he is looking after his patient. But surely Ye Jin could be doing more? 

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