Heo Jun episode 24 Do Ji is Disowned

heojun2408Do Ji is praised and congratulated by everyone, including his father, after passing the state medical exam. But the atmosphere in his home changes when his father discovers that he refused to treat the poor patients on the way to Hanyang because he was afraid of being late for the exam. Oh Do Ji :(

Heo Jun’s mum takes to her bed with worry over Heo Jun who, after failing to take the state medical exam, has been missing for over a month (No mobile phones back then. :(  ).  Do Ji, on the the other hand, is celebrating his success. His mum organises a big  banquet in his honour and she is over the moon when she hears the local magistrate will attend too. Da Hee is hired to cook for the party, but she has to endure gossip from the other workers. (she must already be feeling pretty low as she still doesn’t know where her husband is)


Da Hee is hired to make food for Do Ji’s party

The magistrate arrives and the men (just the men) sit down to eat and drink together. During the meal, news arrives about Heo Jun – revealing that he was the only doctor, (yes, ONLY doctor) to stay in the village and help the poor sick patients when the other doctors refused. Dr Yoo’s expression fades from pleased to troubled. (because this means his own son didn’t stop to help.) Do Ji’s face is a picture too. But Da Hee overhears this news and it cheers her up. (I’m glad because she’s been having a nightmare recently :( )

And now for the best scene of the drama so far …

It’s a very intense scene between Do Ji and his father, Dr Yoo. Do Yoo is so furious he overturns his small table and ink well and the ink goes flying all over Do Ji’s face and clothes. Dr Yoo announces that he regrets teaching his son medicine because he isn’t worthy to be a doctor. And that even though he knew he wasn’t worthy enough to be a doctor, he still taught him because he is his son. So Dr Yoo blames himself. ‘You will never be like Heo Jun‘, he says. (Oh dear – that’s the last thing Do Ji wants to hear :( )  Do Ji storms out clasping his appointment letter which he believes proves he is one of the best doctors in Joseon – and therefore also better than Heo Jun since he DOESN’T have a letter. (If only things were that simple, Do Ji.)


Dr Yoo furiously overturns the table and ink flies everywhere

How quickly things can change. Word spreads around town about Heo Jun and his good deeds and people praise him whilst turning against Do Ji for not helping the sick. Dr Yoo doesn’t want Do Ji to go to Hanyang as he’s not a good enough man. But Do Ji insists that he will go. So Dr Yoo disowns him. In a rage Do Ji disowns his father too and storms off to Hanyang on a horse with his mother behind in a palanquin. (poor men having to carry her to Hanyang!) But it’s a very different mood to when he arrived in Sanum – There’s no pomp and circumstance this time. Do Ji looks sombre as he rides away and his mood doesn’t improve when he bumps into Heo Jun who has just arrived home. Do Ji just glares at him and rides away. (What a baby!)


Do Ji makes a gives a formal farewell to his father but is ignored

Oh Gun announces that he is going to become a doctor and inherit the hospital now that Do Ji has been disowned and has left (even though Oh Gun is completely useless and doesn’t even know how to treat a patient for burns.) Meanwhile, patients start turning up at Heo Jun’s house instead of going to Dr Yoo. But Heo Jun is wary of treating them – perhaps because he still has no official qualifications and Dr Yoo’s clinic is in the same village. But his services are suddenly required when the magistrate gets sick and he is ordered to treat him. And guess what? Dr Yoo has been called to treat the magistrate, too!


patients start arriving at Heo Jun’s modest home


This episode has my favourite scene of the drama so far. The intensity between Dr Yoo and Do Ji is so real. And Dr Yoo’s disappointment and regret are so sad. Dr Yoo quotes a proverb: 비인부전 (非人不傳) meaning that you shouldn’t teach someone who isn’t worthy. 

Do Ji still seems completely ignorant about what his father is trying to tell him. He is obviously just like his mother who is also only concerned about money and status. (What a mismatch Do Ji’s parents are!) Do Ji storming off at the end and going against his father’s wishes is a big deal in Confucian Joseon where filial piety is the most important thing. And to me it’s shocking that Do Ji’s mother sides with Do Ji too, not her husband, and willingly leaves for Hanyang with him. What a mess. But now there is a gap in Dr Yoo’s life and so perhaps perfect timing for Heo Jun to make a reappearance? 




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