Heo Jun episode 21 The Way To Hanyang

heojun2105Heo Jun finally meets his family again after years away studying at the temple. But he soon sets off for Hanyang where he will take the state medical exam. On the way he bumps into the snooty Do Ji and some other doctors at an inn. But when it’s time to leave in the morning, a line of sick people are waiting to see the doctors and beg them to stay…

Back in Sanum Koo Ilsu’s wife gives birth to a girl. There’s great disappointment and tears because it’s only a girl. :(  Heo Jun is back in town and literally bumps into his wife on the path where she is carrying a great load of firewood! (Just to remind us what a hard life his family has had while he’s been away) Several years must have passed because Heo Jun’s son is now a young boy. (wearing a dodgy wig) Heo Jun promises that he won’t let the family down – not after all the hardships they have suffered for him to become a doctor.


Da Hee and Heo Jun are finally reunited

Heo Jun sets off for Hanyang. It’s a long way alone and on foot! He stops to stay the night at an inn which is full of doctors on their way to the exam. So he ends up sharing a room with the doctors’ helpers. And who should be there but Young Dal. (The doctors stay in separate more expensive rooms from the helpers but Heo Jun can’t afford an expensive room. To me the rooms look exactly the same though.)

Just like the other candidates Do Ji stays in his room studying all evening. And the others are impressed to discover he has brought a rare medical book to read. But he refuses to let any of the other doctors look at it – since they are his competitors. This causes a bad atmosphere in their tiny room. 😉 (Do Ji is so stingy.) Heo Jun, on the other hand, notices there are sick people around him and even late in the evening when the others are asleep he helps one of the workers cure his toothache. Then since he is still up, he manages to catch one of the disgruntled doctors trying to steal Do Ji’s precious book. Do Ji grudgingly has to thank him.


Heo Jun shares a room with the doctors’ helpers

Just as things are quieting down, there’s a commotion outside when some desperate people turn up begging for a doctor. It’s late and the doctors have to leave early in the morning, so they all refuse to see the patient. In the end only Heo Jun agrees to go. But when the other doctors in Do Ji’s room hear Heo Jun’s name, they want to go too as they have heard all about the ‘famous Heo Jun’! Do Ji is not amused.


Do Ji refuses to go out to see a patient because he needs to leave early in the morning

They walk a few kilometres to a poor house and treats the old father for liver problems. The other doctors are impressed when Heo Jun prescribes vegetables and herbs that can be found on the mountain since he knows the poor can’t afford to go to the pharmacist. The only payment they have is to offer breakfast after which the doctors try to leave. But by this point word has spread and there are lots more patients waiting outside. Heo Jun can’t bring himself to leave. One of the doctors decides to stay behind to help too.


After treating the patient for free a crowd of patients for Heo Jun in the morning


The stark contrast between Heo Jun and Do Ji is starting to become more pronounced. Do Ji is still not really bad, he just seems to be like any other average doctor. And a bit mean-spirited and petty, perhaps. But not bad. However, he is starting to show potential for becoming, at best, underhanded and sneaky ( like when he refuses to share his book with the others). He sees his profession as a competition where he has to play to win. And who knows how far he will go to make sure that he wins.  


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