Heo Jun episode 20 Poisonous Berries

 heojun2007Do Ji is furious to find Ye Jin working with Heo Jun at the temple and vows to forget about her. But now the rivalry will begin as both men decide to take the upcoming medical state exam. Min Se and his adopted son finally make peace when Min Se nearly dies trying to find a cure for leprosy. 

Heo Jun manages to save Sanghwa and his girlfriend Soo Yeon from the locals in the village who want to beat them for ‘trying to steal their children’. (The people are afraid because they think that lepers eat children). Min Se is looking for them too. He finds another family of lepers instead and save them from their house which is about to be burnt down with them in it. :(


Sanghwa and Soo Yeon get into trouble with locals away from the temple

Min Se returns to the temple with the leper family but realises that Sanghwa has still got a chip on his shoulder. Frustrated that he still isn’t able to cure leprosy even after trying so hard for 10 years, Min Se sits in his room and quietly eats some berries. His lifeless body is discovered later next to what looks like a suicide note.

The note is for Heo Jun explaining that Min Se has found a possible cure for leprosy but since it’s also a poison he is testing it himself! (So basically it’s up to Heo Jun to bring him back to life!) Min Se is very weak but still alive. Luckily Heo Jun keeps treating Min Se until he eventually comes back to life. Sanghwa is moved by his dedication and finally kneels before MIn Se, calling him ‘Father’ and begging for forgiveness.


Min Se collapses after eating poisonous berries

Do Ji arrives looking for Ye Jin. But it’s comical how uncomfortable he looks every time a leper comes near him. He wants to leave with Ye Jin asap, but his nervous reaction to the lepers just emphasises how different he is to Heo Jun and that Ye Jin can’t possibly find him attractive. Of course she refuses to go back with him. Heo Jun happens to walk by at that moment! (bad timing) Do Ji didn’t know Heo Jun was at the temple and he flies into a jealous rage. He storms away  swearing to get Ye Jin out of his mind, sure that she only wants to stay because of Heo Jun. He staggers home drunk and cries in front of his mother who blames Ye Jin for hurting him! (When is that woman going to start taking ANY responsibility herself?!)


Do Ji is depressed after getting rejected again by Ye Jin

The rivalry between Heo Jun and Do Ji will soon start to hot up as both men hear about the upcoming medical state exam and decide to enter. Heo Jun studies with Min Se and Do Ji studies with his father Dr Yoo. Min Se sends Heo Jun to take the test because he wants him to enter the royal hospital and improve his skills so that he can find a cure for leprosy. When Heo Jun tells Ye Jin that he is leaving the temple to take the exam, she tries to hide her dismay that he is leaving. But she is also genuinely pleased for him. He thanks her for all her help. That is all that is said, but there’s seems to be a lot more that is unsaid. It’s complicated. 😕


Ye Jin works alongside Heo Jun until he tells her he is leaving


Ye Jin’s feelings for Heo Jun I think are still a little unclear. She obviously admires and respects him. But she also knows that he’s married with a family. She seems to have an unconditional love for him wanting him to do well and become a great doctor. But at the same time she is a bit too perfect. She is selfless and has no flaws. Heo Jun appears to have feelings for her too, but maybe they are just feelings of gratitude at the moment since she has helped him so much. Poor Do Ji doesn’t stand a chance though in this love triangle. Looks like Ye Jin would rather admire Heo Jun from a distance than marry a lesser man like Do Ji. :(  

From a feminist point of view it’s depressing that Ye Jin who was once a lot more knowledgeable than Heo Jun is now his assistant – since she is a woman. And there is no way she could take the state medical exam (even though Dae Jang Geum lived many years before her nothing has changed) 



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