Heo Jun episode 17 Sex Change

heojun1712Heo Jun realises that he should have followed his instincts and NEVER got involved with the dodgy Busanpo. He ends up getting arrested and beaten for ‘pretending to be a doctor’. Dr Yoo gets dragged into the mess too and has to beg the officials to pardon Heo Jun. After a hard stint in an iron mine Heo June sees the error of his ways and is ready to beg Dr Yoo for forgiveness …

Heo Jun reluctantly goes with Busanpo to a yangban’s family home. The daughter-in-law is pregnant but the family is desperate for a BOY. Busanpo has a plan. He gets Heo Jun to check the mother first to find out if she is expecting a boy or girl. According to the mother’s pulse, Heo Jun believes she is expecting a BOY but Busanpo tells the family it’s a GIRL. The family is disappointed – they’ve been longing for a child for so long and now all they have is a useless girl. 😕  BUT WAIT, Busanpo tells them that all is not lost because the amazing Dr Heo Jun can change the girl into a boy. The family is over the moon and throw lots of money at Busanpo. Busanpo gives Heo Jun a TINY bit of the money but doesn’t tell him why the family gave them money.


Busanpo scams the yangban family and gives Heo Jun a tiny part of the money

So at first Heo Jun doesn’t know what Busanpo told the family and he continues to treat the lady as he would any pregnant lady. But when he realises the scam that Busanpo created, he wants to quit. Just as he is about to walk out, guards arrive to arrest the ‘doctors’.

Busanpo hastily pleads innocence and blames Heo Jun – since he is the real doctor. And Busanpo was only ‘assisting’! (Now I remember what a total git Busanpo is!) They are both beaten. But in the middle of the punishment Dr Yoo arrives to treat an official there and sees Heo Jun getting punished. Dr Yoo is shocked and upset and apologises for his ex-students’ behaviour. He asks to be punished instead. He also sticks up for Heo Jun saying he would never knowingly deceive anyone.


Heo Jun and Busanpo get arrested and Dr Yoo begs the officials to forgive Heo Jun

Heo Jun gets out of the prison probably thanks to Dr Yoo. Now he decides to go and work in the iron mine in Mayoundong to make some money. But it is dangerous work. He works as hard as he can trying to forget about the past but he still can’t resist helping his co-workers when they are sick.  He cures another worker’s cough by making a drink made from mountain herbs.

Meanwhile, Yang Tae is very loyal and keeps looking after Da Hee and the family and brings them rice. Da Hee is worried about Heo Jun since she doesn’t know where he is. She persuades Yang Tae to tell her and she goes to see him.


Da Hee visits Heo Jun at the mine and is glad to see him being a doctor again

Calamity strikes and the mine collapses. But here is an opportunity for Heo Jun to use his skills again and he leaps into action. Da Hee arrives and is relieved and happy to see him working as a doctor. Heo Jun has had time to think and finally agrees to return to Sanum and beg forgiveness from Dr Yoo. He arrives at the hospital much to everyone’s shock and begs Dr Yoo for forgiveness on his knees.


Busanpo is such a snake. He even manages to put the blame on Heo Jun when they get caught even though Heo Jun didn’t even know what was going on. It just shows that Heo Jun may be smart but he is not street smart. Not here anyway, which is ironic since he was very street smart in his hometown as a smuggler. But in his defence he knew in his heart that Busanpo was bad news but he wanted to trust him since he was desperate. 

I still think Dr Yoo is being hard on Heo Jun even though he stands up for him when he gets arrested. I have a bad feeling that he is still not ready to forgive him though. 


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