Heo Jun 29 episode 29 Do Ji Gets Married

heojun2911Ye Jin finally makes it to Hanyang to find Do Ji. But it’s his wedding day. Meanwhile, Dr Yoo says goodbye to his clinic before heading up to the mountain. Everyone wonders why he’s acting so strange. 

Heo Jun takes the remaining herb gatherers up into the mountain to look for medicine for Dr Yoo. Finally Heo Jun finds ginseng and he’s over the moon. But ginseng can fetch lots of money and the temptation is too great for one of his dodgy workers – during the night Youngdal steals the ginseng. In the morning Heo Jun is fuming when he finds out what’s happened. But on the way back down the mountain he finds Youngdal beaten and robbed by other herb gatherers. So the ginseng is gone. Heo Jun beats him up more and refuses to treat his broken leg leaving him on the mountain to get eaten by the wild animals! (This guy is really annoying but that is a bit harsh, isn’t it, Heo Jun?) 


Heo Jun finds ginseng which is then stolen by one of his workers!

Ye Jin reaches Hanyang and waits outside the palace for Do Ji to finish work but it turns dark and there’s still no sign of him. Another official (played by Im Ho who played the king in Dae Jang Geum) sees her as he walks past and looks at her curiously…

Back in Sanum Heo Jun is given Ye Jin’s farewell letter and her father’s acupuncture needles that she has left for him. He seems taken aback and upset that Ye Jin has gone to marry Do Ji. Da Hee notices his reaction too…


Ye Jin leaves Sanum leaving Heo Jun a farewell note and her father’s acupuncture set

Ye Jin finally gives up waiting and goes to an inn for the night. Do Ji’s mum has heard that she is in town and gives her servant a bunch of money and instructs him to do whatever it takes to keep Ye Jin away from her son until the wedding is over the next day. He organises a kind of kidnapping (duh!) but it goes wrong (surprise, surprise) and Ye Jin is ‘saved’ by the nobleman who saw her earlier. She stays at his home and he promises to find the doctor she is looking for.


The servant is instructed to keep Ye Jin away from the wedding. But Sir Lee thinks he knows the doctor Ye Jin is looking for

The nobleman manages to find out where Do Ji lives and his servant leads her to the house. But when she gets there she sees Do Ji arriving on a horse with a palanquin next to him and her face falls. She realises immediately that he is GETTING MARRIED. (She didn’t see that one coming.)

Later she sits alone in the snow thinking back to Dr Yoo’s words (but perhaps she is just sad that she couldn’t fulfil his dying wish. Since she doesn’t actually love Do Ji. But on a more practical note – what’s she going to do now?) At work Sir Lee, the nobleman, asks Do Ji if he met Ye Jin. Oh dear. Do Ji rushes off to find her leaving his bride to wonder what’s going on.


Ye Jin sees Do Ji and his new bride arrive at his home

Sanghwa starts working at the clinic. His leprosy has cleared up and he wants to study medicine. Dr Yoo is suddenly very interested in talking about dissecting human bodies! Then he suddenly decides to go and visit his parents’ grave, so Sanghwa is sent to look after him. But he doesn’t go to the grave, he goes to a cave and sends Sanghwa back to the clinic to bring Heo Jun and Min Se later….


Dr Yoo talks of dissecting human bodies before heading off to a cave


Dr Yoo clearly knows he is about to die and he says goodbye to his clinic but he doesn’t seem to have sent any note to his family to say that he is sick. He worries about his son but he never mentions his wife. And it seems that although father and son are very different, Do Ji is going to have a loveless marriage just like his father. But he jumped into this arranged marriage because of his ambition so I have no sympathy for him here. 

But who is this new nobleman on the scene? Husband material for Ye Jin? 

Dr Yoo reflects on his own difficult character and the fact that he has no interest in people who are below par. But he has certainly employed several people like that who have behaved appallingly. The first worker threatened Dr Yoo with a knife before leaving the clinic to set up as a quack conning people out of money. The second worker stole the patients records so that he could also pretend to be a doctor and make money. And the third one now steals the ginseng that is meant for Dr Yoo’s medicine. Great staff :(

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