Heojun Revisited


Jun Kwang-ryul as Heojun (MBC 2000) 

Last month I watched Mandate of Heaven (KBS 2013) which portrays the plot to kill Crown Prince Yi Ho who went on to become King Injong. (1544-1545). The next king in the Joseon period was his half-brother King Myeongjong. However, Myeongjeong (r.1545-1567) was too young to rule at first so his mother Queen Munjeong became Regent (and I’ve covered lots about her in recent posts including how Queen Munjeong was portrayed in Mandate of Heaven). King Myeongjeong did eventually rule himself but I haven’t found any dramas yet about his reign. So moving on to King Seonjo (r.1567-1608) we come to my all-time favourte sageuk drama…. Heojun (MBC 2000) starring Jun Kwang-ryul as the famous Joseon doctor Heojun. There was a recent remake of Heojun’s story this year but I plan to watch the 2000 version directed by Lee Byung Hoon. (BTW He also directed other huge hits including Dae Jang Geum (MBC 2004) Yi San (MBC 2008), Dong Yi (MBC 2010), Horse Doctor (MBC 2013), Merchant (Sangdo MBC 2002).

I want to watch Heojun again since it’s been several years since I watched it the first time. And it was also one of the first sageuks I watched so I’m interested to see if and how I see it differently the second time around. Will it still be my favourite? BUT it IS 64 episodes!! My plan was to try and get through one sageuk a month but this is going to be a marathon event and will probably take longer. On the other hand, I remember the last time I watched it each episode always ended on a cliff-hanger so I had to keep watching ….FOR HOURS and HOURS. There was no time for stuff like work or sleep. Can I really put myself through all this again?

Yes I can. 😉

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