Heo Jun episode 9 The Mountain Doctor

heojun0912Do Ji begins to get more and more jealous of Heo Jun who is obviously intelligent and more importantly has managed to get Ye Jin’s attention. Do Ji is looking for any opportunity to scold or demote him. But what seems like a step back  always ends up being a plus for Heo Jun. Getting demoted to water carrier again gives Heo Jun the opportunity to meet a doctor in the mountain who could teach him a lot about medicine… 

Do Ji’s mum overheard him telling Ye Jin that he wants to marry her and Mum is not happy about it. Sneakily she offers to get the matchmaker to find Da Hee a decent husband – right after she finds a wife for Do Ji! (This is her not-so-subtle way of saying there is NO WAY she will allow her precious son to marry Ye Jin – the orphaned child of a once famous doctor. Mum is aiming much higher than that and thinks her boy will be quite a catch for any yangban lady once he becomes a royal doctor. Don’t hold your breath for that, though!) But his father tells Do Ji that if he wants to marry Ye Jin, he will accept this. Mum is fuming!


Do Ji asks Ye Jin to marry him but his mum doesn’t think Ye Jin is good enough for him

Ye Jin knows his mum disapproves of her and refuses Do Ji’s proposal pointing out that they have grown up as brother and sister. Do Ji insists he will wait until she changes her mind. (But I can’t tell if she really has feelings for him or just sees him as a brother.) Later Do Ji watches jealously as Ye Jin smiles at Heo Jun. She’s helping him a lot with his studies too. Raging with jealousy he scolds Heo Jun at the first opportunity for not bringing back as many herbs as the other workers. But this backfires when Dr Yoo sees the herbs and praises Heo Jun for the delicate way he has dug them up. He orders the others to do the same.

heojun0902heojun0903Heo Jun works well at the clinic and learns a lot with Ye Jin’s help

Heo Jun’s family move into their new house and Da Hee is supportive of Heo Jun’s dream and tells him to become the best doctor in the land! He studies by himself and goes up into the mountain studying herbs where he bumps into Yang Tae and Koo Ilsu. They are out hunting but have seen a strange and scary sight – a wild animal with its stomach sliced open and its insides ripped out. 😮

Then they see a strange man just about to slice open a deer but he runs off when they disturb him. Heo Jun and Koo Ilsu chase him (Yang Tae runs away in fear!) Heo Jun finds a hut in the mountain with knives and carcasses hanging in it. He also finds a medical book and guesses that this man is a doctor, but the man refuses to tell Heo Jun why he is going around cutting up dead animals.


Heo Jun finds the doctor’s hut in the mountain full of knives and carcasses

Heo Jun shows the other workers up when he knows more about the healing effects of the herbs than they do. Things are going well for him until a patient tries to bribe him to let him jump the queue. Of course Heo Jun refuses to take the money and the patient causes a commotion. Do Ji turns up and happily misunderstands the situation – he assumes that Heo Jun accepted the money and demotes him to water carrier again! When Ye Jin tries to step in he shouts at her too for siding with Heo Jun.


Heo Jun gets accused of stealing money from patients

Meanwhile Da Hee has no choice but to start working at the clinic too under Dr Yoo’s wife who tells her that if she is rude again Heo Jun will be fired! Dae Hee watches in pain as her husband gets shouted at in front of everyone! Later Heo Jun drinks away his sorrows but lies to Da Hee telling her that he was out celebrating with Do Ji.

To rub his nose in it even more, Do Ji invites all the workers out to the gisaeng house for drinks leaving Heo Jun to clean up the bloody clothes and collect water alone.


Heo Jun begs the mountain doctor to accept him as a student

But still desperate to learn, Heo Jun goes looking for the doctor and finds him meditating in the mountain. The doctor marches off in a mood when Heo Jun turns up and disturbs him but Heo Jun follows him begging him to teach him medicine.  Heo Jun REFUSES to give up and kneels outside in the cold in the mountain until the doctor finally accepts him as a student. :)


I’m still confused about Ye Jin’s feelings towards Do Ji. Since they have grown up as brother and sister it probably would be a bit weird for them to get married? Do Ji is not very impressive though at the moment and he’s showing his weak character by being keen to punish Heo Jun at any opportunity. He doesn’t try to find out what really happened when Heo Jun is accused of stealing money. He lets his heart rule his head and is only too pleased to demote him. I don’t think this is the kind of man that Ye Jin can respect or want to marry! 

I’m feeling (a bit) sorry for Da Hee too as she starts work at the clinic and has to do all the dirty work. But then again (call me cold but) she should have thought more about all this before she married Heo Jun, shouldn’t she?  



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