Heo Jun episode 16 The Drunk

heojun1615Heo Jun is really getting on my nerves in this episode. He’s sitting around drinking and feeling sorry for himself while his wife and mother go hungry and have to beg for work. Duh! …

Heo Jun arrives at the yangban’s house ready to ask for another letter of recommendation. Everyone is pleased to see him but the ex-prime minister is away on business and there is no way Heo Jun can meet him. So there’s not letter for him! He turns to drink and gets into fights when he’s unable to pay for his drink or gambling debts. ( I have little sympathy here though – Pull yourself together. You have a child.)


Heo Jun goes to ask for another recommendation letter while his wife begs for work

He feels even more miserable when he sees Do Ji in all his finery riding past on a horse through the village – off to treat high class patients. Heo Jun looks like a beggar in comparison and he hides from the entourage ashamed.

The monk sees him though and tries to explain to him WHY Dr Yoo was so mad with him since Heo Jun still doesn’t understand. (I’m a bit confused myself) He says that Dr Yoo believes that if a doctor saves a patient, a patient also saves the doctor. (So does he mean that he should’t expect any reward from a patient he helps? I’m still confused.)heojun1606heojun1607

Heo Jun hides when he sees Do Ji but the monk tries to explain things to him

Word spreads about Heo Jun’s dire straits and drinking. Ye Jin is concerned too. She decides to sell her precious accessories and rings (which belonged to her mother) to help Heo Jun’s family. She buys rice for the family and has it delivered secretly in the night. But Dr Yoo’s wife hears about this and demands to know why she did this: Is she in love with him? Dr Yoo and Do Ji turn up right at that moment and overhear the conversation. Oops! Do Ji thinks she is in love with Heo Jun too and wants her to pull herself together!


Ye Jin sells things to buy rice for Heo Jun’s family much to Do Ji’s dismay

Koo Ilsu’s wife announces that she is pregnant. (She has been making her husband drink all kinds of potions to help them have a child) Koo Ilsu is delighted and also has some tricks to make sure the child is a boy – such as secretly hiding an axe under his wife’s pillow while she’s asleep. But she wakes up screaming.

Determined to have a boy they go to see a doctor. But the ‘doctor’ is Busanpo! (the useless guy who attacked Dr Yoo wanting his ‘secret book’ and then left the clinic.) Busanpo is interested to hear that Heo Jun has left the clinic too and he goes to find him to offer him work. He suggests that with his business flair and Heo Jun’s medical skills they can make a lot of money. But he’s not actually treating the sick, he is offering ways for pregnant women to make sure they have boys. (Is this even possible?) Heo Jun doesn’t look keen and he refuses the offer at first. But his family is starving and in the end he seems to have no other choice but to accept…


Koo Ilsu gets beaten by his wife in the night when he tries to hide an axe under her pillow! They decide to see a doctor to make them have a son but the doctor is Busanpo who then offers Heo Jun a job


I have a bad feeling about this new ‘job’. Busanpo has no morals and has been pretending to be a doctor, so surely things can’t go well. I’m glad to see that Heo Jun is finally thinking of his family though, because I couldn’t take much more of his wallowing in self-pity. :(  I still think that Dr Yoo and co are being too harsh. Yes, Heo Jun made a mistake but telling Ye Jin off for trying to help them when the family is starving seems a bit much. The least they could do is give him some food to feed his family. 

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