Heo Jun episode 14 A Miraculous Recovery

heojun1403At the beginning of the episode Heo Jun is in prison and things are looking bleak when another doctor tells the family there is nothing he can do for the patient. Looks like Heo Jun is going to be severely punished. But he won’t give up and begs the family to let him treat the noble lady. Finally they agree and by the time Do Ji arrives to ‘take over’, the patient is recovering. :) 

When Heo Jun’s patient deteriorates, her husband has Heo Jun dragged away and put in their ‘home prison’ ( How can yangban be allowed to do this? They are not police!) But Heo Jun is NOT worried about being punished, he is worried that if he can’t give the patient medicine she will die. He begs the yangban to let him treat her, but he refuses. Instead he sends his men to get Dr Yoo to come and treat her.

The yangban’s men turn up and search Dr Yoo’s premises (like gangsters!) but Dr Yoo has gone to the temple so they drag a scared-looking Do Ji away with them instead. Da Hee and Mum hear this and are worried about what will happen to Heo Jun. The hospital is in chaos too as now there are no doctors to help the sick – the workers can’t do anything even though they have been there for years!


Ye Jin can’t help Heo Jun when he gets locked in the cell

Ye Jin tries to help Heo Jun but the yangban won’t listen to her either. Another doctor comes and tells them that there is nothing he can do for the patient. Heo Jun will be severely punished but in the morning he has disappeared from his cell! Everyone thinks that he has run away and a search party is sent after her. But of course he hasn’t run away and suddenly he rocks up carrying water – he had to get it at a certain time of the morning and explains that there are 33 different kinds of water and a doctor needs to know which one he needs to make the proper medicine. :) They are impressed with his zeal and he begins treatment again with sweat pouring down his face …


Heo Jun escapes from prison, goes to draw water and begs to be allowed to treat the patient

Do Ji arrives at the yangban’s house and apologises profusely for Heo Jun’s lack of skills. But what he doesn’t realise is that the treatment has worked! The patient has recovered. 😉 Everyone watches in shock as the patient even gets up and walks! No one can believe it – a minute ago she was on her death bed. The only one NOT pleased is Do Ji and he marches off in a mood also aware that this is only going to make Heo Jun more attractive to Ye Jin!


Do Ji arrives to ‘save the day’ but is miffed when Heo Jun has already done it

The yangban wants to reward Heo Jun for his efforts and offers to build him a HOUSE! But Heo Jun TURNS him DOWN saying the silk cloth he has been given is enough. (What? Come on, Heo Jun, think about your family. :roll: ) The yangban are surprised but impressed with his strong character. But Oh Gun can’t understand him – he should accept the gift. (adding that if Heo Jun doesn’t want to keep the gift he could give it to him!)

Heo Jun thanks Ye Jin for her support and she says now she knows why Da Hee came so far to find him. They gaze into each other’s eyes….


A celebration is held in Heo Jun’s honour

The yangban is determined to do something else for Heo Jun so when he hears that he wants to take the state medical exam he offers to write him a letter of recommendation as he knows the head of the royal hospital. Heo Jun still doesn’t look keen on this. Oh Gun asks for a letter too but is told NO! Heo Jun thinks about the yangban’s offer – passing the state medical exam is the only way for him to get out of the low class and become a nobleman. He thinks about his family and accepts the letter before he leaves.

Do Ji is mad at his father for sending Heo Jun instead of him. He doesn’t realise that it’s his lack of sympathy for patients that means his father can’t trust him. Heo Jun returns triumphantly to find his wife praying out in the cold for his safe return. There is a happy reunion.


Heo Jun hides the letter of recommendation from Oh Gun while his wife still prays for his safe return


Ye Jin’s feelings have clearly been growing for Heo Jun but here we see the first signs of feelings starting to develop on his side too as he thanks her for all her help. Oh it gets so complicated. :( 

In the last episode I spent a lot of time shouting at the yangban to just let Heo Jun get on with it and stop interfering. This episode was satisfying to watch as Heo Jun silences all the doubters when his patient recovers. (even if it’s not completely realistic that she would make a full recovery) I liked the bit where Do Ji apologises to the yangban for Heo Jun’s lack of skills and then gets told that actually they are very happy with his work! His face! Oh Do Ji, it’s not Heo Jun who is embarrassing you. You are embarrassing yourself! 



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