June 2013


Around the end of June we can look forward to the start of the rainy season (called 장마 chang-ma) which goes on into July. I have to do quite a lot of walking from class to class so I might have to invest in some nice big wellington boots – which are in fashion too!

We have one national holiday in Korea this month on Thursday June 6 which is Memorial Day 현충일 (顯忠日 hyeonchung-il). A service is held on this day in Seoul National cemetery to honour the men and women who died in military service and in battles including the Korean war. Last year on this day we went for a walk around Bukaksan, the mountain behind the Blue House (the president’s residence) which has also had its share of drama – in 1968 a group of North Korean commandos climbed over the mountain on a mission to assassinate the South Korean president, Park Chung-hee. The attempt was bold but unsuccessful and there’s a tree on the mountain with bullet holes from the incident. Read more about this here.


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