Horse Doctor Episode 49

Picture 5So we come to the final test before we can wrap things up in Horse Doctor! The king is going to die if someone doesn’t think of something quick. It’s not hard to guess that Kwanghyun will have to perform another difficult operation. But it will probably be the last bloody operation we get to see in this drama, so let’s enjoy it! 

The medical team discovers that the king has an intestinal ulcer which could be fatal. Kwanghyun explains to the queen mother that the symptoms appear suddenly and if the intestine bursts it can kill the patient within days 😮  When the queen mother hears what’s wrong with him she is devastated because other members of the family have died of the same thing. But Kwanghyun thinks he can treat the king.


Kwanghyun prepares to treat the king

Royal guards and military soldiers are sent out around court and to the hospital (I suppose this is because if anything goes wrong, someone will have to pay and they don’t want people trying to escape their responsibility)

Kwanghyun continues to treat the king with acupuncture and moxibustion. But then he notices that the king’s condition is worse than he thought – the naval area is infected which means that the infection has spread through the king’s body quickly. The doctors believe there is nothing they can do to save him now. The princess arrives to find royal staff weeping outside the king’s chamber …

The queen mother is told that NOTHING can be done now and she collapses in shock.

But Kwanghyun thinks he can do an  abdominal operation on the intestine.Well, we’ve seen Kwanghyun in similar situations many times before and we get the same reactions: Kwanghyun wants to do the operation. Word spreads about his intention and people think he’s crazy ….


All the other doctors are against it. YOU CAN’T CUT OPEN THE KING. Kwanghyun could get arrested for treason just for suggesting this ….


Sungha tries to persuade Jinyung not to take part in the op because it’s too dangerous.


Jabong and Kibae pace up and down worrying that something might go wrong…etc. etc.

If the king doesn’t survive, then the doctors and nurses involved will have to pay. So of course most of the medical staff pack up and leave the hospital. Only Kwanghyun’s faithful team remain to support him.


Team Kwanghyun stay to try to save the king

He begins the operation cutting open the abdomen area – blood spurts everywhere. 😮 He has to get into the intestine and find the holes. But it’s taking too long. The intestine is long and the tools he’s using make it hard to feel anything. So Dr Saam tells him to use his hands. So Kwanghyun thrown his hands into the king’s abdomen! He feels his way through the intestine which is like a long soggy sausage!

Still it’s taking time. It looks like the operation will not be a success until Daemang mentions the idea of pouring water through the body. Dr Saam overhears this and thinks it’s a great idea- the water will leak out of the intestine and they will be able to find the holes. (I like that Deamang finally has a good idea relating to medicine! :)


Daemang has an idea

They pour water down the king’s throat through a pipe and Kwanghyun continues to search through the intestine.

Picture 5Picture 3

Team Kwanghyun struggle to save the king

But the high official is not happy about the situation and when he hears that Kwanghyun is struggling he wastes no time in going to see the queen. Since the queen mother is incapacitated, he asks the queen to let him stop the operation – Kwanghyun is killing the king and should be arrested!

So royal guards hurry over to the operating room. They push past the head of the hospital and storm into the room. Kwanghyun is in the middle of the operation but he is dragged away from the king. Jinyung steps in to take over and throws her hands into the king’s abdomen instead! Suddenly she finds the offending part of intestine and Kwanghyun is released. (Phew! That was good timing.) Kwanghyun completes the operation and the king is stitched up and all is well! (The prime minister’s gob-smacked reaction when he sees the state of the king on the operating table is funny – he’s not a doctor after all 😉 )


The high official wants to stop the operation

There are mixed reactions to the successful operation.

😀 First there’s happiness – of course everyone is pleased that the king has survived.      But then there’s regret – Myunghwan’s old cronies regret running away from the hospital – they should have stayed to share the glory. Now others will be promoted instead of them! :( There’s also sheepishness – The high official looks sheepish, since he was the one that tried to drag Kwanghyun away from the king and now he has saved his life! He looks very awkward when the queen mother thanks Kwanghyun in tears. 😕 We also see some relief and pride – Daemang’s mum is expecting a high promotion for her baby! And she holds a celebration at the restaurant! But there’s also some disappointment – Kibae realises that even though Kwanghyun saved the king’s life, he can’t become the royal physician as he hasn’t passed the government’s medical exam.

The king recovers well. And asks Kwanghyun what to do about his name – surely he should be called Dr Kang now. But Kwanghun wants to keep his name as it is – since his surname was given to him by his adoptive father and his first name was given to him by his biological father. :)

Picture 7Picture 9Picture 6

A reward ceremony is announced for all those that took part in saving the king’s life. The doctors get promoted but it seems that Kwanghyun will not be able to become the Royal Physician.

But when his name is announced, Kwanghyun IS given the title of royal physician –  but much to his surprise.

Picture 11



So finally Kwanghyun is named the Royal Physician! :) It’s fun seeing all the different reactions in the crowd when the doctors and nurses are getting their rewards! It’s clear that not everyone is pleased. And how the tables have turned – Kwanghyun and his loyal followers were once at the bottom of the pile but now they are at the top 😀 

I didn’t really understand the high official’s thinking though. I mean, the king was going to die anyway if he didn’t have the operation. So what good would storming in and stopping the operation do? Crazy but dramatic, I suppose. And when Jinyung stepped in and started taking over rummaging around through the king’s intestine …. well I had to smile! 

Anyway, the next episode is the finale. So can we expect a wedding?? 

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