Calligraphy class: now we have to practise 16 Chinese characters



When I arrived at the Seoul Art Centre for my calligraphy class this afternoon, I walked right into the International sculpture festa which is on this month. I love the atmosphere there.Seoul-art_centre


seoul art centreseoul_art-centre4

So we haven’t had a calligraphy class for two weeks, because last week, May 1, was Labour Day. With TWO whole weeks to practise the new 8 Chinese characters, I imagined that my work would be TWICE as good as usual this time. 😉

BUT as today’s class approached, I realised something very important about myself: IF I DON’T HAVE CLASS, I DON’T PRACTISE :( I hardly did anything in the first week because I KNEW we had no class. Then I started again in the second week. So in the end I only did one week’s worth of practice spread over two weeks!

So why does having a weekly class force me to practise?  I think there are two reasons. The first reason is the pace of the class. We are given 8 new characters to work on every week so if we don’t keep up we will fall behind. And the other reason is that we have to put our work up on the wall every week to get feedback from the teacher. Even though the teacher is very gentle with his feedback (and very positive) it seems that the simple fact of knowing that I have to put my work up on the wall is enough incentive to make me practise at home! There’s even more incentive now as this week we were given 16 characters to master! And I thought 8 characters a week was a lot. 😮


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