What Happened in Bali Local Mountain Houses


In my last post I shared some of my pictures from the pleasant pink lantern wall walk I enjoy on the way to my calligraphy class. :) But this weekend I was hit by the harsh reality of life when we went for a walk up on our local mountain. :(

I think this picture below sums up the situation. In the background is a newly constructed apartment complex. In the foreground is a mountain house covered in blue graffiti, which means it will soon be demolished. We first came here back in 2010 and over the last 3 years a lot of construction work has been going on. And that’s ok for people who have enough money to move into an apartment…

Read more about the mountain housing here.


 This area used to be a community of small houses like the one below in the bottom left corner. But now this house is the only one left. The red graffiti means it too will soon be demolished. :( 

Seoul housing

So what’s been sprayed in red paint all over this house? (BTW Some of the words are written horizontally and some vertically)


철거 (cheol-ko) means demolish

금지 (kum-ji)  means prohibited

나가 (na-ga) means “get out!”


So essentially the message is for the people who are still living in the house to hurry up and get out because the house is going to be demolished.


귀신 (gui-shin) is written on this wall below. I don’t know why, but it means ‘ghost”.



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