What did you do at the weekend? I went looking for places that have now closed down!

view of Seoul from Namsan

There’s probably not a corner of Seoul where you can’t hear the banging of construction work going on nearby. Old buildings get knocked down all the time and often new apartment complexes get built in their place. (I’ve written lots on construction in Seoul here) But shops and restaurants struggle to survive too or perhaps they don’t like their location and just move somewhere else…Or they are faced with some sort of disaster: One of our favourite restaurants burnt down last February.

Anyway, last weekend we decided to go to Dr Fish (cafe and fish foot bath 😉 ) in Shinchon in Seoul. There are several of these cafes around Seoul apparently. But we hadn’t been to any of them before, so searched for some information about them on several different blogs on Naver… HOWEVER, when we got to the supposed location in Shinchon, the cafe / fish bath shop was no longer there. It was gone. So no fish bath for us. :(

And then as we were strolling around lost for something to do, we also noticed that the dak bulgogi BBQ chicken restaurant that we went to last September, has GONE TOO. Sigh. Six months is clearly a LONG time in Seoul! And so obviously the lesson is – call up before you go anywhere. Duh!

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