Horse Doctor Episode 39

I was dreading watching this episode – lots of blood and Kwanghyun on the verge of disaster again! We’ve had the prediction (from Choi) that the operation on the prince is not going to go well and sure enough the wound won’t stop bleeding. Of course Myunghwan is waiting in the background prepared to do ANYTHING to make sure that Kwanghyun fails to save the prince. He’s so desperate he even calls for the help of the ‘crazy man’ Choi…

Kwanghyun is panicking in the operating room as he can do nothing to stop the bleeding wound of his patient, the prince. The atmosphere is tense as he tries all different kinds of herbs. But as Choi also predicted, nothing works. Only acupuncture will do the trick and Choi is sure that even if Kwanghyun is aware of the acupuncture treatment, he won’t have the skills to do it as it’s such a difficult procedure. The king has been told that the operation was a success but now Lord Jung seems to enjoy telling the royal family that there is a problem and the prince is in danger.

The royal family is told that the operation on the crown prince has hit a problem

But Choi has underestimated Kwanghyun who remembers an acupuncture treatment that could work – Dr Saam’s own technique. But it’s a very hard technique and could be dangerous. It’s also difficult for Kwanghyun to carry out the procedure as he is in pain himself. Everyone waits anxiously to see if he can do it. Even Myunghwan appears in the doorway to watch.

There’s an intense atmosphere. Is this really possible? Can he stop the blood with acupuncture? Of course he CAN! 😉 The procedure is successful and finally the bleeding stops. (What a relief! I couldn’t stand looking at that bloody wound for much longer! :( ) Myunghwan’s face is a picture when he realises that Kwanghyun’s done it!

Kwanghyun struggles with pain as he tries to treat the prince

But as soon as he’s finished, Kwanghyun collapses with pain and exhaustion. He has to be carried piggy-back to hospital and operated on ASAP. Taeju gets ready to do the operation. Meanwhile, Choi comes to take a look around court, but is surprised that everyone there is still so calm. He must have been expecting chaos by now and for the prince to be in critical condition or worse …

Taeju is ready to do the operation but at the last minute he backs out. (What? The confident Taeju is too nervous to do the op? What’s going on?) So Jinyung steps in and does the operation in his place!

Kwanghyun is carried to the hospital

Eunso visits the princess to chat about the success of the operation while their servants wait outside. Is Guard Ma flirting with Eunso’s lady-in-waiting? They smile and giggle at each other much to Lady Kwak’s discomfort! But the other ‘love triangle’ over at the restaurant between Kibae, the chef and Daebang’s mum is not going well either as she is still annoyed at being second to Kwanghyun! (You’d think she could have been a little pleased when he came back from the dead! And I wish Jabong would stop eating like that. 😮 )

Dr Saam visits Choi and demands to know why he’s come back to Joseon. Choi admits that it’s because of HIM (his ex-teacher). Choi wants to see him and his new student fail. And he has the precious medical book which has the ‘secret’ to curing the prince’s illness. So Choi is an ex-student who Dr Saam ‘fired’ because he was not fit to be a doctor as he didn’t care about his patients (no wonder gets along with Myunghwan! Birds of a feather…)

Dr Saam pays a visit to Choi 

Kwanghyun recovers and gets back to treating the prince. He makes the prince a brine bath so that the salts and herbs will act as an antibiotic and help him recover. But Choi predicts that Kwanghyun will reach a point where he doesn’t know what to do with the prince because his condition is so serious – the wound is very deep.

As predicted, the prince seems to be getting better except he has chest problems – maybe he still has an infection. Kwanghyun tries another prescription. Meanwhile Sungha worriedly comes to the hospital to see how things are going and Kayong suddenly turns all girly when she sees him and tries her best to be feminine and speak politely 😀

Kwanghyun recovers after his operation

After this treatment the prince develops a fever. And Kwanghyun is running out of ideas to treat him. Then over at the hospital he looks over the herbs and has an idea. But although the prescription he wants to use is a good antibiotic, it’s also dangerous. He hesitates to use it. But then he looks at the ash left after heating the medicines. And he has another idea…

The mystery man Choi finally arrives at court to meet the king

Kwanghyun seems confident this time but will he have enough time to carry out the treatment as Myunghwan has already been to see the queen mother and has promised her on HIS LIFE that he can cure the prince? He must really be desperate now as he puts his trust in a ‘doctor’ he doesn’t know – because it’s not Myunghwan who is going to cure the prince: It is Choi! And Choi arrives at the palace looking very pleased with himself as he prepares to meet the king.

Choi has something against Dr Saam and now is ready for revenge


So it’s the disgruntled ex-student of Dr Saam who has come back to cause problems. And Myunghwan really must be desperate right now to allow a ‘doctor’ he knows NOTHING about to help him cure the crown prince of Joseon! This must be the final step before Myunghwan’s downfall, surely?

I feel bad for Sungha though because when his father is disgraced, the whole family name will be disgraced too – and that includes Sungha who has been good as gold all the way through. Aigoo. Poor old Sungha :(  He is the most tragic figure in this whole drama. 

This episode was very intense – perhaps the most intense episode so far. I really felt like someone could come in and drag Kwanghyun away from the operating table any minute and put the baddie Choi in charge instead. And that could still happen. We’ll have to wait and see…

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