Horse Doctor Episode 38

Everyone is getting sick now, including the crown prince.  But the king no longer trusts Myunghwan and puts Kwanghyun in charge of the prince’s treatment. The mystery man is stirring things up and dissecting more dead bodies. And it seems he wants to be Myunghwan’s ally. Kwanghyun operates on the prince but the mystery man correctly predicts that the operation will not go well …

A dead body is discovered under the snow by local children playing outside. Dusik and his team turn up to investigate and  they are horrified to discover that the body has been dissected and the internal organs removed. Dr Saam sees the body and looks alarmed too.

There is chaos at the hospital as more patients die. Poor Taeju is very upset that they can’t save their patients. The doctors can’t cure the serious abscesses and surgery is still dangerous.  So more patients get worried and leave the hospital, afraid to be operated on. Even Jabong complains of pain but is terrified of having surgery – luckily he only has a minor boil on his bum (still quite painful though :(

An emergency meeting is held and of course Team Myunghwan are quietly pleased that things are not going well and the hospital is losing money. (they are only worried about THE MONEY!)

Jabong is diagnosed with a boil on his bum!

The princess fusses over silks that she has ordered for Jinyung’s wedding to Kwanghyun – although the wedding hasn’t been announced! She has even checked with the fortune teller on auspicious days for the wedding day! But Eunso wonders whether Jinyung will really be able to marry Kwanghyun since, even though he’s not a peasant any more, Jinyung is still a lot socially higher ranked than him. (I suppose this conversation is meant to remind us that most characters don’t know the true story about Kwanghyun’s heritage yet!) The princess says if Jinyung doesn’t want him, then SHE will have him instead 😀 (So she hasn’t given up completely, then?!)

The princess looks over wedding presents for Jinyung and Kwanghyun

Myunghwan is still scheming and seems to be planning to use Jinyung to get to Kwanghyun. But Kwanghyun has his own troubles. He is sick. But he has a plan and after taking sick leave from the hospital, he gets meat and oil from the chef and takes it up to a mountain hideaway. On the way he bumps into the strange man who seems to recognise him.

The dodgy looking man (he has a scar on his eye so he must be a villain 😉 ) visits a government official who asks him if he is the monk who buries the dead. Yes, he replies, although he doesn’t look like a monk. He is told that they have a lot of work for him to do…

Dr Saam tells Kayong that Choi Hyong Gui is back in Joseon. Dr Saam must have realised this when he saw the dissected body in the snow. Kayong is filled with dread. ‘Not that crazy man?’ she says.

Meanwhile, Dusik shows Kwanghyun the body and the dissected area. They are shocked but the coroner’s records show that this is not the first time that this has happened.

Talk of the devil, the dodgy man Choi Hyong Gui lets himself into the morgue and after reading the medical notes he seems amused that the doctors can’t cure such simple and easily curable diseases. (He obviously has some issues with the doctors at the hospital!) Again he calmly cuts open one of the bodies.

The mystery man identified as Choi Hyong Gui sneaks into the morgue

The crown prince is sick again and Myunghwan has been treating him, but the prince is not getting any better – he has an abscess on his face. But now the king doesn’t trust Myunghwan’s treatment.

Jinyung goes looking for Kwanghyun in his mountain hideaway. First she finds the leftovers of meat and alcohol. And then she finds Kwanghyun and sees the infected abscesses on his arm. She realises he’s trying to make his condition worse: He wants to experiment on himself before trying his new treatment out on his patients. But Jinyung is mad with him because he could die doing this. So she drags him back to the hospital.

Jinyung finds Kwanghyun sick in his mountain hideaway

The head eunuch arrives at the hospital with the king’s orders – Kwanghyun is now in charge of treating the crown prince. But can he do this with his bad arm? The prince’s condition is worse than expected so the king is even prepared to let him be operated on.

So even though the queen mother is not keen for Kwanghyun to operate on the prince, the operation goes ahead. And of course Myunghwan is FUMING. But since it was the king’s orders, there’s nothing he can do. The mystery man Choi approaches Myunghwan and announces that Myunghwan’s luck will change now that he has arrived! His arrogance annoys Myunghwan. But Choi also predicts that Kwanghyun will not be able to do the operations successfully because he doesn’t know the secret…

At first it seems that the operation on the crown prince is a success. But suddenly afterwards, the wound won’t stop bleeding. Kwanghyun frantically tries to stop the bleeding but it won’t stop. He’s cut an artery. So it looks like the prediction by the mystery man was right after all! 😮

Kwanghyun frantically tries to stop the bleeding


So will this be the final crisis that Kwangyun will have to face before he can defeat Myunghwan, become the Royal Physician and marry Jinyung? Myunghwan has been getting weaker since the announcement that it was Kwanghyun who cured the empress in Qing and not Myunghwan. And so of course Lord Jung has been quick to turn away from him too. But with the arrival of the evil and arrogant mystery man Choi, it does seem that Myunghwan now has another chance to get his reputation back on track. And that can only be bad news for Team Kwanghyun. 

I know this is a medical drama but am I the only one is getting a bit tired of seeing the operations so close up? We’ve seen lots of surgery now involving scraping away horrible pus (don’t eat your dinner whilst watching this) and so I think by now we can imagine what’s happening without having to actually see it. So I say, please oh please, no more close ups of pus PLEASE. Thank you. 

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