Horse Doctor Episode 37

It’s all about the return of Kwanghyun in this episode. And all the different reactions to it! Myunghwan is outraged, Sungha seems glad but also disappointed – surely he knows this is the end of any chance he had with Jinyung. (Although he should have realised this before) Many are pleased to see Kwanghyun including the princess. But of course the main event is an emotional reunion with Jinyung. Myunghwan and Kwanghyun face each other for the first time too. But attention turns to the hospital as another medical crisis hits the country...

Everyone is shocked at the feast when the Qing diplomat introduces Kwanghyun as the doctor who saved the empress (not Myunghwan) Oh the uproar! There are mixed reactions around the court as everyone realises that Kwanghyun is alive! Later the diplomat tries to defend Kwanghyun’s return to Joseon, explaining to the king how he saved many lives in Qing and has an amazing gift as a doctor. But what will the king do – technically Kwanghyun is still a fugitive, right?

The representative from Qing speaks to the king in Kwanghyun’s defence

There is shock around the hospital as everyone realises that Kwanghyun was the mysterious doctor healing all the patients that Myunghwan and his hospital couldn’t help. But Kwanghyun is not safe yet. He is sent for by the king who must decide his fate. The king asks him WHY he came back to Joseon when he knew he could be punished. His answer moves the king – he explains that he came back because of Dr Ko. Dr Ko told him not to give up. And that there’s work to be done at the hospital to develop surgery. Kwanghyun is still clearly devastated over the death of Dr Ko. And after Kwanghyun leaves, the king is deep in thought.

The king looks over the letter of recommendation from Qing

Over at the restaurant Dae Bang’s mother is feeling neglected as the chef and Kibae rush off to see Kwanghyun. Eunso and her brother can’t wait to see him either. Meanwhile, Kayong and Dr Saam turn up at the hospital. Taeju and Daebang are surprised to see them again. (But does Taeju seem a bit interested in Kayong? He grins when he sees her! Now they would make a strange couple! Her masculine character seems to amuse him as she introduces herself as Kwanghyun’s 선배 sonbae.) 

And now for the main event – the reunion of Jinyung and Kwanghyun. To a background of snow and nostalgic music, Kwanghyun and Jinyung rush around outside looking for each other. As Jinyung stands tearfully on the bridge, a familiar voice behind her asks “Are you looking for me?” She recognises his voice and her eyes swell with tears. Kwanghyun wonders if it’s too late. Has he made her wait too long? Has she forgotten him? No, she says. She knew he would come back. They hug and cry, but at the same time in another part of court Sungha stands outside alone in the cold staring into space. :(

Kwanghyun and Jinyung have an emotional reunion

And now for main event 2: The showdown between Kwanghyun and Myunghwan. Kwanghyun calmly walks into Myunghwan’s office with a new confidence (he would never have done something like this before he left Joseon.) Myunghwan is livid that he is there. But Kwanghyun has a message for him – he intends to take everything away from Myunghwan – and THAT is the reason he is back. (not the only reason, though …)

Kwanghyun tells Myunghwan his days are numbered

Kwanghun leaves the office and bumps into Sungha. There’s a different mood now – Kwanghyun is respectful to him and bows – unlike he did to Myunghwan. He obviously respects Sungha but their meeting is strained. Sungha thanks Kwanghun for saving his life but the conversation quickly turns to Jinyung. Sungha doesn’t want Kwanghyun to see  Jinyung because he’s worried that the truth will come out and then Jinyung will be ruined. Kwanghyun quickly assures him that he has no intention of going after his title and so Jinyung is safe. HE will protect her. (Oh these words are like a stab through the heart for Sungha. Because Kwanghun’s words show that he has taken over from Sungha in looking after Jinyung. And by the look on Sungha’s face as he watches Kwanghyun walk away, he is well aware of what this means)  :( 

Kwanghyun stands staring around at the clinic and thinks back to Dr Ko’s words and vision. The king has made some changes at the hospital. Myunghwan’s crew is out and  there is a new 제조영감 (che-jo yong-gam) head of hospital. And Kwanghyun is formally introduced as the new surgical specialist doctor, level 7. (That is a serious promotion!) The hospital was going downhill but it will now follow Dr Ko’s vision. :)

a cremony is held promoting Kwanghyun to a level 7 doctor

Sungha tries to hand in his notice to the king. (He really is having  a miserable time these days. He did his best to help Jinyung which has left him on the verge of ruining his career. And still he can’t win her heart.)  He explains his role in the smuggling herbs saga and shows the king the wanted poster of himself. But the king merely chuckles – he knew about this all along. So Sungha doesn’t have to quit after all.

At the restaurant there’s a celebration, but Dae Bang’s mum is not impressed at having to pay for a party to celebrate Kwanghyun’s return – she is clearly not moved at the fact that he is still alive. (This probably has something to do with not knowing that he is a yangban! She is such a snob.) She is still in a mood that Kibae and Chef forgot about their ‘date’ to the folk show too!

And now for a couple of sweet scenes. First the princess gives Kwanghyun a present – doctor’s robes. She’s grown up and accepts his (unofficial) relationship with Jinyung. Kwanghyun arrives back at the hospital carrying the princess’ gift but when he sees Jinyung, he tries to ‘hide’ it behind his back! Of course Jinyung knows that the princess likes him and wanted to give him a present. ‘Aren’t you jealous?’ he asks in disbelief. She just laughs! :(

Jinyung asks Kwanghyun to call her by her first name – Jinyung. She has never heard him do that before as he never speaks to her in informal speech. (He called her by her nickname Yongdal when they were kids and ‘nurse’ as an adult.) So a little embarrassed, he has a go and calls out her name – Jinyung- ah. They both giggle. She kisses him on the cheek but he grabs her and kisses her properly on the lips. ooooooh!

Finally Kwanghyun and Jinyung kiss!

A famine in the country is causing all sorts of sicknesses. Dr Saam laments if they could only get their hands on a rare medical book lost during the Japanese invasions (1592-1598) then they could find a cure.

Meanwhile a mystery man arrives. He wears the incognito hat and carries medical instruments. Secretly he sets out his tools and performs an autopsy on a dead body! (Autopsy was a no-no at the time) And by his side he has THE MEDICAL BOOK. Over at the clinic Kwanghyun looks around as though he senses something…


Kwanghyun’s return has had a dramatic effect – the hospital has been revamped with a new head and we could say that Myunghwan has gone from hero to zero now that everyone knows he DIDN’T cure the empress after all! Even his right hand man – Guard Kang – is out of the picture since he was caught by Qing guards last episode, leaving Myunghwan weaker. I have to say I much prefer this confident Kwanghyun though. 

Kwanghyun and Jinyung’s reunion

I thought these scenes were sweet and moving. His coming up behind her on the bridge, her telling him she knew he’d be back. etc. Then the scene in the hospital later when Kwanghyun tries to hide the princess’ present from Jinyung as though they are already a young married couple at the beginning of their relationship where the husband still doesn’t know how his wife will react when he gets attention from another woman! Jinyung is super-confident though and is not jealous at all, much to Kwanghyun’s disappointment! 

They are finally able to continue their relationship from where they left off – it was so long ago now I can hardly remember, but didn’t Jinyung only discover that Kwanghyun was her childhood friend just before he left Joseon? So he has always spoken to her in formal speech- her social level was so much higher than his. But now she asks him to call her by her first name. So he calls her Jinyung-ah (the ending ‘ah’ is always added to Korean first names when using pan-mal, informal speech. It changes slightly depending on whether the name ends on a vowel or a consonant – it sounds more like ‘ya’ when added to a name ending in a vowel. This ending is not added to foreign names though)

They giggle because he says her name softly and uses informal speech for the first time. And this shows how their relationship has become more intimate. 😉 

I feel bad for Sungha but really his role is a miserable one, isn’t it? I’ve run out of sympathy for him and really want him to STOP DREAMING about Jinyung and get ON WITH YOUR LIFE. Too harsh? 


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