Horse Doctor Episode 44

Very sad this one. It’s time for Jinyung to find out who she really is. Did Kwanghyun honestly think they could keep this a secret from her? Meanwhile, Myunghwan still refuses to give up and confess his guilt. (surprise, surprise) At first it seems there is no way he can get away with his crime. But wait, with perfect timing the queen mother gets very sick, and quickly he sees his chance to buy some time…

Kwanghyun gives Myunghwan a last chance to confess. (but of course he has no intention of doing this!) Meanwhile, Sungha wants Jinyung to leave asap with his guards and assures her Kwanghyun will soon meet her. But Sungha doesn’t explain WHY she has to leave so suddenly. Of course Jinyung thinks the whole thing is fishy and she suspects that there’s something they are not telling her – especially after she overhears Guard Kang trying to find out about her past as a slave. She packs her bags to leave but then she decides to go and investigate …

Jinyung knows something is wrong and goes to investigate

Myunghwan still tries to plead innocent to Sungha but Sungha explains to his father that he knows all about the crimes he’s committed. But he will stand by him. He will quit his job and go into exile with his father. But he pleads with him again – to confess and take responsibility for what he has done. At least then Kwanghyun will not reveal ALL his crimes and will spare his life.

Myunghwan is visibly moved by his son’s words. (And he must be wondering how he managed to get such a noble son! I was moved by this scene and enjoyed the acting by both men) Time is running out as the 의금부 義禁府 uigumbu (State Tribunal) is getting ready to start  Myunghwan and Lord Jung’s tribunal. Is there no other way, Myunghwan asks at last because FINALLY he’s thinking about someone else: his son. He knows that Sungha will be ruined too when the truth comes out.

Sungha is prepared to go into exile with his disgraced father

The queen mother is sick but is still irritated enough to stagger over to see the king and try to persuade him to punish Kwanghyun for daring to say anything bad about the yangban Myunghwan and Lord Jung! But the king is very firm this time and explains that this is government business so basically she should butt out. Her maids are called to escort her out. (WOW that was the strongest reaction we’ve see from the king dealing with his interfering mother!) Of course she is OUTRAGED and the stress causes her to collapse outside. Her illness must be getting worse.

The queen mother tries to have Kwanghun punished AGAIN!

When the guards turn up to escort Jinyung to safety they discover that she’s not there! Over at the hospital Choi recovers consciousness but he’s not in a good mood – he feels worthless but at least he’s ready to face up to what he’s done – he’s not going to run away.

Lord Jung visits Kwanghyun and tries to bribe him into leaving him alone with a promotion to Myunghwan’s job! But Kwanghyun is not amused and swiftly orders him to leave! Kwanghyun has no intention of letting him get away with anything either – since he played a part in Kwanghyun’s adoptive father’s death too. (That didn’t go well! Lord Jung must have been really desperate to lower himself to visit such a poor house 😉 He looks so out of place in Kwanghun’s modest room. And he’s so arrogant to think that he can have his own way simply by bribing others)

Lord Jung lowers himself to visit Kwanghyun

Jinyung is determined to find out what’s going on so first she goes to see Dusik who shows her the record book that Kwanghyun was looking for. She sees the page detailing the death of Kwanghyun’s father. But then she see Inju’s name too. Inju was put in charge of seeing to the body after death. Jinyung wonders why Inju was connected to the event and how she knew those involved.

Jinyung turns up to see Dusik looking for answers

The queen mother is unconscious and they have to call for Myunghwan who looks very pleased that the queen mother is sick! He obviously sees an opportunity for himself here. Everyone is shocked that the queen mother is so ill – she has an abscess on her neck which, we are told, is one of the most dangerous places to have one.

The head of the hospital decides that Kwanghyun must operate on the queen mother but the queen mother is adamant that she doesn’t want an operation. The king is worried and asks Myunghwan if he believes that he can cure her. He says he can. Do you swear on your life? the king asks and Myunghwan says yes. (really?)

Of course the tribunal is put on hold while Myunghwan treats the queen mother. (lucky for him!) But even though the queen mother’s condition is getting worse Myunghwan continues to assure everyone that he can cure her. And while he orders medicines Myunghwan also has time to plot how to get rid of the witness to his crimes – Kwanghyun!

Myunghwan sees his chance when the queen mother gets sick

Jinyung turns up to see Inju and she wants answers. She threatens to go and ask her father – Myunghwan – if Inju won’t tell her! That’s a bad idea. So finally Inju has no choice but to tell her the truth and she is devastated – and can’t believe that Kwanghyun has known this for 3 years since Dr Ko died! Of course Jinyung must feel incredibly guilty. Kwanghyun has suffered so much because of his low position – his life would have been easier if he had simply revealed the truth.

Kwanghyun hears that Jinyung has gone to see Inju. He rushes to find her but it’s too late – he can see by the look on her face that something is wrong. She feels horrible and guilty that she is the one who took away everything from him. Kwanghyun just stares at her not knowing what to say. He was so sure he could keep all this a secret. Oh dear. :(


I totally empathise with Jinyung here. She gets more and more frustrated as she realises that people are keeping something from her. I would hate that too. If I were her I would be very upset indeed that nobody was telling me the truth. Yes, Kwanghyun was only trying to protect her and realised she would feel terrible if she knew the truth but keeping this from her was a bad idea I think. Great acting in the final scenes. 

And what is the deal now with Myunghwan? Surely he doesn’t really believe he can cure the queen mother? He’s just buying time until he can find a way to get rid of Kwanghyun and destroy the proof of his guilt. So now he’s putting another person’s life in danger – the queen mother! She needs to be operated on asap but he’s just using her – while he is treating her they can’t continue with the tribunal. He obviously doesn’t care if she dies. This seems particularly vicious since she’s the one who has supported him all the way along and now he is betraying her trust. He has put his life on the line to save her but if the tribunal goes ahead he will be punished anyway.  

 If/when the queen mother dies he will have to be executed too, but maybe he sees this as a more noble option – it will look as though he did his best to save her. And if meanwhile, he can get rid of the evidence against him, he can stop the tribunal and nobody will have to know he is really a murderer!


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